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Workplace India – Feel the imported luxury in Furniture & Floorings

Workplace India – Feel the imported luxury in Furniture & Floorings

In 2016, the Indian furniture market was valued at USD 25.7 Billion, big enough to bring shine in the eyes of any entrepreneur. Someone looking to explore this dynamic arena needs to know a lot about the consuming pattern and demand of the consumers. Although a big developing country, India is yet to make the most out of it. But in the recent past, many new entrants have shown the promising graph of success in this segment. A young pool of extremely talented entrepreneurs has gone the extra mile to show the world that what needs to be done to achieve excellence. Of late, Indian landscape has become witness to a multitude of concepts that have helped our country gain global recognition. There are many companies which have traversed a long way today, from being a startup to become MNCs. Such companies have quite successfully created a niche for themselves in their domains such as food, online shopping, hotels and many more such segments.
For the last several years, a new category is looking to make its mark felt in the market. That part is furniture & floorings having locked a huge potential to grow. Many companies are in the rat-race to unlock the door to prosperity. We are well aware of the infrastructural development taking place in the corporate world. It is quite rare to see a company who wish to continue with the same decades-old furniture and floorings to continue. Times have changed and so has the mental quotient of new-age entrepreneurs. People do not want to talk about themselves. They want their work and choice does the talking for them. When it comes to style, never had we seen such a time what we are getting to see nowadays. People are not ready to compromise with quality. They do whatever it takes to have the best-in-town products that they yearn for. People do not even shy away from getting imported products no matter how big hole is that going to make in their pocket.

Unmatchable products
This love of people for their favourite furniture and flooring products was being taken care of by the founder of Workplace India since 2013. The company explored the opportunities in the domain and took this as a challenge as it noticed a demand for the same for services & responsibility to deliver and execution to end clients on time and for after-sales service. Workplace India offers & represents brands from around the world like Interface & Forbo for Floorings and Sunon Furniture for offices, hotels, educational institutes etc for the Indian market. It sources products from various countries with reputed brands and acts as channel partners for them. It is also active in the installation and after-sales service. It also stocks a lot of products for ready to delivery and ex-stock items.
The company acts as a one-stop solution to MNCs, Architects and end-customers as it has a basket of products like Furniture, Floorings, Lighting Technologies, Lounge Seating, Glass Partitions etc. Here it gets the benefit as the volumes together are big enough so it can service at nominal margins and also give branded and reputed factory products at reasonable pricing. Also, the clients are not required to go to different vendors for the same and can get collectively most products together under one roof and thus spend less time on Vendor evaluation and closing the deals. It is a growing company representing brands under one roof. The Mumbai-based company is working wonders for its loyal and prestigious client base.
The company has gone the extra mile to fathom the needs of its clients. It is trying to fulfil the long-cherished desire of numerous connoisseurs who have always been loved to be associated with exotic products. The grandeur of furniture and floorings is being given new synonyms by Workplace India. It has added wings to many esteemed corporate houses and luxury hotels which are famous for their class. To satisfy the needs of that elite class, you need to be a top-notch company. Workplace India is one such company which has redefined the new-age designs and beauty.

Served top guns of industries
Its clientele ranges from many blue-chip companies to big hotels. Some of those prestigious names include KPIT Technologies, GEP, Siemens, Atos Ltd, Edelweiss, TCS, Wipro, Novotel, Conrad, Palm Grove, Renaissance, Mariott Group etc to name a few.

The company has quite aptly tackled the challenges despite growing competition. It is making efforts to be a notch above by means of value-added services. Manpower, too, is a big obstacle as well due to the need for highly skilled and semi-skilled people. Since it is expanding to different cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune apart from the home territory of Mumbai, it needs to be extra cautious about the dexterous workforce.

The pioneer founder
Manish Aya is the man behind this innovative concept that has placed it among the top companies of the domain. Manish Aya has experience and expertise of 2 decades in the interior product industry and can help source better products at competitive pricing. He completed his MBA from CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY. Since then, he kept bird’s eye view on exciting opportunities. He is successfully taking forward the legacy of his forefathers who were having a seasoned expert in the domain. His family business spans over 56 years starting with Fabrics and expanding then to Floorings and Furniture for Corporate and Hotel Industry. With the growing years, his know-how of numerous industries kept on increasing. Since the beginning, he has had the knack to bring something out-of-the-box and he proved his skills by ideating Workplace India. With his hard work, devotion and proficiency, he is taking the organization to new heights.


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