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from Educating and Guiding Women, Children and even Differently Able People to Succeed in Professional and Social Settings To Protect the Environment Through Renewable Sector by Solar Power Generator SURYAMITA

Dedicated to offering top-notch training and education, Udichi has solidified its standing in training and supporting differently-abled individuals in obtaining worthwhile jobs in the long run.

Incepted in 2010, the organization was envisioned to create a sustainable industryaligned ecosystem for robust development in Art and culture in an organised way. Their objective is to bring a revolution of change to society by educating the rare sections of society to make them livable in society.

Udichi” is the name of one house of Rabindranath Tagore in Shantiniketan, and literary means one who likes to prosper. Its core value is to give these people a new chance at life by viewing them as differently abled people rather than disabled, for the mutual benefit of brothers and sisters and the Indian economy.

Much of India’s potential, or potential to prosper, has been held back by its limited accessibility to various resources for the major rural population. A multifaceted professional, Mr Basu is an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in different industry verticals.

He and his team are actively striving to empower women, protect the environment, create livelihood opportunities, and expose talent so that every son, daughter, or whatever identity they have can say “we will” rather than “we can’t.”

The team devotes its heartfelt efforts to the field of skill development, doing everything within its ability to help individuals master a variety of trades, such as plumbing and CNC machine operation, tailoring, solar electricians, and many other fields.

Above all, the team strives to improve the quality of life of socio-economically deprived and underprivileged community in rural and urban areas through implementation of development programs. So they can contribute as reasonable members of society to preserve the glorious Indian culture that has faded in the modern age.

The Genesis of the Udichi Group

The man behind the idea, Sandip Basu embarked on the entrepreneurial path after doing his graduation from one of the most prestigious universities in India in mathematics. He tried establishing his own venture, but due to financial setbacks, he opted for service in various segments, including marketing, lectureships in private colleges, and even working as data entry operators.

He met some of his game-changers in 2010, who not only inspired him to try something new but also assisted in the establishment of his own business. However, inexperience makes a firm lose money, which makes it harder for him to succeed. They began their journey in 1995 with a loan of Rs. 500, and in 1997, they had just Rs. 5,000 to launch their own venture. Today, they are a multi-vertical business entity to serve people.

Remarkable Wings of the Udichi Group

1. Udichi: It manages all forms of CSR programs as well as skill development assessments under state and federal government schemes.

2. Udichi Foundation: It offers social activities, women empowerment, and homestay. Pathsala Sainik School is in process.

3. Tagore Institute of Vocational Studies: Conducting Training under various skill segment in different Govt and non Govt projects

4. HMB Entertainment: Buddhism Awareness activities including Movie.

5. Sector Skill Council for Art and Culture: Art and Culture Promotion.

6. Tradexpoindia: holding various types of exhibition in northern India.

7. Conference and Exhibition India: Bookfair, Lifestyle Expo.

8. Udichindia Private Limited: Suryamita is the newly established brand to launch soon in PAN India as a part of the honourable Prime Minister’s renewable sector dream.

Tech Integration

The Udichi team has embraced technologybased services; they have upgraded their solar panel technology with the newest AI-based technology, and they are currently transitioning from the evaluation portal to the election portal, which will be launched soon in multi-national India ventures. ‘

The Achievements and Future Endeavours: At a Glance

The Udichi team’s unique activities in several processes have allowed them to successfully establish a distinctive position in the industry. It enables organizations to expand from Rs 500 to Rs 5 crore. Additionally, plans are underway to create a hub for renewable energy for the younger generation.

Parting words by the Visionary

From Made in India to Vikshit Bharat, we are constantly pursuing our honorable prime minister’s dream, and we think that with support from every ministry, we can have a new India by 2030 for sure.

Through your coverage we want to inform everyone that we are planning to distribute upto 2 KW solar unit to every poor Indian family so that not only it will make them zero expenditure burden towards electricity but also will minimize the global warming and carbon footage.

For this unique initiative we need a huge crowd funding as well as CSR funding. We are eagerly waiting for those fund from young generation also as it will be their future. Anyone can donate through Gpay @ 9818152403 (Udichi) or send their contribution through our PNB bank account no 110116320705 Account name Udichi IFSC CNRB0018686

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