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A visionary’s endeavor to foster the steel and metal industry with the finest product line…

Creating goodwill and face value for a product or service makes a huge difference to the success of a business. This is the single most important aspect that present-day entrepreneurs need to work on. Knowing the market pulse and catering to the demand is what makes a brand model stand out.

Once a business leader manages to give value to the people on the ground level, his product needs no marketing, branding or discount offers to attract customers. Rather consumers would come searching for the value a business has created as this is what is driving the market. Here, we have outlined the narrative of the success trajectory of such a brand only that never fails to add value to the end consumers.

As phenomenal as the story of Zukito Group is, the man who conceptualized this company has an even more riveting story to narrate. So, let’s dive into what is this compelling read and see what is so exclusive about this cover story that has been formulated based on the excerpts of the conversation held with the company founder.

Meet the man at the helm

Jatin Prasad is the founder, CEO, and MD of Zukito Group who has been perceived as a seasoned entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is also known as the Copper King of India across his targeted market. He possesses exemplary skills in Sales, Team Building, Management, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.

As a strong business development professional with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Honors from Delhi University & Bachelor of Laws – LLB, he is focused on International Law and Legal Studies. His extraordinary corporation- Zukito Group of Companies deals in all types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. Zukito Group is one of the biggest importers of metals like Copper, Steel, HMS, and Aluminum.

So far, he has been importing and exporting all types of metals and fulfilling different requirements of the domestic as well as international markets. Apart from this, they are also foraying into other segments of business such as buying factories, import & export, FMCG, Investments, funding small ventures, startups, etc.

The career trajectory

Jatin was always into entrepreneurship since his childhood deviating from the typical Indian family mindset of securing 9 to 5 jobs. He tried his hands in different fields where he couldn’t find himself to be fitting. Then, he began performing as a sales executive at a well-reputed organization. From there, he happened to scale the position of Head of Operations at MNC owing to his curious attitude toward learning and honing his skills accordingly.

Meanwhile, he used to fan his entrepreneurial cinders by searching for his passionate area to conduct a business. Gradually, he found himself drawn towards the metal industry where he kept researching for hours. Eventually, he started as a mediator in this metal industry, and today, he happened to establish his own fully-functional organization. Today, he imports and exports steel and metal goods at the PAN India level. Soon, he would unveil his brand venture that would reveal his vision, and expansion in the industry.

What makes Jatin’s success story stand out from the rest is his perseverance and indomitable spirit as he sailed through the waves of hardship throughout his entrepreneurial voyage. Indeed, hailing from a middle-class family and becoming a successful entrepreneur was not a cakewalk for him. It has been a sheer result of learning from numerous failures and never giving up outlook to reach the place where Jatin stands firm as the epitome of an invincibly zealous businessman.

From the financial crisis to peer criticism, he overcame every problem without being affected by any setbacks. Undeniably, his plunge to take calculated risks paved the way for his remarkable success in the business world. It was not an overnight success after all, and for over 6-7 years, he kept burning his midnight oil to turn his dream into reality. He always acknowledged the role and support of his parents in making his journey spectacular where they kept faith in his hard work and dedication and eagerly awaited him to shine like the brightest star up above in the sky.

Jatin’s success mantra is to always keep personal as well as professional life separated. For him, his team can include a person only after winning his trust. As for him, the business could only be done with trustworthy individuals, he never fails to bring the most authentic version of his personality as an addition to the team. Being a workaholic, he always inspires others to treat their work as their worship. And, he strives to see a high level of dedication to one’s job in each of his team members. Of course, he is a team player but the team has to be reliable when it comes to the subject of business conductivity.

About the company

Zukito Group is into the supply, sales, and purchase of metals, especially copper. The group serves several bigwigs throughout tier 1 cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc, in terms of industrial parts and products- something the company is extremely proud of. In India, the group has established its facilities in Gujarat, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

As per Jatin’s decade-long experience in the market, he found 90% of the organizations to be operating on chicanery. This is where Zukito makes a difference by etching a niche for itself in maintaining at-par global standards of quality. As the vision of the company is to be an impeccable leader in the long term, no compromise in quality is of utmost importance to them.

The reputation of the group is the foremost priority for the founder and no mere profits can alter his state of mind when it comes to the product’s quality. “I am willing to suffer the loss on monetary terms but can’t afford to lose my dignity and reputation in the market by conducting illicit practices. Something, I am very much assertive about and under no circumstances this could be changed,” claims the chieftain.

You might be amazed to know that to maintain high-quality standards, Jatin ensures timely quality checks of each product itself before releasing it in the market! The leading edge When it comes to mentioning the edge that the company has in its targeted market, Jatin explains it is exemplary business values that win the faith of the clients. Transparency, honesty, and devotion drive the culture at the company from tip to toe.

These values have been perforated in the company’s culture via Jatin’s inspiring personality only. The clients are very much aware of the fact that Zukito stands firm on its business principles and any kind of scam or forgery is impossible at the company owing to the stout and elementary character of its founding head only. Every aspect of the business is different due to these basic principles only.

Moreover, outsourcing is something that was always disregarded by Jatin since the inception of the company. For him, he was always into establishing an in-house service model. This is because the outsourcing process has numerous demerits that could take a major toll on business performance and Jatin never wishes to risk his brainchild just for the sake of convenience.


Jatin enunciated that in his 12 years of business journey, he has performed intense research on the personal front to get the best out of his endeavors. And it goes without saying that R&D is crucial for the success and sustenance of every business. “Greater the product knowledge, the stronger the business model. A weak knowledge base could never support a strong business prospect.

This is where R&D creates a difference,” asserts him. He suggests to entrepreneurs out there that market study and research are a must to be girded up to be a top-notch businessman. In the present scenario, research proves to be an unimpeachable tool to stay ahead of the curve.

A big no to micromanagement “I believe in leading my team as a friend, brother, and overall as a family member. My leadership is never into micromanagement. I know how to handle big teams and motivate them toward a common objective while facilitating their personal growth. Never do I feel the need of being a bossy person to be with because I am never such an individual.

My philosophy is deeply into treating every individual with equal respect. No matter how high I might reach in terms of my status quo, I am always a grounded person who believes in making leaders for tomorrow. Moreover, I never overburden my employees and firmly promote a fair work-life balance. After all, a millionaire businessman or a fresher in the corporate world, we all are human beings at the ground level and should keep supporting each other to create a better tomorrow,” explains Jatin about his insightful.

Considerable achievement

Jatin was questioned to unveil the most considerable accomplishments ensured by his venture. To this, he responded that being recognized for our matchless quality and service standards is what they take immense pride in. What would be more satisfying than getting lucrative business deals via word-of-mouth marketing which clearly indicates Zukito’s prominence in the market?

““Due to the NDA signed with a few bigwigs in the industry, I won’t be able to disclose the name at present. But we have partnered with some behemoth organizations that clearly indicate how we differ from others in the market,”concluded Jatin before signing off from the conversation.

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