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VERTO is instrumental in creating impact on millions of clients across the globe by focusing on transformation and working on new initiative that influence their top line as well as bottom line. Today, organizations are evolving their HR functions and human capital management (HCM) strategies to achieve their objectives.

This has led to a rise in the demand for temporary staffing, talent mobility, and the provision of working schedules that satisfy employee needs, while not impacting business performance. VERTO is actively involved in transmuting the way HR companies visualize their role in entire corporate paradigm. VERTO has positioned itself strongly as one of the most sought-after human resource solutions.

Established in 2011, Verto started its journey as a small enterprise firm that aspired to work as extended HR arms to companies; today, the firm is proudly moved to an Private Limited entity and has been hailed as one of the best Recruitment Partners serving clients across the industry & globe. Their unique selling proposition is a consistent inventive approach combined with a keen eye for detail to improve client experience.

Operating from its head office in Delhi, the firm houses a dedicated team of Professionals who cumulatively possess more than 360+ years of industry experience in all facets of Human Resources. They extend personalized touch to the client with complete heart, mind, and soul. The services are offered all levels that have a PAN geographical foot print.

Exclusive Service Portfolio

VERTO’s motto since inception is of being ONE STOP SOLUTION for its CLIENTS. This required specialized tailormade approach with laser focus on the end objective. Its rich portfolio accommodates an exclusive suite of specialized services across the globe at all level & Industry


As the name implies, VERTO means Transformation. VERTO’s core FOCUS is Client Growth through Process Transformation & enhancement. Managed Services provided by VERTO is the ideal solution for companies going through internal process renovation. With SMB sector VERTO is influential in contributing growth, by anchoring them with strong talent acquisition team & focus to build their teams which help them create an edge over their competitors.

Craving Out as a Differentiator

• Verto believes in delivering beyond agreed SOPs; resulting in becoming client-extended team rather than just a vendor.
• Verto’s every operation contributes to societal value, economic growth, and human empowerment.
• Verto team’s primary qualities are passion, inventiveness, and openness to new ideas, viewpoints, and experiences; this allows them to develop creative solutions to challenging problems.
• Verto ensure 100% client delight, thus getting good % of business growth through “Word of Mouth”.

Accomplishments on the Way

85% is our candidate acceptance rate: Team shares thoroughly verified resumes that are tailored to our client’s exact recruiting requirements 75% is our hire & joining are within defined timeline assigned, as our team can swiftly determine whether given prospects are interested in offered role & company.

Thanks to our calibration process and engaging activities with them. Employer saves time as VERTO’s seasoned talent search agents deliver quality facilitating faster closure and joining of the prospects; thanks to our data-rich, technologically simplified methodology.

VERTO – Team Building & Work Culture

For building an organization first and foremost step is building an effective team; company is known for ethos that the employees imbibe.

1. VERTO leaders placed greater value on individuals with high EQ levels than IQ levels; as they strongly feel, it is possible to improve people’s talents but not their attitude.
2. VERTO invest in their resources and advocate internal moment & promotions rather than external hires. For the first initial 05 years Verto invested in internal growth of their pilot team.

As the Verto management opines “We call ourselves VERTO FAMILY, not only in words but in action too. We encourage personalized touch with our employees. We believe in celebrating small to big achievements with equal pomp and show.”

Technical Evolution at VERTO

VERTO, back in 2014, invested in developing an internal software and tool named JOBZPRO to enhance work output & productivity. VERTO provides access to the client to use VERTO Business Hotline number; Verto uses all tools that benefits their clients to monitor their team & output 24 hours.

VERTO has dedicated expert data research team; which has prime focus to provide the strategic impetus through the research and findings. The effort is to continuously feed process and strategy team to re-craft the current version of procedures and policies for better results viz a viz the industry standard.

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