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ASR Industries

ASR Industries

The Leading Indian Work-Holding Solutions Provider for the Automotive Industry

The machine manufacturing industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by a combination of factors such as technological advancements, globalization, and increasing demand for automation. According to a report by the International Federation of Robotics, the global sales of industrial robots reached a record of 384,000+ units in 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 16%.

Additionally, the market size of the global industrial automation and control systems industry is expected to reach over $300 billion by 2026, according to a report by Allied Market Research. This growth has been fueled by the increasing adoption of automation in various industries, such as automotive, electronics, and food processing, among others. The benefits of automation, such as improved efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, have made it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their operations.

Business Connect has been a renowned name in the arena of Publication since its inception well-known for its impactful monthly editions. And here again, we are back with our exclusive volume of the month summarizing the success journeys of various market players out there. In this context, our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of ASR Industries.

The management of the venture and the MD, Mr. Shridhar H. Navghare, shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also shed some light on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will encourage budding entrepreneurs to break the barriers and chase their dreams.


Giving a detailed intro of the company, Mr. Shridhar quips, “We are India’s leading design & manufacturer of CNC, VMC, HMC,5- AXIS & VARI-AXIS machines fixtures manufacturing [work holding] for automotive industries. Fixtures used for fine quality part manufacturing in mass production. I feel like we are among the top delivers for work-holding solutions all over India. We have provided fixturing solutions to almost all recognized machine manufacturers and their vendors and can call them regular customers. ASR is currently at a pace of 50 different fixtures per month, which I think very few to no companies can claim proudly.”

ASR Industries began its operations in 1996 with a small machine shop setup spanning over an area of 8000 square feet. The company initiated its operations with an employee strength of 10 and started making fixtures and spare parts while carrying out maintenance job work. Alongside, the company also started designing and manufacturing work holding solutions for various machines, including Honing Machines, Hobbing Machine, Shaving Machine, Broaching Machine, Engine assembly, final assembly, Relation gauges, sealing dies, Blanking and piercing dies, winding machines, and swaging machine, for companies like M/s. Bajaj Auto Ltd, Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Colgate Palmolive Ltd, Siemens Ltd, and Wipro Lighting Ltd, among others.

Over the years, the company grew significantly and expanded its operations. In seven years, the company’s employee strength grew to 30, and they started designing and manufacturing mechanical work holding solutions for automotive industry parts like under brackets, front forks, outer tubes, clutch covers, transmission cases, wheel hubs, etc. ASR Industries delivered these projects within the stipulated time and met customer requirements. These experiences made the company tough and rigid to handle multiple projects simultaneously, which expanded its customer base and created new opportunities for growth in the field of work-holding solutions.

In 2003, ASR Industries entered the hydraulic and pneumatic work holding solutions market as customers moved towards process optimization. To cater to these needs, the company added 2D design software and machines to its infrastructure. It started designing and manufacturing work holding solutions for VMC, and HMC machines for M/s Bajaj auto ltd, M/s Aurangabad Electrical Ltd, and M/s Endurance Technologies Ltd. In 2009, the company expanded its infrastructure even further by setting up a new plant for office and manufacturing space, spanning 8000 square feet.

This expansion helped ASR Industries create enough space to work effectively and efficiently, increasing its employment to 60 people. The installation of machines like 3D CMM, advanced machines VMC and 3D design software, and ERP software improved coordination to handle multiple projects at the same time. By 2010, ASR Industries started working with global customers like Grob, Yamazaki Mazak, and Yamzen Machinery and tools pvt ltd from Germany and Japan.

“This further helped the company grow its business all over India and overseas. This growth led us to expand yet again in 2014 when we build yet another plant with “ 50,000 square feet area and the employee strength now reaching 130plus. MD, Mr. Shridhar H. Navghare.”


Having graduated with a B.E. in Production from Marathwada University in Aurangabad, the founder of ASR Industries hails from a small farming village called Wagdhari in the Udgir taluka of Latur district in Maharashtra state. After completing his engineering degree, he joined M/s Girish Engineering (Tool Room) as a supervisor in the machine shop in 1992, earning a monthly salary of Rs 1400. He then worked as a partner for M/s Reliable Engineering (Tool Room) from 1994-1995.


Before signing off, the visionary shared a few words for his this dream project by asserting,

“We are establishing infrastructure for Turnkey solutions, today we are giving only work holding, our Future Plan is to give work holding, cutting tools & pilot lot part manufacturing at our end, today nobody offering such type of Solution. Customers suffer to complete their Projects in time because they buying all 3 categories from different locations/vendors. They will get all in single Windows.”

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