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Written By- Indranil Roy

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”, Dan Millman.

The above-stated phrase is quite old but completely resembles the era we live in now. The year 2020 was undoubtedly the epitome of challenges. However, it had been a great opportunity for many. Many flexible and transcending minds have taken challenges as blessings and are continuing/ expanding/ starting their business. 2020 – a year filled with uncertainties and challenges – reshaped both our personal and professional lives. Within the avalanche, unemployment has been one of the massive challenges. Zunavish became a beacon amid this turbulence.

With time and evolution, mankind has witnessed incremental changes in its community. Innovations are bringing the world to our fingertips. Everything, from products to services is available on demand. Despite living and breathing in a profoundly connected era, finding a prolific job often becomes a daunting task. On the other hand, seeking out potential candidates in this immensely volatile market is a tough nut to crack.

Zunavish aims to address these complications with its tailored solutions. It works on a very prominent challenge – bridge the gap between talent and empowering Companies. The name Zunavish is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘Zuna’ meaning Growth and ‘Vish’ meaning people. As mentioned above, the brand has been envisioned to vivify business and people.

The motivation to shape a passion comes from experience. Dr Hyma Rao’s versatile experience from multiple fields/ industries helps her in creating innovative solutions that help motivate both people and business. Being an adroit leader she sensed the pain of candidates as well as organizations, when it came to people selection. She had first-hand experienced a lot of consulting firms – their inability to put the client first or as she calls it “Stay with the client”, was a big problem.

Zunavish was born to build that bridge between expectations and aspirations of the corporate world and consulting skills. Here also she believes very strongly that “Zunavish brings not only the skills to solve your concerns, but recognizes that you are the SME (subject matter expert) and you know your business the best. Hence, Zunavish lives it’s value-of-co-creation every day.” What differs Zunavish from others is its ability to address diverse people-related matters through customizable solutions. Its specialization encompasses six areas of People Management – People Selection, People Development, Inclusion, Organization Development & Change, Peripheral Processes, and Legal & Advisory.

With innovations and innovative practices re-defining business, people have shifted focus to all-in-one inclusive platforms. Zunavish’s business levitates on 5 core values – Humility, Trust, Co-Create, Resilience, and Zeal. Whenever a client walks through its doors, the team engages in conversations and curates solutions that respect the client’s viewpoint. Team practices actively listening in true sense and values client’s perspectives. They wholeheartedly involve the client in their processes to ensure the best results /outcomes for the clients and their wider ecosystem. The cohesive process powers its core value to cocreate.

With a gamut of oriented services, the Zunavish family ensures the client’s business sees new heights in every aspect. Dr Rao comments on this, “Sustainability, is the heart of our business and we prefer being summoned for different problems”. In short, Zunavish assures, as they move out, the problem moves out as well and the client ecosystem is more strengthened than before.

Another forte of Zunavish is its assurance of candidate longevity. Despite being a young Company, it proudly guarantees – ‘Candidates hired from Zunavish will stay minimum 18 months to 24 months’. But how do they ensure this? In the words of Dr Rao, “We have a secret sauce with ourselves.” Staying inclined with the market – its trends and requirements, Zunavish gauges its candidates’ stability. Every member on board carries a considerable experience that further helps in guiding candidates. Zunavish interacts with candidates with a customized set of questions to create better engagement and get a complete picture of every candidate, as a whole lot goes beyond the resume.

Dr Rao has amassed an extensively plausible career. She carries a degree in LLB and is a doctorate in various subjects. Moreover, she has done a triple MA in Astrology, Indian Philosophy & Psychology and double MBA, in Hospital and Personnel Management. Being a part of a Doctorate club, Dr Rao is well-connected with people of all age groups, especially the young ones. She has an in-depth cognizance of the scarcity of a customized support system. Dr Rao sought out like-minded people from the industry and met Anila Kalyani (Vivify lead) and Bhavini Khatri (Vivify Head). Both Kalyani and Bhavini are encompassed with diverse expertise of the industrial segment.


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