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At Windplus Pvt Ltd, national borders are no limit, just as it isn’t for the wind!

Envisioned to influence the global market and become a prominent and integral service provider of Renewable Energy, Windplus Private Limited is redefining the energy sector globally as a preferred partner of Wind Energy in India. With a mission to provide World Class EPC of BOP (Balance of Plant) Services to the Renewable Energy Industry, their service and product portfolio encompass a wide field of specific areas, including EPC Management, Project Development Assistance on an insourced basis, and different kinds of Customized Assistance.

All Project Services are tailor-made according to the needs of the specific project. Within EPC Management, they offer a palette of elements ensuring a smooth, efficient development process all the way through pre-construction, construction, and commissioning.

Windplus’s Exclusive Service Offerings

The company offers a wide palette of flexible Customized Assistance. You can choose one – Or you can mix and match. Through an open dialogue, they help identify the key areas where their assistance – experience and know how – can make a positive difference to your wind power project –
• EPC Management
• Project Development Assistance
• Customized Assistance
• Project evaluation
• Due diligence coordination
• Sales & Service
• Tendering and contract negotiation

The project developments at Windplus are built on a wealth of knowledge and organised around the requirements and preferences of the client. In order to improve the projects’ bankability and business case, they offer to help project developers finish and optimise their development.

Leading Through the Pandemic, a Mission Accomplished

A pandemic is bad for some, good for some, and neutral for many. For him, it was advantageous to discover who is he. Working distant from home during the Covid Crisis affected Dr. Karunamoorthy’s views and inspired him to pursue his longterm goal of starting his own business rather than working as an employee. While pursuing his passion, he also achieved his ambition to stay with his family, leading to the creation of Windplus. Even though he didn’t have a lot of money to put into his company, he always thought that his technical expertise, knowledge, leadership abilities, teamwork, honesty, and loyal approaches were his better investment.

What Distinguish Windplus in the Renewable Landscape?

Knowledge sharing on technical and non-technical aspects to the emerging professionals of the polytechnic, engineering colleges, business organizations, universities, premier industries, and the end users.
• Active participant in the international renewable energy business.
• Distinct business provider due to their genuine services, quality contributions, success principles and timely services.
• Encourages employees to attend conferences and seminars.
• Working as a family with a hybrid working model.
• Yearly Bonus for Employees.
• Though being a Startup, Windplus conduct Outdoor Annual Get-together trip for the employees with their family members to motivate their employees.
• Windplus provides working lunch for employees though being a startup.
• Empowerment of employees and their ideologies.
• A dynamic leader who has improved interpersonal skills, activity knowledge, positive outlook, social skills, problemsolving abilities, and the ability to inspire action unites the team to achieve success.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos

Windplus provides services to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Developers, and Independent Power Producers in the renewable energy sector. Among its principal clientele are.
1. Tata Power.
2. EDF Renewables
3. Fourth Partner Energy Private Limited.
4. GE India Industrial Private Limited
5. Doddanavar Brothers.
6. Opera Energy
7. Enerparc Energy Private Limited
8. Envision Wind Power Technologies India Pvt Ltd
9. Insolare Energy Private Limited
10. Elecon Engineering Company Limited

Windplus has gained its customers’ confidence through the following values.

1. Transparent Approach.
2. Reachable to customers.
3. Sharing the know-how and activity knowledge
4. Ask for and act on feedback.
5. Timely and Quality services.
6. Genuine & Loyalty to service

Accomplishments on the Way

Windplus is directing its services towards sustainable development. Following are some key achievements on the way – Nation Wide Business & Corporate Leaders award 2022 under 50 categories by Business Mint.
• Influential Indians Award 2022 – Listed Under Top 100.
• Active member and patron of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), Society of Power Engineers (SPE), and Indian Wind Power Association.
• Advisory Board Member of Premier Wind Energy industries.
• Involved in CSR activities by contributing towards education, medical emergencies, skill training, employment scope and environment protection.

What’s on the Cards?

Windplus is on the road to expanding its business verticals across RE Hybrid (Wind + Solar + Battery Energy Storage System), looking to contribute a minimum of 1% (4.5Gw) Market share of GOI’s RE target (450Gw by 2030) and take on the international presence within 1000 days of operation of WINDPLUS. An Advice from the Wizard Inspiration of action, know-how, and activity knowledge is the critical drives needed to sustain as an entrepreneur.
• Performance is the byproduct. Always focus on the process; the result is the byproduct.
• Six skills that are required to become a master’s in business management are Logical Thinking, understanding  people, Relationships, Communication, Selling, and Leadership.
• Follow the 5P’s mantra – Prior, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, and Performance.

Dynamic Leadership

Karunamoorthy Neethimani, Founder Member and Managing Director
Dr. Karunamoorthy Neethimani, the man behind the invention, has 27 years of experience in the onshore wind power industry and has worked with all three primary stakeholders, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, Developers, and Independent Power Producers throughout India. He frequently serves as the keynote speaker at colleges and universities and has published technical papers in magazines and journals. He has a PhD in wind energy from an internationally recognised university, and a master’s in leadership science from Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies.

Rajeswari Karunamoorthy, Director – Admin & Culture
Rajeswari is in charge of culture and administrative efforts at Windplus and has 15 years of expertise in lead administration. A driven, aspirational individual who approaches every task she takes on or circumstance that comes her way with maturity and responsibility. Exceptional in collaborating with others to successfully complete tasks on schedule and with perfection.

Bhavin Joshi, Director of HR, IT & Finance
Bhavin Joshi has more than 30 years of cross-functional and multi-functional experience in a variety of fields and companies. Accounts, audits, commercials, legal, liaison, paperwork, and strategies make up his main portfolio. He is a co-promoter of Windplus and is in charge of the organization’s HR, IT, and FINANCE departments. He was principally responsible for establishing Powerica Ltd. and has more than three decades of experience in the wind energy industry.

Mansi Yogesh Thakkar, Director – Training & Development
Mansi Yogesh Thakkar has nine years of expertise in the training and development sector and is a professional speaker and leadership trainer. She obtained her BE-IT degree from Mumbai University. Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies, University of Mumbai, awarded her a master’s degree in leadership science.

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