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The Supply Chain Partner, Delivering Unparalleled Quality in Clothing and Home Textiles

ALMA, a quality-conscious apparel sourcing & manufacturing brand, was built and nurtured by Sahdeo Sundi With a clear vision and an uncompromising commitment to quality and delivery Since its inception in 2017, ALMA has been growing as a dedicated supply chain partner for outsourcing readymade garments, home textiles, and workwear/uniforms for premier brands across the USA, Europe, and the middle east.

ALMA has carved a niche by taking complete responsibility right from product innovation to product execution and delivering to the customer at the right time with the required quality parameters. The visionary entrepreneur has led a significant transformation with his endeavour and is adding new pages to the company’s achievements and his team.

Under the dynamic leadership of Sahdeo Sundi, ALMA is constantly growing. It serves a diverse clientele, including international importers, luxury clothing companies, and multi-brand wholesalers like WALMART, DOLLAR GENERAL, FAMILY DOLLAR, MESSY BARLINGTON TJ X, etc.

From the Director’s Desk
I graduated from the KOLKATA centre of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in 1999. Then, I moved to Tirupur (also known as the knitwear capital of India) and worked as an industrial engineer there for three years. I was incredibly motivated after working in a factory and recognising the possibilities for providing unemployed adolescents and women in society with employment opportunities. My ex-boss helped me start my factory in 2003 because I wanted to be the first generation of entrepreneurs in my little village.

My father often told me, — “Grow as a fruitful tree for society, and it should be meaningful. Don’t live alone as a burden for society. Create a lively hood for other needy people!”

With this motto, I have never abandoned my responsibility. Despite numerous business ups and downs, I maintained my spirit and operated my factory till 2014. With some harsh lessons learned from our partnership, we wound down our factory operation and started our own business as a sole proprietorship before converting into a Pvt limited sourcing business with my well-wisher Mr. Amit Jaiswal, who settled in the USA and achieved a 25 million USD turnover in just five years of sourcing.

Standing Strong during the COVID-19 Crisis
Since we are in one of the essential commodities among ROTI, KAPDA, and MAKKAN the apparel industry and their core area in essential product is underwear category which sold out to higher % age during the COVID, it becomes a better opportunity for the entire team. We shipped the most elevated containers during the Covid.

“We have consistently taken care of the employees and workers and educated them about our equipment to ensure steady growth throughout this challenging time. We have not lost any colleagues throughout the pandemic, by God’s grace,” Mr. Sundi quoted.

ALMA’s Insights on Inclusion of Tech Advancements
As a sourcing cum manufacturer, we always believe in new technology and ideas to give everyone transparency and visibility in our business cycle. In our business operation, we work on trust and by providing clarity on business processes, and we must adopt a digital platform to access the information & activity. During Covid, digital technology played a vital role and simplified all our approval processes for overseas customers in a short time.

Progressing in a Dynamic Industry with R&D
In the fashion industry, R&D and innovation come first and foremost initiation! “Without disruptive innovation, we cannot be competitive. We are in this stage within a brief period only because of our R&D and innovation”, Mr. Sundi mentioned. Alma runs its operation on disruptive innovation, becoming a self-driven business, not a customer-driven one, because of R&D.

Making the Brand’s Voice Reach the Audience Over Time
The team at ALMA work on disruptive ideas in order to position the product among their customers and competitors at competitive pricing with improved quality without sacrificing the product’s attractive appearance and comfortable feel. Without receiving complaints, they worked within the deadline to provide the client with superior service.

The ALMA Team and its Key to Motivation
As an entrepreneur, Sahdeo Sundi believes in creating an M3 policy (Man, Machine and Method) and started working on aligning together all 3 M. And he knows creating a workforce asset is like mining gold. Achieving your objective without an M in a healthy company is impossible. He places a high value on retaining people by motivating them, recognising their achievements in promotions, awarding them on special occasions, and providing them with the freedom to improve the workplace. And from time to time, he thinks of fantastic opportunities for workers to learn something new, investigate possibilities, and advance themselves.

Here, every individual is taken care of everything as a family member. And given the very comfortable working culture. Apart from incentives and bonuses, the employee will work automatically if they give them job security and growth prospects. They conduct some get-togethers with the family at weekends and yearly once to national or international holidays for performers and senior employees of the organization as a package.

ALMA – Future & Advice for New Entrepreneurs
ALMA is a steadily growing company aiming to have the best sourcing office in India and change it from a private to a public limited company and give the share to the senior employees. In terms of society, there is a plan to work on enhancing rural strength by providing training and developing a trained workforce.

“Always remain optimistic, maintain a growth mindset, and never give up. Please continue your good, productive work that benefits us at all times. Develop strong bonds with your colleagues and business partners, asserted the man behind Alma”.

The Leaders in Front of ALMA
1. Sahdeo Sundi – Founder & Director
2. Monalisa Das Sundi – Director Finance and Admin
3. Amit Jaiswal – Independent Director Overseas Marketing (USA)
4. Shivasubramaniam – Division Head
5. Vijay – Division head

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