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Vineeta Sharma

Vineeta Sharma: Dynamic Leader and Business Coach Driving Excellence in the Top Healthcare Industry

Nari Shakti: The Influential Business Women Driving Indian Economy 2024

Diagnostics significantly boost healthcare outcomes by being essential to disease prevention, early detection, and treatment monitoring. The diagnostics market in India is expected to grow from $13 billion in FY23 to $25 billion by FY28. Women leaders are playing a significant role in delivering top-notch patient care, actively striving to reduce gender bias, and promoting equality in laboratory settings.

A noteworthy name in this segment, Scientific Pathology is counted among India’s best and most reliable pathology. It was established by Dr. Ashok Sharma, an industry pioneer in Uttar Pradesh’s healthcare sector, with a solid vision to provide world-class care to patients in a reliable, affordable, and customer-centric way.

Vineeta Sharma, the Chief Human Resource Officer of Scientific Pathology, is committed to creating an atmosphere that nurtures the blossoming of the team. With a track record of success in the hospital and healthcare sectors, Vineeta excels in Management, Operations, and Business, holding a Master’s in MBA and certification as an Internal Auditor by NABL India, showcasing her diverse and proficient skill set.

Scientific Pathology: Pioneers in Diagnostic Services

The journey of Scientific Pathology towards becoming one of the top laboratories in the country is a reflection of Vineeta and her team’s persistent dedication to quality, honesty, and patient care!

Incorporated in 1984, Scientific Pathology has become a prominent and trustworthy diagnostic service provider, holding accreditations from NABL15189:2012 and ICMR certifications. It is renowned as the largest and most trusted pathology lab in Uttar Pradesh, thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality and accuracy.

Under the banner of Scientific Pathology, the company runs three cuttingedge labs: the Main Laboratory, the Reference Laboratory, and the Satellite Laboratories at Mathura. Through its extensive network of more than 50 sample collection pick-up locations, which includes authorised collection centres, Scientific Pathology assures patients in the area easy access to its services.

The corporate office of Scientific Pathology in Agra is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and can conduct over 1,000 distinct tests and panels, including molecular diagnostics, serology, immunochemistry, PCR technology, infectious diseases, biochemistry, and haematology, to name a few.

Scientific Pathology performs around 20,000 tests daily, ranging from standard screens to speciality diagnostics. Serving a wide range of customers, the company works with 5000+ physicians and provides services to about 300 hospitals and path labs.

From Beginning to Global Influence: Vineeta’s Inspirational Journey

Inspired by her mentor, Ratan Tata since her childhood, Vineeta embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to pursue her business goals and set new benchmarks in the healthcare industry.

Women’s accomplishments in the workplace are frequently overshadowed by societal perceptions that they should be the primary caregivers for their families. As a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vineeta faced the pervasive notion that women’s place is not in the boardroom but solely within the confines of their homes. This mindset served as both pressure and motivation for her to shatter stereotypes and demonstrate that women are more than capable of thriving in leadership positions, and it also served as inspiration.

Embracing a dual position as a businesswoman and a family leader, she has worked to challenge the status quo and prove that women are capable of thriving in the cutthroat corporate world if they have the tenacity, resolve, and skill set.

Vineeta’s journey as a female business leader has been defined by resilience, perseverance, and a staunch commitment to upholding the values of loyalty and honesty. Through overcoming the obstacles of cultural norms and gender stereotypes, she has become more resilient and committed to paving the way for women to be acknowledged for their accomplishments in the corporate sector.

The Remarkable Contribution of Women Leaders in Driving Economic Growth

In India, women are a major force behind innovation and economic progress, in a variety of industries. Leading figures such as Falguni Nayar, Kiran Mazumdar, Vandana Luthra, Indra Nooyi, and many others have made noteworthy contributions to the Indian economy.

Some remarkable women like Anupa Dixit, Arundhati Agarwal, Ameera Shah, and numerous female CEOs and leaders are at the forefront, steering diagnostics companies to new heights of success. Their strategic efforts and ground-breaking inventions have shaped the industrial landscape and accelerated growth thanks to their vision, leadership, and creative thinking.

Jewels in the Crown

The magnificent woman, Vineeta Sharma, began her career journey in 2016 as a CHRO, and in 2017, she launched her startup focused on fashionable women’s clothing. By 2018, she had advanced to the COO position, excelling in operational management and driving business success.

Women’s Entrepreneurs India recognized her accomplishments in 2023 by honouring her with the ‘Top 10 Women CHROs in India’ award. She added mergers and acquisitions to her area of competence in 2024, expanding her skill set and fostering organizational development.

The future holds great promise, and the leading lady is eager to leave her mark on the country’s healthcare system by moving forward with confidence.

Vineeta’s Distinctive Approach to Empowering Women Leaders As the CHRO and COO, Vineeta, at present, leads the team at Scientific Pathology. She is sharing her skills, experiences, and insights as a mentor, offering helpful advice to aspiring business owners on how to overcome obstacles.

Additionally, SGE will conduct workshops and host seminars focusing on skill development, business strategies, and industry-specific knowledge. These sessions will offer actionable advice, handson training, and networking opportunities to enable people to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Empowering Diversity and Inclusion

Prioritising diversity and inclusion, Vineeta Sharma emphasises the importance of not judging anyone based on gender alone. She believes every person has a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses.

Focusing on each individual’s positive attributes, the leading lady apprised, “Adopting good qualities from everyone around us enriches our work environment and fosters a culture of mutual respect and learning. Encouraging this mindset helps us to grow as a team, as we learn from the diverse perspectives and experiences that each member brings to the table.”

Moreover, everyone has an equal right to live, work, and thrive without discrimination. In addition to being morally right, promoting equality and inclusion is also practical since it improves decision-making, fosters innovation, and strengthens organizational culture.

Paving the Way for Team Growth and Motivation

“Nurturing and empowering employees are the keys to a company’s growth within the sector,” explains Vineeta. Everyone has positive and negative mindsets; transforming negativity into positivity is key.

This strategy not only improves company growth but also fortifies interpersonal bonds. Fostering a positive outlook in both young people and seniors leads to a helpful atmosphere. In essence, appreciation and motivation are fundamental for success and happiness, whether in the workplace or at home.

Leadership Insights

Balancing professional life with personal commitments is undeniably a challenging task. Advising young women professionals and entrepreneurs, Vineeta shares, “My advice to all women entrepreneurs is to prioritise health care for yourself and your elderly family members.

Devoting just a few minutes to your hobby can be incredibly rejuvenating. It brings inner peace and happiness, providing a refreshing break from the professional grind and helping you maintain a balanced life. Don’t dwell on past disappointments or setbacks. Embrace each day as if it were the last, making the most out of every moment. To all fellow women entrepreneurs, never give up, take care of yourself, and make sure you enjoy your life at work and home.”

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