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Apollo LogiSolutions Limited (ALS)

Apollo LogiSolutions Limited (ALS)

India’s Leading Logistic Service Providing Company Just Got Better

Written by Gulshan Parveen

The Business Connect team has a marvelous history of featuring some exemplary companies in its portfolio from varied niches. And here again, we are back with a top-notch tale of one of the leading logistic service providers in the market- Apollo LogiSolutions Limited. Our editorial panel had an interesting and joyful session with the leading figure of the company, Mr. Raaja Kanwar, Vice-Chairman and MD. He shared some unknown and exciting facts about the company with us that we are more than keen to spill further in this read.

The amazing journey of the company immensely impressed our team and made us feature them in our upcoming edition-“Most Promising Logistic Service Provider.” We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value in the lives of our global readership and will act as a motivation booster for them.

Apollo LogiSolutions (ALS) was conceptualized in the year 2009 under the stewardship of Raaja Kanwar, Vice Chairman & Managing Director with a unique mission to become a leading integrated logistic solution provider in the respective market. At present, the Apollo team facilitates 3P solutions and end-to-end supply chain services across varied business domains and has established the company as the leader of the domain. The company is scaling the success ladder at a brisk pace with its top-notch service panel and with an industrial team.

Explaining the inception story of the company, Mr. Kanwar asserts, “After gaining insights into the fragmented logistic sector in India and realizing its increased potential, we decided to embrace the opportunity to link the logistics industry’s growth with associated infrastructural development. ALS was founded to professionally revolutionize the logistics industry in India by “Nurturing Entrepreneurs through Partnership’. Collaborating with my team, we set up the enterprise to help manufacturers and companies focus solely on their core operations without bothering about supply chain issues while having real-time access to information on the movement of goods.

We have turned ALS into a one-stop logistics solution provider for customers through our network and presence across various domains. Through our unique vision, we have created a highly profitable enterprise in the growing logistics industry. We have been consistently delivering end-to-end logistics solutions to customers while maintaining strong business ethics and practices.

Our focus on adherence to quality and delivering excellence has helped Apollo LogiSolutions earn a respectable reputation and firm standing in the industry while building fruitful associations with all the stakeholders and clients. Our unfailing observance of world-class quality standards has turned Apollo LogiSolutions into a premier logistics company in India and a globally appreciated industry leader.”

Distinctive factors
Our team asked the leadership panel about their major differentiating factors in the respective realm. They explained to us that their focal focus is on creating and utilizing multimodal logistics networks to attain the best possible efficiency and cost reduction. The Apollo team is relentlessly working on increasing and improving the logistic realm with their top-notch services. The Apollo team is putting their utmost efforts into scaling their operation at the next level and inculcating similar opportunities for themselves as well.

To explain their skill of creating excellent solutions, the Leader says further, “The major pain points of clients concerning the logistics services are the overall logistics cost, reliability and visibility of products across their supply chain. At ALS, we engage with our customers and potential customers to understand their challenges and needs related to logistics services and strive to address them effectively. With our three-pronged approach of analysis, evaluation and execute-we have been able to create values for our clients.

We focus on the solutions and innovations across technology, assets, and operational excellence. We are continuously working towards building a control tower through technology-led solutions which will bring end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. Additionally, one of our key focus areas has been the improvement on operational excellence to continuously realign our operations to achieve cost reduction and higher efficiency.”

Synchronization with Technology
“Every single industry is going through a major business model and technology-oriented disruption.” Technology plays a significant role in the growth and success of every business from different niches hence, business leaders at present put their efforts into attaining emerging technology in their organizations. We questioned Raaja about his perception of tech and R&D throughout the organization and he replied by saying, “ALS is on a digital transformation journey, where the operations are being managed through various digital management systems.

Based on the requirement of the clients and the need for operations various warehouse management systems are used to bring in operational efficiency and effective monitoring of the operations. Through a transport management system which handles the FTL, PTL, Milk run operations with track and trace capabilities ALS is aspiring to bring in greater visibility and efficiency to its operations. We are in the process of developing AI or ML-based monitoring systems to eliminate/reduce the pilferage/theft in the warehouses. Keeping abreast with the developments in the sector, ALS is planning to reduce its carbon footprints through replacing/converting its current fleet to run on greener sources of energy.”

Future Endeavors
There are multiple inefficiencies in the respective realm of logistics, which has become a major reason for high cost and is impacting the service quality. As mentioned earlier, the company is focusing on leveraging its presence across the logistic service domain and providing integrated services. “Multimodal logistics and conversion of road movement to rail movement is a focus area for us to pass on the benefits and advantages of the developing rail infrastructure in the Country.

We will continue to focus on the key sectors such as e-commerce, chemical, hi-tech & electronics expected to drive the growth of the logistics industry. Our rural supply chain currently has a lot of inefficiencies and presents a larger opportunity for logistics players. We are pursuing these opportunities to bring in improvement through technology and optimization of the supply-chain network.”

Before signing off, Mr. Kanwar shared his word of motivation to our reader by saying, “Stay agile, embrace change and make excellence a way of life. Work with passion and complete ownership of your business. And know that the best is yet to come!” 

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