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Written By:- Indranil Roy 

In developing countries, such as India, the logistics sector is in a booming phase and prospects to expand endlessly. With a prominent contribution of 14 % to GDP, the logistics sphere plays a significant role in the economy. Boom in the e-commerce industry and initiatives such as MAKE in India brings significant growth to Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). The growing customer demands have made the logistics sector highly competitive, making it difficult for customers to find the right vendor. But, with a commitment to real-time, safe and cost-effective transportation of goods, Vayudoot Road Carriers Pvt. Ltd. is pioneering the Indian logistics sphere since – 3 decades.

Vayudoot is a highly popular logistics brand known for FMCG Goods transport, cold chain transport and warehouse management. The company maintains a PAN-India presence, with 28 branches throughout the country and 400 closed body chassis attached containers. Its enormous fleet of 900+  trucks includes 32FT Single axle, 32 Ft multi-axle, 20 Ft & 24 Ft containerized trucks and 32 Ft refrigerated containers.

Vayudoot was formed in 1986, by Mr Jaibhagwan Singhal Chairman, MD and Mr Arun Singhal, Director, with a motivation to provide value-added solutions and build a robust clientele. Mr Abhay Agarwal, Joined the company in around 1995, who has set benchmark in Fleet and Driver Management in India, adding a fortune to the Company’s growth.  The Company got privatized, in 2000 and the following year saw the arrival of Mr Ashwani Singhal, Director, Sales and Operations.

Since then, Vayudoot enjoyed a remarkable journey with pioneering Road transportation services for the FMCG market.  The Company has surmounted several challenges and uncertainties, that built its expertise and compatibility to constant developments. Innovation is the turnkey of their expertise and empowers their ability to maintain a nation-wide business.

The directorial Trio – Mr Ashwani, Mr.Arun and Mr Abhay has navigated Vayudoot on a very differentiating path, so as to stay clear of the head-to-head completion and uniform growth. They forayed for distinct expertise to attain a competitive advantage in the volatile market. As such, they Worked with a ‘bottom-up’ approach, focusing on more than just profit. They broke-free from the ‘market-hire’ strategy and started buying vehicles, creating their own fleet.

Following this strategy since 2001, they created a Multimodal Containerized Transportation network, which attracted popular FMCG brands like Pepsico India, ITC and Electronics appliances brands LG, Samsung, Godrej, etc. Developing an in-house Transport Management Software and investing in efficient people further empowers their forte.

Technological advancements built on R&D, data analytics and data science, brings an increased efficiency in their business. With years of experience, Vayudoot has created niche expertise and redefined transportation ensuring adept quality, with strict adherence to transit in time. Every vehicle is equipped, with a GPS tracking system and clients are given an app for MIS and real-time tracking of consignments and estimated time of delivery (ETD) of goods; This eventually, addresses to OTIF placements as well. Deep investment in R&D also keeps them robust, to unprecedented challenges. During the COVID pandemic, Vayudoot created an in-house E-LR app to address the restrictions on physical movement. The app can generate lorry receipt and send to clients in PDF format; thus saving time and risk of infection in the pandemic.

The analytic approach also plays an integral role in self-optimization. Despite having such a humongous fleet, the Company ensures every vehicle, is well maintained in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Timely preventive maintenance like painting, denting, etc. are carried out to ensure the longevity of vehicles. Timely preventive measures, like painting, denting, etc., are undertaken to ensure the longevity of vehicles. They have a state-of-the-art central maintenance hub at Pune, that addresses all the maintenance needs. Also, each vehicle emits the lowest levels of greenhouse gas and noise, ensuring an eye towards environmental care.

“At Vayudoot, Our team is our Family”, declares Mr Ashwani. Over the years, the Company has grown its business with transparency and integrity, and the same qualities have kept its employees inclined to the Company’s goals and vision, with a horizon to focus on growth and efficiency. The Company maintains the best industry-standard ambience, keeping employees well defined in their roles. Further training and counselling – are given to ensure professionalism and performance.

Whether it is staff or driver, Vayudoot maintains an equilibrium between all. Drivers are treated, with the utmost respect and the Company has a ‘no abuse policy’, for everyone. Also, timely clearance of dues, handsome remuneration, with PF & ESI, etc. keeps everyone engaged.

From business to individual, Covid-19 has been a terrifying challenge for everyone, especially during the lockdown. The country was submerged in desolation, production units were closed and vehicular movement halted, unexpectedly. However, diligence and sheer-will assured an unwavering business for Vayudoot. First, they ensured vehicles were properly sanitized, which were carrying goods. Clients had full privileges of real-time monitoring and MIS, motivating trust towards the Company. Since Vayudoot built its strength on FMCG and food items, they were able to sustain volumes despite the pandemic. Now that the lockdown is lifted, Vayudoot is witnessing a steady volume and progress.

Parallelly, they prioritized on their staffs and drivers, who uphold the entire business. A virtual war room was created to track the movement of every vehicle and ensure drivers get regular food & medicines. Also, their HR policies assure drivers’ well-being and timely salaries, which kept everyone in the loop. The Company hopes to achieve good volumes by the end of October’ 20, leveraging on its workforce. They are approached, by potential clients for their credibility, and the Company is looking forward to a wider client base shortly.

In its enormous stint, Vayudoot has attained a series of plausible accolades. Some of the noteworthy acknowledgements are mentioned below:

  • Best Transporter Award in 2009, 2010 and 2013, by Pepsico Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
  • National Award for Operational Excellency at India Road Transportation awards 2010, by CEAT.
  • Super Saviour Award in Mar 2013, by JKTyre.
  • Accredited as ‘Best Performer’ at SIEL – P (C) Transporter Meet – 2015, by Samsung.
  • Best Performer #2 of Q1 2016 at Samsung Transporter Meet.
  • Best Performer ‘Quality Service’ at Transporter Meet Pune – 2016.
  • Indian Achievers’ Award for Business Excellence, 2018, by Economic Development Forum.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Award conferred to Ashwani Singhal at the 11th World Innovation Congress 2020, held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

In addition to this, Vayudoot has earned felicitation from Shri. Girish Wagh, President, C.V. Tata Motors in 2018, further strengthening their bond.

Looking towards the future, Vayudoot is aiming at diversification and augmenting itself with better infrastructure. The Company already has four major hubs in Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai and are looking to implant more in-depth development in these branches. Vayudoot also plans for growth in normal containerised as well as temperature-controlled trucks while adding more vehicles in their fleet.

“Businesses have become very complex and demanding in today’s scenario. Time can bring a sense of negativity; but, it’s necessary to remain focused, give your best and be true to yourself and the people you serve. It’s imperative that you take care of the people around you as they are your greatest asset”.


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