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10 Best Houseboat Destinations in India

10 Best Houseboat Destinations in India

India is a land of never-ending wonders, with each corner of the country boasting its own unique sights and attractions. From stunning beaches to picturesque hill stations, there’s something for everyone in India – and even if you’re not the camping type, some of these places offer amazing hotel packages as well. So, whether you’re looking for an escape from the city or a chance to explore an amazing new destination, here are 10 best houseboat destinations in India!

1. Backwaters Houseboat, Kerala

How to Plan Your Kerala Backwaters & Houseboat Trip | by peersome | Medium
Backwaters Houseboat, Kerala | Credit image Medium

Kerala is one of the most popular houseboat destinations in India, and there are many different reasons why people love visiting this region. The main reason is Kerala’s best houseboat. The Backwaters Houseboat is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday in Kerala. The Backwaters Houseboat is located in Kerala’s backwaters, which are a series of interconnected lakes and canals. These waters are home to many different types of wildlife, including elephants and crocodiles.

The Backwaters Houseboat offers guests a unique experience that is not found anywhere else in India. This houseboat is surrounded by lush vegetation, and it provides guests with breath taking views of the backwaters. The Backwaters Houseboat also has several other amenities that make it an ideal place to stay for a vacation. It has a pool, a spa, and a fitness room, which makes it easy for guests to stay fit while they are on their vacation. If you are looking for an unforgettable houseboat experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, the Backwaters Houseboat is the best houseboat in Kerala for you!

2. Dal Lake Houseboat, Srinagar

File:Houseboat- Dal Lake, srinagar Kashmir.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Dal Lake Houseboat, Srinagar | Credit image Wikimedia Commons

Dal Lake Houseboat is one of the best houseboats destinations in India. It is located on Dal Lake, which is one of the best houseboats in Kashmir. The houseboat has a total of 12 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There are also three dining rooms and two living rooms. The houseboat also has a fitness centre, a spa, and a solarium. The houseboat offers a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and sailing. The houseboat also provides free Wi-Fi and cable TV.

The Dal Lake Houseboat is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy all the beautiful views of Dal Lake. Houseboats have always been a popular tourist destination in Kashmir, and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful and picturesque, but they’re also a great way to get a taste of the local culture. Here are the top 10 houseboats in srinagar

  • Sukoon Houseboat
  • Mascot Houseboats
  • The Mughal Palace Houseboat
  • Royal Houseboats
  • Akbar Heritage Houseboats
  • Peacock Houseboats
  • Naaz Kashmir Houseboat
  • New Jacquline Heritage Houseboats
  • WelcomHeritage Gurkha Houseboats
  • Chicago Group of Houseboats

The Sukoon Houseboat is the best houseboat in Dal Lake. It has a beautiful design and offers an amazing view of the lake. The boat also comes with all the amenities you need, such as a kitchen and a living room. Moreover, the crew is friendly and will ensure that you have an amazing time while on the boat.

3. Houseboat Cruise, Goa

Houseboat Trip in Goa | Chapora River Houseboat
Houseboat Cruise, Goa | Credit Image Gravity Water Sports

One of the best houseboat destinations in India is Goa. This state is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. There are several houseboat cruises companies that offer tours of Goa’s waterways. The best way to enjoy a houseboat cruise is to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the river. You can watch the fishermen work in the boats, or listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. You can also visit some of the local villages while on a houseboat cruise. There are many beautiful houseboat destinations located in Goa, but Mangalore CBD is probably the most popular.

Mangalore CBD is a bustling city that has been transformed into a modern metropolis. The CBD has many shopping opportunities, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes. You can also find several interesting attractions, such as the Gateway of India and the Mahalakshmi temple. The houseboats that operate out of Mangalore CBD are spacious and comfortable. They have bathrooms with hot water and shower facilities, as well as kitchens with appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city from your houseboat balcony or terrace.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday that includes some sightseeing and shopping, then Goa is definitely the place for you. Houseboats offer a unique way to experience this beautiful state, while also giving you plenty of space to relax and enjoy your stay.

4. Udupi Houseboat, Karnataka

Houseboat Experience In Udupi | Karnataka Torism
Udupi Houseboat, Karnataka | Credit image Karnataka Tourism

Udupi is a beautiful and serene town in Karnataka, India. It is known for its beaches, palaces, and houseboats. One of the best places to enjoy the sights and sounds of Udupi Houseboat is in Udupi Lake. There are many different types of houseboats that you can charter in Udupi Lake. Some of the most popular houseboat destinations include Kudle Udyogipeetha, Kasavanthapura, and Someshwara Temple.

If you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful vacation, Udupi Houseboat is a great option. This houseboat offers guests a unique experience of cruising on the Kaveri River. The houseboat has a capacity of 26 guests and includes an outdoor area with a pool and a Jacuzzi. Guests can enjoy refreshments while they cruise along the river and take in the beauty of the surroundings. You can explore the lakeside villages or enjoy the views from the houseboats.

5. Chunnambar Houseboat, Pondicherry

Chunnambar Boat House | Pondicherry Tourism | Adotrip
Chunnambar Houseboat, Pondicherry | Credit image

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Pondicherry, consider a trip on a houseboat. Chunnambar Houseboat is located in the beautiful Chunnambar Lake and offers stunning views of the sunset. You’ll also enjoy the tranquillity and privacy that comes with cruising on your own private lake. Other great houseboat destinations in Pondicherry include Kumarakom and Angadikulam. Kumarakom is perfect for water sports enthusiasts, while Angadikulam is known for its secluded coves and crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just some peace and quiet, these are the perfect destinations for a relaxing weekend escape.

6. Konaseema Houseboat, Andhra Pradesh

Stay In A Houseboat At Godavari River In Andhra Pradesh Starting From ₹9000
Konaseema Houseboat, Andhra Pradesh | Credit image Curly Tales

Konaseema Houseboat is a beautiful houseboat located in the scenic Konaseema area of Andhra Pradesh. This location is perfect for travellers who want to explore the many attractions and villages that lie within reach. Konaseema Houseboat is perfect for travellers who want to experience all that this beautiful region has to offer. The houseboat offers stunning views of the Krishna River, and guests can enjoy plenty of activities such as swimming, fishing, and hiking. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation or an exciting exploration of local culture, Konaseema Houseboat is the perfect destination.

7. Tarkarli Houseboat, Maharashtra

Stay in a Houseboat, Tarkarli (2022) - Images, Timings | Holidify
Tarkarli Houseboat, Maharashtra | Credit image Holidify

Tarkarli Houseboat is a beautiful place to stay in Maharashtra. It is located on the Tarkarli Lake and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The houseboat can accommodate up to 14 people and has all the amenities you need including a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. The houseboat is also equipped with a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a swimming pool. You can enjoy all of these features while you relax and take in the stunning views of the lake. If you are looking for an idyllic houseboat destination in India, look no further than Tarkarli Houseboat.

8. Sundarban Houseboat, Kolkata

Sundarban Boat Tour Package 2022 | Book Now @ Flat 28% Off
Sundarban Houseboat, Kolkata | Credit image Thrillophilia

Sundarban Houseboat is a beautiful houseboat that offers stunning views of the Sundarbans. The houseboat is situated in Kolkata, and it can be reached by ferry or train. The houseboat offers a variety of activities, including fishing, swimming, and kayaking. It is also perfect for couples who want to explore the city without having to worry about crowds. The houseboat is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring Kolkata.

9. Pournami Houseboats, Alappuzha, Kerala

Pournami Houseboats - Alleppey Boathouse Trips
Pournami Houseboats, Alappuzha, Kerala | Credit image

Pournami Houseboats is one of the best houseboat destinations in India. The company has a fleet of luxurious and comfortable houseboats that are perfect for a relaxing holiday. It offers a wide range of amenities and services including a private balcony, a Jacuzzi, and a personal butler service. The houseboats are also equipped with all the latest technology such as Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. The houseboat is located in Alappuzha, Kerala which is known for its backwaters. If you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing holiday, Pournami Houseboats is the perfect destination for you.

10. Assam

Best Houseboats in Assam - 2022
Assam | Credit image Thrillophilia

Assam is one of the most popular houseboat destinations in India. There are many great spots to stay in Assam, including Kamrup and Sivasagar. Kamrup is a beautiful island located near Assam’s capital, Guwahati. There are many great houseboat options here, such as the Kumarakom Lake Resort and the Kamrup Tourist Home. Both of these options offer excellent views of the lake and the surrounding hills.

Sivasagar is another great option for staying in Assam. This city is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful beaches. The best part about staying in Sivasagar is that it is close to many great attractions, such as the Kaziranga National Park and Bodoland National Park. Houseboat hire in Assam can be enjoyed at several locations around the province. Some of the best places to hire a houseboat include Tezpur, Goalpara, Dhubri, Nagaon, Barpeta, Darrang and Sibsagar. There are also several private operators who offer houseboat rental services.


India is a land of endless possibilities and with that comes an endless number of houseboat destinations to explore. From beautiful beaches to stunning nature reserves, there’s something for everyone in India when it comes to houseboating. So, if you’re thinking about exploring India by water, make sure to add these 10 houseboats in India to your list!

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