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3 Work-From-Home Digital Careers Trending Right Now

3 Work-From-Home Digital Careers Trending Right Now

We’re sure you are well aware of the recent work-from-home revolution. According to a recent UAE Cisco survey, just 10% of workers here in the Emirates would opt for doing their full hours in the office. This is up considerably from just a year before when a similar survey by Avaya found around half of employees preferred to work from home some of the time.

Today, you can live in Dubai and work for an organisation almost anywhere in the world, and vice-versa. Countless Dubai companies now hire remote employees from all over the globe. A digital recruitment agency can connect businesses and talent wherever they are in the world.

Why work from home in digital?

The roots of this momentous change were already in place when the pandemic struck. It quickly sped up a move towards hybrid and remote-only working. The appropriate technology was suddenly widely and easily available, too.

Communications platforms, cloud technology and better online meeting spaces mean that work-from-home is now mainstream. Many roles are suited to hybrid working and there’s a growing list of roles that are also available for remote-only working.

Professionals from all areas have jumped at more opportunities for better work-life balance, the end of stressful and costly commuting, and more efficient and flexible ways of working. Businesses have benefitted from larger talent pools, reduced overheads, and better personnel retention rates.

Digital and IT-related careers are ideal for work-from-home roles. All you need is a small space for your IT equipment and a reliable internet connection. In some roles, you can even set up a life as a digital nomad, working wherever you and your laptop happen to be.

Here are 3 digital and IT careers that are worth looking into that are well suited to work-from-home.

01. Digital marketing personnel

A digital marketing department oversees the connection between brands and consumers online. It’s a diverse department. Under its umbrella come social media, search engine optimisation, website creation and content management.

Roles in this area combine strategy with data literacy and social intelligence. Managers are responsible for a team who work on every element of digital marketing strategy from ideation, development, implementation, ongoing management and review. It’s very common now that digital marketing teams work remotely and connect regularly online.

Alternatively, consultancy in this expertise is highly sought after and can be completed remotely or with occasional on-site visits.

02. Data governance

If you have in-depth knowledge of IT and ITIL processes, ISO certification, data security and GDPR, then there are businesses out there looking for someone like you. Experienced professionals are required for remote roles and short-term or permanent assignments. You can provide advice on data quality, protection and governance from wherever you are.

03. Web engineering and development

Vacancies for remote and hybrid roles in web engineering and programming appear frequently. If you have experience in functional programming, big data, leadership and various coding languages, then there are international companies out there that want to hear from you.

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