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The Epitome Of Innovative Marketing

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”-Joe Chernov. Marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. Irrespective of its domain, every business venture needs a strong marketing game not only to create a buzz but also to solve business problems, expand customer reach, grow profits, and more. A good marketing partner can make wonders happen and one such company that we came upon recently is APWIG Media Consultancy. A Mumbai-based boutique marketing firm that helps brands and companies solve business-related problems through integrated digital marketing solutions.

At Business Connect, we’re always digging around for hidden gems and the next big thing and on one such search, we had the opportunity to connect with Ria Chauhan Vora, Founder and Creative Director at APWIG Media Consultancy. Her approach to business is fascinating, something that we have never pondered on before. We truly hope and desire that this read will add some extra value to everyone’s life and will surely motivate the budding leaders out there.

APWIG’s mission is ‘To create a team-led business that is as deeply rooted in ethical and fair practices as it is in its strive for success.’ And with this foundation, they have built a business that provides fair growth opportunities for clients and employees alike.

Ria proudly claims “In an industry where the employee turnover time is less than a year, we can proudly claim that 80% of our team has been with us for 5 years or more. Loyalty, honesty, and sincerity give us an edge in being able to be more productive, creative, and trusted.”

Apart from its unique business approach and company vision, APWIG also asserts that one of its core values is to ‘Deliver Beyond Promise’. They believe that no two clients are the same and that every business requires a customized marketing plan suited for their needs. They believe in providing high-quality services at fair and affordable prices.

“We deliver what we promise and work with the client to solve problems and find solutions,” says Ria.

And the way they can achieve this is through an in-house team of strategists, analysts, copywriters, graphic designers, editors, photographers, PR consultants, etc, along with strong strategic partnerships with other like-minded teams and individuals from the field. This approach allows them to control the quality and cost of everything from scratch to finish.

“What new technology does is create new opportunity to do a job that customers want to be done.” – Tim O’Reilly.

In an ever-changing digital world, keeping up with technology is not an option but a necessity, and the company emphasizes not just staying in sync but pacing ahead.

They host various training sessions regularly, provide scholarships for employees to upgrade their skill sets, host and attend various networking events and organize several mentor-led conversations for team members and clients.

In the context of R&D, the founder states
“R&D is the core of our business. We have to stay ahead of time and trends. We cannot afford to adapt to the changes, we have to foresee them and be armed to take the plunge even before the time has come. Hence the training sessions, market analysis, technology up-gradation, and skill set honing are very important. When we research, we can develop to stay ahead of the times. First mover advantage is our strongest weapon.”

Achievements and recognitions hold an esteemed place in the portfolio of every organization as it represents a better picture of society and showcase the organization’s dedication towards its business. The team has worked with more than 200 brands to date across the globe in the past 9 years. Their multiple marketing campaigns have been nominated for various awards over time. The organization has also maintained a steady average profit growth rate of 30% year on year. Moreover, the team is engaged in multiple social service activities both physically and monetarily. They also possess and provide probono services to companies that demand the same.

“When we look towards our plans, there’s a lot in the pipeline. We’re preparing for the shift in digital marketing that is about to come with the onset of the meta-verse. Digital marketing as we know it going to see a new dawn and we’re working 2 steps ahead to stay ready for this change.”– Ria.

Before signing off, she shared a few words of wisdom for our global readers, “There’s no timeline to success. Keep going and you will get to your milestones. Persistence is a success. Failures are lessons. The company is only as good as its team.”

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