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They say, “It’s not what you do for your children but what you have to teach them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” Parenting is indeed a challenging yet beautiful journey in our lives. Although parenting is very crucial, there is no structured program to help the parents develop their children as a continuum from their childhood to a young adult. Across these phases, parenting and child development needs to evolve towards positive outcomes. This in turn leads to happy families and has a significant transformational impact on their lives.

.Parents think that parenting cannot be learned and at the same time they want to achieve the best for their children. This leaves room for trial and error and leaves gap in the development of the child. Guiding parents through a combination of structured experiences and insights with a Positive Parenting framework, that enable parents in nurturing their children to achieve their full potential. With this purpose in mind, Yancha Positive Parenting LLP came into the existence aiding children right from School to College and then letting them confidently take their own strides towards a responsible young adult.

Business Connect is a renowned platform devoted to introducing the world to some outperforming ventures and their creators. Here again, we are back with our exclusive edition of the month compiled with some tremendous growth stories of remarkable organizations in the market.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of the company in which the Founder and CEO, Dr. Arnab Basu, and the team shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company. The leader also spilled some beans on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and wish that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readers and will encourage them to chase their dreams.

Giving a detailed introduction of the company, Dr. Arnab asserts, “Yancha is an EdTech platform focused on developing children behaviorally so that they can reach their full potential. Yancha’s approach spans the major transitions from childhood to teenage to adolescence to young adulthood (from 4 years – 21 years). Elements of child development and parenting are an integral part of it, impacting home, school or college, and self.

Over the past years, we have been working on Yancha, which is a program focused on the ‘How to’ aspects of child development and the role of parenting. While a lot of conceptual constructs are available, we created a ‘Behavioral training Program for Parents and Children so that the Parents can raise their children with a structured path and the children can imbibe that to reach their full potential. The platform is entirely personalized and addresses the specific possibilities, opportunities, and issues faced by families.”

What Yancha Offers:

  • A Behavioural Game – 8th Wonder (a card game for parents and children to engage in behavioral development)
  • Yancha Initiation Program – 45 to 60 mins program (to make parents aware of their role)
  • Yancha Awareness Program – Kids – 120 mins program (for parents to develop their children from 4 – 12 years)
  • Yancha Awareness Program- Teens – 120 mins program (for teenagers to develop themselves from 13 – 21)
  • Yancha Transformation Program – Kids – 26 modules can be done a module at a time (available as DIY Kits and in Online mode) (for parents to develop their children from 4 – 12 years)
  • Yancha Transformation Program – Teens & Young Adults – 21 sessions to be done over 6 months along with Career Guidance (for teenagers to develop themselves from 13 – 21)
  • Career choice (based on behaviors)

“The current approach focuses on counseling to rectify behaviors. Yancha focuses on developing the child in a manner to develop on strengths, rather than corrections based approach. Yancha approach is fundamentally different from counseling and focuses on developing every child to achieve their full potential. Yancha is based on the philosophy of positive psychology and multiple intelligences which focus on developing the strengths and not just repairing the weaknesses.

With the rising complexities of the modern society – nuclear families, technology proliferation, competitiveness in all aspects, coupled with a wide range of choices, parenting has become more complex than ever before. And imagine the same parents having to cater to their professional commitments as they are at the most productive days of their career and if they carry the guilt due to their non-availability and the resulting lack of focus on child development. These thoughts in turn make them ineffective at workplace and they lead a life of underachievement and it turns into a vicious cycle.”- Dr. Arnab Basu.

He further adds, “Acknowledging this service gap, Yancha through its unique ed tech platform is helping parents to shift of focus from only Provide & Protect to Develop in a way that allows children to reach their maximum potential. A focused approach, using the blend of knowledge, skills, attitude, values, right from the early years are clearly your best opportunity to give your young ones a head start towards their behavioral developmental milestones.

Research suggests that behavior development and mindset are crucial to future success. Once these behaviors and mindsets are inculcated in the children as they grow through these structured inputs, we intend to achieve Academic excellence, Personality Development, Leading a Meaningful Life and Happier Families in the Kids Section using Positive Discipline, Decision Making, Confidence Building & Inculcating Values& Compassion ; while achieving Academic Excellence, Right Decision Making Skills, Clear Choices in Career & Life and Becoming Responsible Individuals in the Teens Section using a proprietary RAPD Model”

DR. ARNAB BASU (Co-Founder & CEO)
He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Yancha Positive Parenting LLP. Arnab is an author, speaker, and enthusiast in Strategic Innovation, Business & Predictive Analytics, as well as a certified Behavior & Life Coach, with deep insights on leveraging digital technologies for large-scale usage to induce change, and thereby able to motivate and empower individuals and groups to evolve and sustain.

Arnab has worked for more than a decade at McKinsey & Co holding strategic consulting positions and has contributed to many high-impact consulting assignments around the globe. He had been awarded the Best Consultant Award Worldwide for his consulting contributions in the firm in 2011. He also received the Budding Entrepreneur Award from GMBF in an International Business Startup Forum in 2017. Arnab is a Gold Medalist from IIM Calcutta post his under graduation in Computer Sciences and holds a Doctorate (for his research in Business Model Innovation using Analytics) from MIT Sloan.

He has shared his Learning from Sports in a chapter in the book titled: Sport in Life: Reflections and Refractions and it shares his insights on how sports play a crucial role in shaping up the character of an individual. His book Productivity Code helps people unlock their potential and achieve success in business and personal life.

Arnab is an avid reader on various topics and have delivered his speeches in many Universities/Colleges and Domestic/ International Conferences of repute which has been appreciated highly throughout. He has also participated in competitive cricket at U-13/16 levels and won accolades.

Loves to drive, travel, explore places and people & create new and innovative propositions and implement his thoughts and learnings from these experiences.

He is the co-founder of Yancha Positive Parenting LLP. A Behavioural Enthusiast with a keen interest in elements and interactions which influence and evolve behaviors. He has consulted extensively with over 75 organizations and has had insights into the way top leaders think. He is a management graduate and an engineer by profession and has been employed with organizations like Larsen & Toubro, NIS Sparta, Infosys Technologies – Infosys Leadership Institute, and the Indian School of Business.

He has extensive expertise across different industries and verticals and has held several critical management roles in organizations. He has written many books on different topics on Parenting, Sales, and Managerial Productivity. His Book “Unboiling the Egg” is a real insight for all parents who want to help their children achieve their full potential.

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