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7X Weddings:-Enjoy The Most Beautiful Day Of Your Life, Leave The Management To Us!

7X Weddings By Dev-Raj

Enjoy The Most Beautiful Day Of Your Life, Leave The Management To Us!

Weddings are once in a lifetime very special events. Meant to be one of the biggest festive moments of your life, planning everything on your own can be stressful, in-fact very stressful.

It’s wedding time in Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal’s family. Ideally, it should be a time of life where families reunite, laughter echoes across the walls. The aroma of delicious food travels through the neighborhood and your family is the talk of the town. However, Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal are pressed under the weight of expectations. They are stressed with a long to-do list. From choosing the venue selection, guest arrangements, to food and catering, entertainment, DJ, invitation style, featured photography, materials needed by the Panditji and the list seems to be endless.

Managing all these nitty-gritty details certainly looks more of a stress than a celebration time. Since it’s a once in a lifetime family event, most people don’t have expertise in this. However, only a low percentage of people admit how tough it can be. There’s an expectation that it will be the most beautiful day of your life and when it is not, it can be heart-rending. When that day is gone, it’s gone forever and you live by it.

7X Weddings is a wedding planning and management company that brings the dreams of the wedding to reality by executing exactly as the bride and groom or their family wants. Being one of the top players of destination weddings in India and Asia, 7X plans all kinds of weddings, from big, medium to small.


7X Weddings By Dev-Raj is a wedding planning and management company started by Dr. Rajat Sogani PhD in hospitality management and Devang Shah in the year 2013. The company is the biggest wedding planner of Gujarat. Emerged from a small venture to a high profile, niche class wedding Stylist Company of Gujarat, and 7X wedding management firm is a collaboration of 7Inks and Xpertz, headed by Dr. Rajat Sogani and Devang Shah respectively. A wedding is completely managed and executed right from scratch by them and their team.


The journey began on a friendly note when Dr. Rajat got an opportunity to manage a wedding in a friend’s family. His collaboration with Devang to execute this wedding brought out immense creativity, positivity, and dedication which converted the whole affair into a nostalgic one forever. Thereby, they collaborated to come up with their own wedding planning organization which today is the biggest name in the industry in Gujarat. The wedding was the beginning of a name now much loved by all their existing clients.


The Company serves all kinds of clients. They may be Marwaris, Sindhis, Guajarati or any other community; they may be with a big budget or a small one; they cater to all of them. Most of the clients come with one common ask and that is something out of the box for their events. They come with their own ideas or ask the team of 7X to think right from the beginning to the end.

Keeping up the pace with the changing market trends: It’s a new India. Orthodox practices are giving way to new and stylish ones. Yet the tradition remains the same. Families now want to look more creative. The host wants things to be done differently, just like they saw the one in their favorite TV soaps. For the changing times and the always updated audience, the team of 7X keeps innovating practices, always trying out new things and love to explore.


R&D is very crucial. Without that, a creative company cannot grow. The role changes with every client. The planning done for Mr. Patel may be exactly opposite to that done for Mr. Agarwal. The events in one wedding differ hugely in another. So the team ensures to stay updated with new ideas each time. If a wedding planner doesn’t have that, they are out of the market.


“In a business where we have to be updated with everything we make sure that our employees do a lot of research and we also keep them involved in a lot of practical training where they get opportunities to brainstorm and get new ideas. We give them full freedom to explore and learn as per their ease. We have a team of young aspirants and our style of work is very contemporary. They are a very happy and content bunch of executives.” says . Rajat Sogani, the co-founder.


The field is too huge, lot of small and big challenges, mainly two – internal and external. Internal challenges being the fact that the company has to be innovative. A lot of concept building and newness is needed each time. Fresh ideas and concepts are extremely crucial. The external challenge is that the market is growing and at the same time a lot of new players enter without much in-depth knowledge. These players at times leave a bad impression with poor quality of services and this builds distrust. So educating a client about every aspect is very important.


GST plays an important role in our industry. These weddings are paid for by the savings of an individual. The amount of GST an individual pays pinches his pocket. The wedding planners have been pleading the government to waive off some part of this and reduce the burden on our clients.


Speaking to Business Connect, Mr. Rajat Sogani, the founder says, “Last five years we have been executing in Gujarat mostly, but now we are top players of destination weddings in India and Asia. We further look forward to entering the American and European market soon.”

“We boast of 100 pc client satisfaction. With 5 years of experience we are the top players of this industry. This is possible with the amount of love and appreciation we get from our clientele. As a result of the above our business mostly comes through word of mouth.”


7X wedding has been executing green weddings and mostly reusable and recyclable products are a part of their decor elements. Nature holds a special place in their wedding designs and they really care for a green and clean environment. Rajat says,”Sustainability needs creativity and that’s our forte. We try to educate our clients also in a manner that they participate equally in zero wastage practices with us.”


Believe in yourself and be creative. Everything is possible if you work with dedication and passion. Start dreaming and it will soon be a reality

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