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Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting

Vibhinta Verma: Imaging Success for Herself And For You

 “The way we look affects the way we feel, the way we think, the way we act, and the way others react to us”, Says Vibhinta Verma, The Founder and Chief Consultant of Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting, quoting her Image Guru, Judith Rasband.

When asked what is Image, Vibhinta says, “Image is YOU in the minds of others.” So, whether it is a company, an institution, a brand or a person- each of them evokes certain emotions in those who interact with them. Image Management is about understanding and controlling this impact.

She goes on to explain, that she realized early on in life that nothing can take the place of knowledge and hard work, but to be successful, there is also an X-factor required which most people tend to neglect. This is the ability to create opportunities and be recognized as someone worthwhile. This X-factor is the inspiration behind the firm Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting. And Vibhinta helps people and organizations understand and control the impact that their image has on people to ensure that the impression is always positive.

Vibhinta started working at the age of 16 as a model. Her family supported and encouraged her in this unusual career choice. She continued modelling while studying Economics at Delhi University and during her post-graduation from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.

In 2004 she was signed up with one of the world’s largest modelling agencies, Elite Models, and also won the Elite Model Look Contest in India. She represented India in the international contest with models from over 80 countries. In 2006 Vibhinta was a finalist in Miss India (top 10) and had a successful modelling and acting career till 2014.

The tagline for Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting is “#BeTheBestYou” and they help everyone present the best version of themselves to the world. For Individuals, VVIC offers one-on-one image coaching sessions. Sessions are customized based on client needs and time constraints.

A complete package of consulting services includes in-depth analysis of the client’s life roles and image needs and goals – what they want to achieve, identification of their and personality traits to define their personal style, makeover sessions, wardrobe analysis and clustering, personal shopping, specialist referrals, communication lessons, etiquette training & success coaching.

For organizations VVIC works with the most valuable resource- the people. They help create synergy between the company mission & values and their staff attitudes and behaviors through coaching and group trainings. The training modules are customized after understanding the needs of the organization.

The most popular training subjects are creating a winning image, sales, customer handling, communication skills, presentation skills, business etiquette, dining etiquette, teamwork & leadership. Vibhinta has over the years worked with numerous luxury brands & specialized in skills required in luxury, fashion, hospitality & beverage industries.

Vibhinta’s decision to start working at an early age and an unconventional career choice gave her an opportunity to travel the world and learn about image, presentation and deportment from the best coaches in India & the world. In 2011 she enrolled at the Image Consulting Business Institute for a formal education in a professional field that was absolutely new to India.

In 2012, she set up Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting in Bengaluru (the firm subsequently moved to New Delhi). As an image consultant she helps people fulfil their dreams and help organizations achieve their goals. She helps create success, and therein lies her inspiration and her true calling.

When asked about gender inequalities at work, Vibhinta says that across the world women are facing inequality in pay, gender discrimination at work, harassment, and the invisible glass ceiling. This said, things are definitely improving, says Vibhinta. Studies reveal that women are better at multi-tasking, have higher EQ and are better suited to some jobs than men. However, other studies also show that women suffer from lower confidence levels and are afraid to speak out.

Vibhinta advises that in the end, each person needs to enhance their strengths and take attention away from their weaker points. A successful woman understands this and creates the right image for the role she desires. Success comes to people, male or female, who don’t just work hard but also work smart.

For Vibhinta, success for women is a matter of attitude. Many believed that her glamour industry background and being a very young woman entrepreneur were things that could have held her back in a corporate scenario. However, she decided to convert these very things into her strength and this translated into her success. She knows that her experiences, travels and exposure to many different cultures taught her things that most would not have a chance to learn.

She incorporates each of these lessons into her work with her clients. For instance, her use of theatre and acting exercises in communication & confidence building sessions. She uses over 13 years of her training in dance in her lessons on body language. She uses her travels to profile different luxury customers & brands. As a woman entrepreneur, although she faced difficulties, she found opportunities for growth because of her attitude.

The firm works with organizations in hospitality, real estate, IT services, retail and luxury industries like Skylark Mansions, Wipro, KPMG, Shopper’s Stop, L&M, Roseate Hotels, and Greygoose. Vibhinta has trained at MBA institutes like BIM, Trichy and is a visiting faculty at ICBI.

Vibhinta Verma styled a critically acclaimed Bollywood movie in 2014 called Station, which was distributed by PVR. She also acted in the movie. In 2018, she created and executed the “Edit You” Lounge at Pacific Mall, Delhi with a team of consultants to help shoppers with making right decisions. In 2013, she was featured as a premier image consultant on the first ever Indian show about Image Consulting called Image Banani Hai on Zoom TV.

Other than this, her individual client list from across the country consists of HNI’s, MDs, politicians, one of the youngest woman CEO of a technology company, trainers, housewives, young people beginning their careers. Anyone in any part of the country who wants to be better can benefit from VVIC’s services and there’s a product that fits everyone’s budget.

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