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Verch Consulting LLP: Delivering an array of credible consulting services

Verch Consulting LLP: Delivering an array of credible consulting services

Today, the surging entrepreneurial business ventures toiling hard enough to emerge out as a howling success are in the dire need of valuable mentorship. At the time of the launching, a start-uplays in an uncanny state. It is required to prove its viability by reaching the targeted masses and earning the profits at the same time. During these initial stages, proper guidance can turn the direction of the business towards productive juncture. This affirms the need for seeking professional help and in the present scenario, there a plethora of corporations promising effective consulting services. But only a handful of such enterprises are truly dedicated to this cause and Verch Consulting is one such name that is extensively altering the scenarios for the businesses across the globe.

An overlay of the Company
Verch Consulting LLP
, a year-old enterprise with a competent team of over 200 years of enriched experience, specializes in offering end-to-end HR, OD and Communications Assignments. The proficient Organisation acts as a catalyst that targets diverse verticals to enhance the growth of client’s businesses. Offering a multitude of services such as training, coaching, mentoring, consulting or entrepreneurship, they are pulling it together for those businesses as well,that have been adversely affected due to COVID-19 pandemic. The enterprise well-comprehends the needs of its clients and synchronize with them by offering high-end consulting solutions. Under the aegis of the CEO, Dr.Chikkala Venugopal Rao, the Firm is ascending greater heights.

Verch Consulting facilitates the businesses to identify the best-sources of profits and ensures profit-boosting actions without any additional investment. Let’s have a brief on the rendered solutions by the company enlisted below-

  • HR & Business Plan Alignment- Here, the adroit team draws a roadmap to identify pockets of inefficiencies and create more opportunities for streamlining that will allow the employees of the HRM Function prioritize their activities.
  • HR Strategy Post M&A- For this, the team primarily focuses on designing such a model that is aligned on HR Strategy after Mergers & Acquisitions to streamline the HR Function to enhance the business efficiencies.
  • Future Readiness– Here, scrutiny is performed for the future readiness of the client’s business for major M&A. For this, 3 to 5 years of a roadmap is carvedas per the employees’ connect and delight parameters.
  • Succession Planning- This involves helping the employees to pursue their higher goals but also redesigns and prepares the organisation for its expansion and growth.
  • Process Re-engineering– This solution is aligned to improve the efficiency of the existing system of a business, along with enabling it to overcome the challenges of scale and operate in diverse geographies.
  • High-Potentials Blueprint– It allows them to identify and develop high potentials in an organisation. It is an assemblage of employees with a considerable contribution to the growth of the business.
  • Employee Branding– This technique facilitates to allure the best talent and also retain them. It is based on ‘myBrand Promise’ that enables the businesses to identify their present status asan employer brand.
  • Human Capital Metrics– Here, the accurate measure of performance by human capital is conducted. HR Metrics aligns business to accurately reflect the value of human capital.
  • HR Director Dashboard– Such tools trigger actions to drive improvement and take better decisions among the business executives. They can effortlessly contribute to their defined goals and objectives using the metrics-driven dashboard.
  • HR Audits– Such audits effectively diagnose weakness and risk areas in the HR department. The team customizes Audit model to meet the organization’s targeted requirements.
  • ER Advisory– It facilitates the development of growth strategies to make pace with the current marketplace, new strategic positions and predict future trends.
  • Corporate Training- This segment ensures training & development facilities for optimum Human Resource Utilization.
  • Staffing Solutions– Here, potential talent identification is performed as per the client’s requirements.

Verch Consultant is a subsidiary of Nikhil Consultant that was commenced in the year 2003. With the outstanding business philosophy to assist the corporations with tailored specialist recruitment solutions for business development, this multi-disciplinary enterprise is ensuring the required business transformation in favour of different businesses across the respective domain. The six key factors that ensure competitive advantages over their peers are- Price, Location, Quality, Selection, Speed, Turnaround and Service. Dr Venugopal affirms that by keeping these aspects in deep consideration, an entrepreneurial venture could be transformed into a surging success.

About the team-building process
According to the phenomenal CEO of the Organisation, team building is all about getting a perfect blend of professional skills. He reveals that he ensures to hire the perfect person for the job and let him deal with it as per his expertise. To him, the basis of developing an adroit team is hiring the right people and to motivate them to perform outstandingly, the delegation of autonomy is a must. But, a strong team also needs an exemplary leader to contribute to the company’s vision extraordinarily. Hence, a great leadership style is also a key determiner to create a firm culture of teamwork that can impact the business operations affirmatively.

Ensuring the quality services
To acquire growth in leaps and bounds, business elites have to recognize the significance of providing quality services to their adored clientele. As today’s competitive market is witnessing dynamic changes, innovation and a surge of information, it is of utmost importance to synchronize with them accordingly. Making pace with the rapid evolution in the market will allow a business to grow exponentially. To make this a living reality, business executives should ensure the involvement of every person associated with the corporation to perform altogether for client’s contentment, asserts Dr Venugopal.

Acknowledging the significance of R&D
Research and Development serve as a key contributor enabling potential growth and infusing innovation into the operations of any organisation that is a key to strategic development. This segment ultimately allows the scope of improvement in the company’s expertise and enhance the technological capabilities, products, processes and innovative solutions. Dr Venugopal elucidates that R&D plays a pivotal role in developing a conducive atmosphere for growth and allows adaptability as per the trending market changes.

Feathers in the cap
Verch Consulting incessantly strives to emerge out as one of the top global HR Consulting Organisations by 2025. But so far, within a year only, this business venture has carved a niche for itself as a reliable consultancy firm in the market. For contributing his out of the box services for the upliftment of the Company, Dr Venugopal Rao has bagged- ‘The CEO of the year 4th Global Business Leadership Award’ from the Asian-Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Apart from this, he has also been bestowed with Indian Achiever Award 2020 for ‘CEO of the year’ in recognition of his exemplary Professional Achievement.

Words of wisdom from the desk of the CEO
All I can say is explore the entrepreneurial journey. If you don’t have to start big then start small and while managing your active careers and scale it up. Starting your business is like planting a sapling. First, you have to invest your time and money. Then, you must take care of it while expecting nothing in return. But when your start-up blossoms, it makes all the patience and hard work worth it. From my journey, I can certainly assure you that you will see the challenges. But when you see failures, perceive it as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end. Most importantly don’t get distracted. Never tell yourself that you need to be the biggest brand in the whole world. Start by working on what you need at the present moment and then what you need to do tomorrow. I would suggest the budding entrepreneurs take one step at a time. Set yourself manageable targets!



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