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Kindling the flames of empowerment and inspiration, women, now a days are at the apex. They are creating, innovating, leading, and thriving in the entrepreneurial world. Bypassing vigorously all the obscurities, they are moving with infinite energies and power, and setting a distinguished mark with their immense potential.

With the advent of technology, the number of opportunities in the IT sector are proportionately enhanced, which in turn have brainstormed a lot of creative minds, henceforth, this led them to render a dynamic contribution in the respective arena.

Women are contributing massively in the Software and IT domain with superlative intellect and creativity. One of the pioneers in the respective arena is Sneha RakeshManaging Director of Akarmaxs Tech Pvt. Ltd.

The epitome of motivation to a multitude of ambitious females has created an unfathomable impact by empowering and superlative vision. Her aura encourages the beaucoup of women to create, lead and move vigorously with utmost confidence and spark in eyes.

Through thick and thin, the lady is moving and conquering the business world.


Coming from an extremely simple and rural background, Sneha has illuminated the entrepreneurial world with her prowess and indomitable spirits. The dynamic Lady hails from Hullenahalli- a remote village in CR Patna taluk of Hassan district. She accomplished schooling from Morarji Desai residential school at Hassan, and afterwards, she went on to complete Diploma at LV Polytechnic Hassan.

She embarked on professional journey by doing minor jobs in small private companies. She started her career at the age of nineteen as a Software Developer. But, her aspiration to climb the ladder of higher education was not stopped, so she pursued Engineering, and then enrolled her name in Masters from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.

Whilst the time of higher studies, Sneha’s desire ‘to do something of own’ ignited. Whereupon, from there, she put heart and soul into her dream, which turned into reality, fortunately. After graduation, she started a company with the name VCreate Software Solutions in 2008, later it became Akarmaxs Tech Pvt. Ltd.

The driving force was the ‘inspiration’, which she gathered from the struggles of rural women, who stimulated her to create something unexceptional, thereby, she produced jobs for others, instead of working for someone.

Initially, she commenced with minor projects, although she was going through financial constraints, but the desire to be the empress of professional world, kept her rolling despite a number of cyclones during the course. Challenging all the detours during the peregrination incite the ace woman to run the colossal company of more than one hundred fifty employees, called AKARMAXS.


Akarmaxs is a Software Development firm, which also focuses on Web Development and Digital Marketing with a contribution of more than one hundred fifty employees, who are spread over three destinations in India such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. Additionally the finest Company has been undertaking a plethora of international projects, and made an astounding presence with its offices extended globally to five different countries like California(US), London(UK), Bangkok(Thailand), Dubai(UAE) and Brussels(Belgium).

At Akarmaxs, they are focused on delivering outstanding results to their clients through Business Outsourcing Services. They adapt their outsourcing services to cater to the specific needs of client’s business, and assist in achieving business goals. Clients also get the advantage of their cost-effective services. Along with outsourcing services, they also provide a Contact Centre Service, which includes a combination of inbound and outbound services for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumers (B2C) along with the following:

  • Web research
  • Web/App Development
  • Software Development / ERP Maintenance
  • Web Based Software Development
  • R&D for Software Development
  • Projects Outsource
  • Information Technology
  • Data entry/Analysis
  • New Business Opportunities with new ideas
  • Digital marketing services
  • Human Resources
  • E-Mail and Chat Support with cold Calling

 The Company serves right from a local vendor in creating a website, and helping him in digital marketing to improve his business from developing software to automate different processes for various international clients.

The workforce of AKARMAXS is superlatively talented and skilled. It acts as a pilot for taking the company to zenith.

Employees are the most indispensable assets of any organization, so they should be dealt with conscious attention and empathy. Following the same statement, AKARMAXS is quite cognizant of its employees.

If the clouds of stress or strain hover on the minds of potential employees, then they consider to take essential steps like team outings, annual parties, etc. to rejuvenate their spirits.

Sneha empathetically states, “Employees are the vital organs of the company. It’s essential to take care of the vital organs or else the organs will stop taking care of us.”


The company keeps abreast with the changing trends in the market. AKARMAXS’s team with immense caliber synchronizes with the latest technology.

In today’s world, we must recognize where we live, at this time, there is a dramatic change in the technology and innovations, but that doesn’t mean these innovations are going to stop.

Sneha says, “Technology is going to continue; it is going to continue to move forward. You need to move forward with that technology responsibly.”

Today it is a world full of AI’s and cloud technologies, no one has any idea about what the new technology would be emerging tomorrow.


The alpha woman underwent a series of hurdles to occupy the position, which she is holding today. It is the resultant of perseverance, persistence and determination, which made her to reach the pinnacle.


Hailing from an extremely small village, she, at present, residing in Bangalore, and running her business in Dubai – one of the costliest cities to live in the world.

She was brought up in an extremely impoverished situation, residing in a house, where water comes inside during rain. Whereas, now a days, the entrepreneur is living in 24/7 Air Conditioned environment.

For ascending to greater heights, Sneha studied under trees during her Primary and High School.  Quite contrary, now the leading lady is running her own Company with more than three hundred employees across the world.

During her educational expedition, she stayed in Government Hostel with free food. However, at present, the woman is travelling abroad and staying on clients’ expenses.

During a struggling period, she slept with empty stomach because of money constraints. Now, she is comfortably sitting at home, and ordering food through internet to her flat.

In past, she was rejected during campus recruitment by more than twenty companies, but now, the tycoon has offered jobs to more than two thousand employees, working on the most advanced technology, and giving Free Advanced Technical Training to unemployed and poor people.

There were days when she could not buy bicycle to go to schools and colleges. But at present, she is travelling via planes and cars.

The ambitious lady says, “Someone may think this is too much and not required to put these details here, but for me to get or achieve this position, I spent too many sleepless nights with empty stomach and hard work.”


Factually, a lot of things have been said to highlight the female participation in the entrepreneurial world, but very less of it is visible on the periphery. To encourage more women participation, a deliberate push is required.

A woman, in the truest sense, is miraculous, who can bring dynamism, innovation and growth across the globe, in both more and less developed countries.~Sneha Rakesh

Women face equal competition in urban areas, however in the rural society to some extent, Sneha feels that there is “it’s okay” attitude because she has worked for rural entrepreneurship through her NGO ‘Samagraabhivrudhi’, so she is well aware of the circumstances over there for females. The prime motto of her NGO is to make rural women independent, and make them aware of the present market, situation for their family’s wellbeing and happiness.


The entrepreneur is philanthropic, as she is doing incredible work for uplifting the society.

For eradicating unemployment, they started an organization under the name of “Samagraabhivrudhi Trust”, as discussed above also. In this trust, they are providing free Job Oriented Courses for unemployed youth, and for those who are just graduating. Till date, they have served approximately two thousand students, who were unemployed and looking for jobs. Under this trust they have collected and donated medicines, sanitary pads (for women and children), raw food materials, etc. for those who were suffering because of flood in Kerala and land slide in Coorg.

Recently in March 2019, they have visited Sindhnur to enlighten and provide inputs regarding job and skill enhancement to the youth and unemployed for their better future.


It was a great honor for Bengaluru-based Dr. Sneha Rakesh became the lone Indian to present her ideas on rural entrepreneurship at Europe India Business Leaders Conference in Europe Parliament, Brussels, Belgium recently. Against backdrop of Brexit, London-based think tank Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI) released its EuIndia40 list at the European Parliament in Brussels, featuring young entrepreneurs, policy leaders, thought leaders, business executives, trade body leaders, all under the age of 40, who are going to play a prominent part in shaping European Union – India trade relations during the next few decades. Dr. Sneha Rakesh represented India there.

During the conference, Sneha batted for Unified Visa rules and regulations among EU countries especially for entrepreneurs and SMEs, so they can explore, understand European market, do due diligence and market assessment. “Assistance in early stages with regards to expensive operating costs, rigid labor markets, taxations and heavy regulations. Easier process for Investments and support from European banks to acquire funding at early stages for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Increased frequency of summit, seminars and expos from EU at university level, tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India for increased engagement with Indian entrepreneurs will be really helpful”, she said adding that it was wise to involve expert consultant and lawyers help in setting up a business venture in India to guide through complexities and are highly cost effective.

“An apparent cross-cultural difference at play, in India, such as personal relations matter a lot and takes you a long way. Cultural differences are not to be judged but to be understood. This approach will provide best of both world and a lot more business prospects. If employees are invested in terms of learning and prospects, you will retain talent and achieve some of lowest attrition rate.

Think Global and act local should be the mantra. Retain Business model of International standards and quality while understanding needs and demands of local partners”, she said.


In 2018, the Company has been recognized as the Fastest Growing Company of the Year, and for the same has been selected and awarded as the International Achiever by International Achievers Association, Bangkok. In the same year at the House of Commons, British Parliament, London, she was honored with the Global Achiever Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award.  Afterwards, she was awarded with a series of awards such as Women Achiever of the Year, Natural Resource of India, Rashtriya Yuva Puraskar, etc.

On 22nd September 2018, the cognoscente was honored with the felicitation of Honorable Doctorate by Niti Aayog. Then, she received Hindh Ratan Award at New Delhi on Republic Day. The list does not end here; there are beaucoup of other awards such as:

  • Aryabhata International Award
  • Kaayaka Rathna Prashasti
  • Raashtriya Yuva Pursakaar
  • Women Achiever of the year – (eMERG)
  • Honourable Doctorate
  • Jewel of India Award (Delhi)
  • Abdul Kalam Research Centre Professional Award
  • 10 Best Women Leader in Technology in India
  • *EU-India Leadership Award.


For the readers of business connect, the commendable entrepreneur has some golden words to share:

“In every business, there will be a certain amount of risk. But, with the calculated risk along with the hard work, you can unlock the gateways of success in your life. To achieve success the four parameters are quintessential: MILK -Money, Intelligence, Luck, and Knowledge.”

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