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Yash Sahai Gupta’s World Architectural Odyssey

From the streets of Delhi to the shores of the Hamptons: Yash Sahai Gupta’s World Architectural Odyssey

An architect’s journey frequently begins with an inspiration spark. The spark for the exceptionally talented Yash Sahai Gupta ignited in a Delhi high school library when he was exposed to the fascinating worlds of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House through an architectural magazine.

He explored the complex beauty of spaces and materials in modern architecture as a result of this discovery, which ultimately shaped his remarkable professional path.

Journey to RISD: Intellectual Interests and Cross-Cultural Immersion

Yash submitted an application to the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for master’s program, the selection was solely based on the internship, undergrad architectural portfolio and competition. His ambition had always been to study at RISD in the United States. He desired to pursue architecture in a new culture and be immersed in a creative environment.

“Studying abroad often provides a broader perspective and exposure to numerous approaches, techniques, and philosophies within your field of interest,” explains Yash. “RISD’s interdisciplinary approach allowed me to explore various design aspects beyond just architecture, further enhancing my learning experience.”

Yash was exposed to parametric architecture while attending RISD and had the opportunity to work on projects that showcased cutting-edge contemporary design concepts. His thesis examined New Delhi’s modern heritage preservation while drawing attention to the regrettable fall of post-independence structures that were crucial to the growth of the city’s architectural character. One poignant example is the Hall of Nations by Raj Rewal, an iconic structure demolished in 2017.

Career Path and Experiences

Yash began a distinguished career after graduating from RISD, working at Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (SLRA) in Bridgehampton and New York City under the tutelage of prominent architects Michael Lomont,

Fred Stelle, Viola Rouhani, and interior designer Eleanor Donnelly. Throughout his time at SLRA, he oversaw a number of prominent projects, including oceanfront houses in South Hampton and upscale homes in Sag Harbor. Yash gained industry acclaim for his painstaking attention to detail and unwavering commitment to perfection, which became hallmarks of his work.

Views on Indian Architecture and Upcoming Projects

Yash has drawn a great deal of inspiration from India’s rich architectural past. “The after-independence era of Indian architecture, with its fusion of tradition and modernity, captured my imagination,” adds the architect. “Renowned architects like Raj Rewal and Charles Correa, with their iconic works in cities as Delhi and Jaipur, have left an indelible mark on my creative consciousness.”

Yash is upbeat when questioned about his intentions to go back to India. I envision myself returning back to India once I’ve finished working on a couple SLRA projects in the US. I see myself being a major player in the luxury architecture market in India, demonstrating my desire to use my foreign skills to further the interests of my home nation.”

Suggestions for Future Architects

Yash delivers insightful guidance for aspiring young architects: “Delay starting an architectural practice as soon as you graduate. Typically, architectural schools do not instruct students in studio management, client and contractor negotiations, or real-world work skills. Working with an experienced person is a great way to get experience. Your postschool years should be spent honing your skills and developing your abilities.”

Furthermore, he stresses the significance of adopting new technology, saying, “Begin learning how to use AI’s capabilities. AI will, in my opinion, revolutionize the architectural discipline, and it is already beginning to do so. However, before utilizing these technologies, make sure you understand the fundamentals of architecture.”

Commitment and Appreciation

When Yash looks back on his path, he credits his parents’ and mentors’ steadfast support for his accomplishment. “To date, my parents have always encouraged me in every choice I’ve made. Furthermore, I have no doubt that the principal architects and instructors at SLRA have given me wonderful possibilities to work on remarkable projects.”

The life of Yash Sahai Gupta is a tribute to the strength of drive, commitment, and openness to new experiences. From the busy streets of Delhi to the tranquil Hamptons shoreline, his architectural journey never stops evolving, making a lasting impression on the design community.

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