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Upside Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Upside Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Solutions To Modern Problems

Written By: Sandhya Agrawal

The groundbreaking development of running computer programmes and data savings over the internet is cloud computing. Distributed computing, concurrent computing and grid computing are mixed together in cloud computing. Each computer group includes thousands and thousands of network-connected computers. Each ‘cloud’ is a computing centre designed to provide cloud applications and cloud data storage to cloud users. Via web browsers, cloud users can run cloud application interfaces, such as word processing and web searches.

With the rising demands over the past decade for digital transformation, cloud computing, and mobile-based solutions in the market has been demanding a quality solution. As many do not support the digital platform, companies and organizations have shut down, and the solution to their problems have been addressed with the launch of Upside Cloud Technologies by Mr Rajesh Dubey.

Upside Cloud Technologies offers IT and non-IT customers with integrated IT applications, ranging from the mid-market to major businesses, globally. The Business associates with leading manufacturers of products, solution providers and consulting firms to have the best possible solution under one roof that fits their end-user requirements in the B2B and B2C segments.

Team Building In the Company
Performance lies in customer loyalty from end-to-end. Any profitable company must develop a team, design great devices, and create creative solutions; however, Mr Dubey believes that it is equally important at all times to provide timely support and be with the customer.

Upside Technologies began to develop their internal team and external team, from zero in two folds, and people with the right attitude and curiosity to learn were added. Besides, the organization also concentrated on building an internal team, including specialist consultants, professional vendors, and regional technicians, on creating a network of external groups that is also important for their business growth and sustainability. The Business has developed and established easy-to-use, inexpensive Barcode / QR code devices in collaboration with internal team members and external suppliers.

With the ever-challenging situation of COVID-19, one or more possibilities can be discussed in a package. Rajesh Dubey led Company created its app and web application to solve the commuting problem, which allows the Upside Cloud team to work from home or from anywhere and stay linked.

Technological Advancements At Upside Cloud Technologies
Upside Cloud Technologies is a relatively young organization, and the newest technologies are being used. However, to keep the teams up to date with the recent developments, they engage in technology webinars and training. The Company, on the other hand, allows its customers to migrate to newer technology and offers better solutions to save money, improve efficiency and grow their companies.

For instance, it has allowed customers to move to other database platforms such as MS-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB and other open-source databases from Sybase and Oracle.

They choose to work on an agile approach that helps review and optimize their services at different levels. In a recent project, for example, this Company worked on the development of an ERP programme for a Middle East manufacturing company. At Upside Cloud Solutions improvements to the critical requirement are addressed at the beginning stage. Here, this means that within the first few deliveries, the customer team gets to see a more precise visualization of the product. The business guarantees the deployment of specialists to assess their work and also offers solutions.

The Uniqueness Of The Brand
Direct sales help to generate better margins; Upside Cloud Technology, however, works on a hybrid model by integrating local partners as ties between the Company and its customers. It encourages them to grow quicker.

The focus area where Upside Cloud Technology aims to provide expert opinion and professional services is cloud computing and mobile apps. Web-based applications, cloud and SaaS applications, mobile apps, integration of digital devices and smart devices, integration of medical equipment, integration of waste management devices, integration of RFID / Barcode / QR Code devices, configuration/migration/upgrade of Sybase-SAP ASE Server, and e-commerce consulting & development are among their products and services.

While the organization has a very long-term strategy in mind, they also allow the team to quickly create short-term priorities and designs that match consumer demands and customer requirements. With proper alignment, it makes them step in the right direction. One of the strategic advantages is that Upside Cloud Technology operates on the Company’s Agile approach, which allows them to improve at all levels and remain ahead of the market.

This Company’s clients include medium to large companies in the fields of healthcare, e-commerce, information technology, BFSI and manufacturing. Upside Cloud Innovations partners directly with market leaders such as AWS(Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), Samsung, HP, IBM, SAP (Sybase), Honeywell, Bosch, Chainway, Sunmi, Epson, Carl Zeiss and Philips to deliver premium services.

Speaking About The Mastermind
The founder is Mr Rajesh Dubey, who has over 25 years of IT experience has worked with multi-national corporations in India, the United States and the Middle East. He has also worked for companies including L&T, Raymonds, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Viacom and many more as a Database Administrator, Performance Consultant and Production Manager. In the past, Rajesh was instrumental in managing large development teams, creating business divisions and development centres.

Right from the beginning, he has always been a positive influencer and mentors to his team, and he’s always excited about learning new technologies. For his internal and external clients, Rajesh built several utilities and software programmes, having the ability to read his world and fill the gaps with simple programmes and utilities in everyday life. Rajesh earned his Master’s in Business Administration degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a specialization in International Business and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Commerce.

Another official is Gautam, who has been working for over 30 + years in the field of software development and brings a variety of experience on board with him that helps to design, build, and manage large systems. In designing and developing many systems or re-engineering existing legacy systems, Gautam has been hands-on. He helped his clients transform many complex and repetitive manual processes to simple automated software solutions throughout his journey.

Mr Rajesh says, “In all cases, there is always hope, one must believe, explore and work towards achieving their dreams.”

Working Of The Company
Upside Cloud Technologies claims that at all times, happy minds will develop safe solutions. Here, they operate in a friendly atmosphere and adopt an open culture where people, regardless of their teams or ranks, can communicate with other people. It helps to gain knowledge and understanding of the work of each other and the overall solutions offered to the final customers.

This year, Upside Cloud Technologies is targeted at bringing consumers in the retail and manufacturing sectors. In these sectors, their experts are ready and generate leads that are already in talks with few major manufacturing and retail players. To create their cloud infrastructure, the Company is in the process of recruiting technical experts and developers. Mr Dubey claims that while the lockdown situation is currently impacting both manufacturing and retail companies, now is a good time for companies to look at creative new online technologies to help in operating businesses.



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