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An Event Technology Partner in 2021 & Beyond

Entrepreneurs are valuable assets to our country. They provide value by creating job opportunities, raising living standards and contributing to the economy’s growth (GDP).

Post-Covid, business communities globally are battling today to stay on their feet. Employees are concerned about their jobs and the youngsters are doubtful about their future prospects due to a lack of growth opportunities. In these uncertain times, entrepreneurs have emerged as visionaries, bringing innovative products into the market and creating wealth and powering economic growth in the society. One such entrepreneur has been at the forefront in the Events Industry with Xporience – Event Technology Platform.

Meet Rohan Karnataki- The Entrepreneur who built Xporience
Rohan brings 15 years of rich experience in entrepreneurship and tech-business domain. He attends and also speaks in various Event Technology Conferences and Events and likes to keep himself updated with the latest Event-tech trends. His blogs on event technology are followed by many professionals across the globe.

He is an avid fitness enthusiast and plays badminton & cricket on weekdays and loves to trek on weekends.

“I have always been a problem solver. Where people see problems and challenges, I see opportunities. That is what motivated me to become an entrepreneur and create products that solve real world problems.” says Rohan.

Xporience – An Event Technology Partner in 2021 And Beyond
Xporience started with a vision to become the most preferred Event Technology vendor globally. Over the past years, Xporience has gained the title of Event Technology Experts in the Event Industry domain. Some of their esteemed clients include Dubai EXPO 2020, Sharjah Expo Center, dmg::events (Dubai/UK), MCI Conferences (Switzerland), AMDA (Australia).

“We work with the top Event Organizers globally and provide technology solutions for Exhibitions and Conferences. With award-winning products that include the Exhibitor Online Manual, Exhibitor lead capture App and Event Mobile Apps, we are well on our way to achieve a global business of USD 10 million by 2025”, believes the CEO and founder of Xporience.

The company  plans to expand into the US, Europe & Canada in the next 2 years.

How Do They Do It?
Xporience is a globally preferred event technology partner for Event Organizers. We asked Rohan what it takes to be successful in the Event-tech industry and he opines that – Event Technology solutions need to be customised as per client business workflows and requirements. Off-the-shelf non-flexible products no longer serve client goals. Xporience is best positioned to provide flexible and customised event technology solutions to clients for no extra costs, and thus creating a long lasting business relationship with the client.

Another USP of Xporience is that they constantly review new products that are launched, technology trends in the market and analyse the feasibility of enhancement for their own product.

“We also rely heavily on client feedback to ensure that we deliver a product that matches our clients’ requirements. For e.g. we started work on Exhibitor Lead Capture App for one of our clients in Dubai. Over the last 3 years, we have added sophisticated features to this product based on their feedback and now the product is one of the best in the world, winning many Event-technology awards.”, says Rohan

One of the few reasons why Xporience stands apart from other similar product companies is that their costs are very competitive, they customize solutions as per client requirements, all their products are built and hosted on secure, robust and reliable infrastructure and they have the quickest turnaround time when it comes to client support.

Achieving Sustainability in uncertain times
The Events Industry got the biggest hit during Covid. But Xporience saw this as a huge opportunity and charted out a road-map to enhance existing skill sets, create new future-ready products features and also execute them during lockdown period.

Employees were provided regular training in the latest technologies, and also given an opportunity to write white papers related to the Event-tech sector and other content related to the Event industry. Non-technical workshops were conducted within the organization to upgrade employee skill sets. Regular brainstorming sessions enabled teams to discuss new product feature ideas and employees were also rewarded for their contribution.

As a result of these activities, Xporience built an entirely online Event Technology Platform for Event organizers. The platform empowers Online Exhibitions and Conferences and seamlessly integrates with their existing product offerings, making Xporience well equipped to service their clients for online as well as offline events.

“When the ‘Why’ is bigger than the ‘What’, the ‘How’ eventually finds its way, says Rohan

A Message to Young Entrepreneurs
Rohan has been an inspiration for aspiring young entrepreneurs. His team describes him as a visionary, people person, dreamer and achiever.

“As the founder and CEO, my biggest achievement is to be empanelled by DUBAI EXPO 2020 for our Event Management System (EMS) for the past 3 years. We have also been able to add client accounts in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Saudi in a short span of 2 years.”, says a confident Rohan.

Rohan’s message to budding entrepreneurs is – “Dream as impossible as possible” and “The secret of success is to put a lot of efforts into things that come to you effortlessly”

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