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Remarkable Feats Ahead: What Google Pixel Devices Could Achieve in 2024

Remarkable Feats Ahead: What Google Pixel Devices Could Achieve in 2024

Written by Sanjay Kumar

As the curtain falls on a year that witnessed Google’s Pixel devices ascend to new heights, 2024 looms on the horizon, carrying with it the promise of even more innovation and refinement. The year 2023 saw the Pixel brand elevate itself with stellar smartphones, the unexpected success of the Pixel Watch 2, and Google’s foray into the foldable phone arena with the Pixel Fold.

In this comprehensive exploration, we will dissect the expectations and possibilities for Google Pixel devices in the upcoming year, unraveling the potential for groundbreaking advancements and subtle yet impactful changes.

The Evolution of Excellence: Google Pixel 9 and 9 Pro:

As Pixel enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next iteration, the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro, the call here is for Google to tread carefully. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro set a high bar in 2023, showcasing a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design. The plea is for evolution, not revolution. While innovation is always welcome, the foundation laid by the Pixel 8 series is undeniably strong. However, refinement is key, and certain aspects can be enhanced to maintain Google’s competitive edge.

The regular Pixel 9 could benefit from an upgraded ultrawide camera, addressing the shortcomings of its predecessor. Similarly, the Pixel 9 Pro could take a giant leap forward with a more potent telephoto camera featuring a 10x optical zoom range. Improvements in charging speed and battery life would align the Pixel 9 series with the current benchmarks in the Android market. By addressing these subtleties while preserving the devices’ existing strengths, Google could create a recipe for unprecedented success in 2024.

Tensor G4: Navigating the Landscape of In-House Chips:

The anticipation surrounding Google’s next-generation Tensor chip, presumably named Tensor G4, is palpable. While Tensor G3 marked a significant step forward, acknowledging its performance disparities compared to Qualcomm and MediaTek chips is crucial. Google’s venture into in-house silicon is still in its infancy, and realistic expectations acknowledge that it may not immediately compete with established industry players.

However, the Tensor G4 must focus on eradicating persistent issues. Overheating concerns, performance disparities, and lingering cell reception problems need meticulous attention. The Tensor chips are the backbone of Google Pixel devices, enabling the implementation of advanced AI features. While they have been pivotal in offering unique functionalities, shortcomings in other departments must be addressed in 2024 to uphold Google’s commitment to excellence.

Pixel Watch 3: Charting New Territory in Wearables:

The unexpected success of the Pixel Watch 2 in 2023 opened new doors for Google in the wearable tech landscape. As we anticipate the Pixel Watch 3, the emphasis is on making substantial improvements while retaining the essence that made its predecessor a hit. A pivotal aspect is addressing the size constraints of the Pixel Watch. With consumers increasingly valuing choice in wearables, introducing a larger version would cater to a broader audience.

Furthermore, the persistent challenge of sizable display bezels demands attention. While aesthetics play a crucial role, functionality should not be compromised. Minimizing bezels to provide an immersive and unobstructed display would mark a significant stride forward. As Google seeks to refine its smartwatch line, the Pixel Watch 3 could set new standards for wearables in 2024.

The Enigma of Pixel Tablet 2: A Crossroads in Innovation:

The Pixel Tablet, a hybrid device aiming to blend the functionalities of a tablet and smart display, faced challenges in its inaugural year. The 60Hz LCD display, distortion-prone speakers, and software glitches raised questions about its viability in the market. The contemplation for Google in 2024 revolves around whether to release a Pixel Tablet 2 or take a strategic pause for reassessment.

If Google opts for a Pixel Tablet 2, it is imperative to address hardware limitations, enhance software stability, and maintain an attractive price point. However, a strategic hiatus could provide the necessary breathing space to redefine the Pixel Tablet’s purpose and ensure a more refined successor in the future. The decision at this juncture will shape the trajectory of Google’s venture into the tablet market.

The Missing Piece: Google Pixel Flip – A Dive into Nostalgia:

Google‘s entry into the foldable phone realm with the Pixel Fold was a commendable move, offering consumers an alternative to established players. However, the absence of a flip-phone style foldable from Google’s lineup in 2023 left a void in its offerings. The Pixel Flip, inspired by the flip-phone trend, presents an opportunity for Google to cater to a distinct demographic.

The appeal of a stylish and affordable foldable phone in the flip format could open new avenues for Google. In a market where nostalgia meets innovation, the Pixel Flip could be a unique proposition, bringing a touch of retro charm to the tech landscape. As consumers increasingly seek diversity in foldable options, Google’s foray into the flip-phone style foldable market in 2024 could be a game-changer.


As we navigate the expansive landscape of expectations and possibilities for Google Pixel devices in 2024, one thing remains certain – it will be an intriguing year. The delicate balance between innovation and refinement, coupled with the challenges of addressing persistent issues, sets the stage for Google to either solidify its position or face unforeseen hurdles.

Whether the wishlist for the Pixel 9 series, Tensor G4 chip, Pixel Watch 3, Pixel Tablet 2, and the introduction of the Pixel Flip comes to fruition remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the journey promises to be captivating, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting Google’s next move on the ever-evolving chessboard of technology.


Q1: What can we expect from the Google Pixel 9 and 9 Pro in 2024?

A: The focus for the Pixel 9 series is on evolution rather than revolution. Anticipate subtle enhancements, including upgraded cameras for both regular and Pro models, improved charging speeds, and increased battery life to align with industry standards.

Q2: How will the Tensor G4 chip impact the performance of Google Pixel devices?

A: The Tensor G4 chip is expected to address issues seen in its predecessor, such as overheating and performance disparities. While it may not immediately compete with industry giants like Qualcomm, the aim is to polish the chip for smoother performance and enhanced power efficiency.

Q3: What improvements can we expect in the Pixel Watch 3 compared to its predecessor?

A: The Pixel Watch 3 is anticipated to introduce size variants, catering to a broader audience. Additionally, the focus will be on minimizing display bezels for a more immersive experience, setting new standards for wearables in 2024.

Q4: Is there a possibility of a Pixel Tablet 2 in 2024, and what changes might it bring?

A: The fate of the Pixel Tablet 2 is uncertain. If released, expectations include hardware upgrades, improved software stability, and a commitment to maintaining an affordable price point. However, there’s also contemplation about reassessing the tablet’s purpose and viability in Google’s product lineup.

Q5: Will Google introduce a flip-phone style foldable, the Pixel Flip, in 2024?

A: The absence of a flip-phone style foldable in 2023 has sparked speculation about a Pixel Flip in 2024. If introduced, it could offer a stylish and affordable alternative to cater to consumers who prefer the flip-phone form factor, providing a unique addition to Google’s foldable lineup.

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