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A highly trusted name for reliable financial services…

In a world where financial scams and data breaches are all too common, here comes an application that stands out as a beacon of security and trustworthiness. At the core of its operations is an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring the utmost privacy throughout the applicants’ loan application process. It is none other than ATD Group.

Unlike many others in the industry, its specially curate app: ATD Money recognizes the significance of data security and the potential risks associated with sharing personal and financial information online. This awareness has driven the company to implement a comprehensive approach to security that surpasses industry standards.

Behind the scenes, its backend APIs are meticulously designed to adhere to the most stringent security protocols and mandated standards. This means that every piece of information you provide through its instant personal loan app is treated with the highest level of encryption and protection. The personal details, financial history, and sensitive data of the applicants are shielded from potential threats, creating a virtual fortress around your information.

As ATD Group continues to make a difference in the world of financial technology, we decided to unveil its whole success story by arranging a virtual meeting with the leading figure of the organization: FCA ( Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty. Their approach sets them apart from others, as it’s not solely profit-driven but rooted in a genuine commitment to serving humanity and society. What truly distinguishes them are their unique methods to achieve their goals through a collaborative team approach.

Their company philosophy, policy execution, and most importantly, their user-centric approach, all contribute to setting them apart from the crowd. Their willingness to address existing gaps in the market and their dedication to serving society, guided by strong ethics, values, and a human touch, are the key factors that make them stand out.

“In moments of solitude within the confines of my office, I often contemplate the journey that has led me to this point. I reflect upon the motivating forces that have propelled our business group’s growth and invariably, my thoughts gravitate towards one individual: my father.

He is a man of immense integrity and unwavering honor, whose influence has been pivotal in shaping my path. During my formative years, his words resonated deeply – the essence of which was not merely the nature of one’s pursuits, but rather, how one enriches the lives of others through their endeavors.

It was this very principle that ignited the spark for embarking on my entrepreneurial journey. While some may perceive it as conducting business, what truly resonates with me is the profound impact our services have had on enhancing the quality of life for those we serve. This, in essence, is the narrative that underpins my foray into the world of entrepreneurship,” claimed FCA.(DR.)Manoranjan Mohanty who is the Chairman of ATD Group, striking up the conversation.

A brief of the Group

ATD Group (All Time Data Pvt. Ltd.) is a conglomerate comprising several companies and is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions across various domains. Within its diversified portfolio, ATD Money emerges as a pioneering Fintech company, offering a versatile range of loan products tailored to meet diverse needs.

As a trusted partner, they empower both seasoned and novice investors with expert financial guidance, ensuring profitable investment ventures. Their commitment to accessibility extends to My Loan Bazar App, which simplifies the loan approval process, eliminating the need for collateral or guarantees.

In the realm of online business, ATD Group stands as a beacon, offering end-to-end support, from website development to digital marketing strategies. Its enduring success over the past two decades can be attributed to its unwavering readiness to embrace change, a cornerstone of its evolving company profile.

ATD Group made its foray into the market during a technological revolution that was reshaping the landscape of computer technology and data management. The group quickly established itself as a trusted service provider, catering to prominent names such as AIR INDIA, SAHARA, JETLITE, and others.

Notably, ATD GROUP ventured into the realm of technology integration, collaborating with major banks like Corporation Bank, PNB, SBI, State Bank of Mysore, Indian Bank, among others, to set up ATMs and create cutting-edge interiors. The group remained agile, adapting to the evolving technological landscape, and seizing opportunities in the 2G era.

Furthermore, ATD Group extended its services to Reliance for the establishment of Telecom Towers across India, a partnership that has endured and evolved into the 5G era, encompassing the installation of GBM towers in India, Nepal, and Myanmar.

In addition to these endeavors, the group has engaged in a multitude of activities, including its notable contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein it supplied and installed approximately 65 High Capacity Oxygen Generators across Rajasthan Hospitals in collaboration with the Rajasthan state government.

With the ATD Money app, securing a personal loan becomes an effortless endeavour, accessible from anywhere and at any time. The user-friendly interface streamlines the application, taking mere minutes to complete. Once the approval arrives, funds are swiftly transferred to your bank account, expediting financial relief within hours.

This intuitive app also enables borrowers to effortlessly track their repayment history, complete with reminders of upcoming due dates. Should unforeseen challenges arise, the app offers a direct line to the lender for potential rollover options.

A remarkable journey

Getting rejected by many organizations for a small job in accounts, after his completion of in 1987, he has given employment to approximately, more than 500 people, which was done directly and indirectly during his journey since 2002 to till date. The rejection he faced motivated FCA(Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty to pursue a CA course in Cuttack Odisha, after which he shifted to Delhi in the year 1989, to start a brand new era in life, with only 1200 rupees in hand.

As he learned new things every day, his challenges gave him the strength to achieve more, something different, as he went through financial struggles, by managing an entire month with 750 rupees per month stipend.

There are times when we do not understand the rejection that comes our way and it makes us feel negative towards our capacity to do anything in life, however as time passes, your sincere efforts attract many opportunities. They knock your door in many ways. The truth is, we were preserved by God for something better, for a place that is meant for us and for us to take on a better role so that we can contribute to society.

After overcoming many ups and down in life, FCA(Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a solitary figure, gradually accumulating small victories along the way. As his reputation grew, so did the resonance of his business philosophy, attracting like-minded individuals to join his ranks. Over time, his team expanded, and it continues to flourish. When viewed through the lens of a seasoned business coach, FCA(Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty emphasizes a distinctive approach to team-building.

Rather than fixating on traditional attributes such as sheer diligence, he prioritizes qualities like creativity, innovation, and a penchant for thinking beyond conventional boundaries. His quest is not to recruit automatons masquerading as employees but to identify individuals who bring their unique values, ethics, compassion, and empathy to the table. Above all, he places great importance on emotional intelligence and the embodiment of positive qualities in the individuals he welcomes into his team.

Today, Dr.Manoranjan Mohanty holds esteemed titles such as PRESIDENT of SVS- SAMUDAYIK VIKAS SAMITI, GEN SECRETARY of SHREE JAGANNATH SAMITI, TRUSTEE of IMFF- INDO MAURITIUS FRIENDSHIP FOUNDATION, and TRUSTEE of PANCHAM DHAM NYAS, INDIA-CAMBODIA, exudes a passion for community and global welfare.

In addition to his influential roles, Manoranjan is also UP INCHARGE of WORLD ODIA SOCIETY, a dedicated MEMBER of ODISHA FORUM, NEW DELHI, a compassionate MEMBER of LIONS CLUB DELHI NOIDA, and a distinguished MEMBER of RPOP- RASTRIYA PRABASI ODIYA PARIVAR. His unwavering commitment extends to numerous other social organizations, collectively reflecting his deep-rooted dedication to social causes and community betterment.

Service offerings

Within the company’s array of financial solutions, they proudly present Payday Loans, a convenient and expeditious avenue for accessing funds. These loans are characterized by their instantaneous nature, offering individuals the following benefits:

• Instant Access to Funds: Borrow up to Rs. 50,000 swiftly and conveniently.
• Efficient Fund Transfer: Experience rapid and seamless fund transfers directly to your designated bank account.
• Flexible Repayment Options: Tailor your repayment schedule with a range spanning from 91 to 365 days.
• No Prepayment Charges: Unlike traditional loans, there are no additional charges for early repayment.
• Precise Interest Calculation: Interest accrues solely on the amount transferred and for the duration of its utilization.
• Advance Salary Loans: Benefit from advance salary loans at an attractive rate of interest per day (0.067% ROI per day), designed to suit your immediate financial needs.

What’s with the mission?

When asked to reveal his central mission behind the establishment of ATD Money, FCA(Dr.) Manoranjan explained that it is all about stimulating transformation across NBFC space – a transformation of individuals’ lives, powered by a streamlined loan approval process. Their commitment to sterling customer service radiates through their apt staff, always prepared to address any query or concern. Beyond their core service of personal loans, small retail loans, and advances against salaries, ATD Money also extends insurance policies through their app, further enhancing their portfolio of financial solutions.

Making a difference

The ATD Group adheres to a singular guiding principle in its pursuit of service excellence: what benefits our users? Every decision and action undertaken by the group is rigorously scrutinized through the lens of whether it will enhance the lives of the people it serves. If the answer is affirmative, the group proceeds with providing the service; otherwise, it demonstrates a willingness to decline offerings that do not align with its core values.

The paramount objective is to ensure that the group’s business ethos remains unblemished, as its primary mission is to serve humanity. Only by delivering the finest services to its clientele will the group choose to perpetuate them; otherwise, they are promptly set aside.

Further adding more information about what makes him proud of his venture, FCA(Dr.) Manoranjan asserts, “I won’t dwell on the typical business techniques and models that are common knowledge, as we all understand the fundamental strategies employed to enhance business success. Over time, it becomes apparent that there are seldom entirely new ideas; instead, it’s about innovatively transforming existing concepts. What sets our company apart, in my view, is our unwavering commitment to consistently enhancing the experiences of our service users.

For the past two decades, we’ve weathered numerous challenges, not solely for the purpose of building a vast business empire, but with a genuine dedication to delivering exceptional services to our users. As an entrepreneur and company owner, my primary focus has always been on our team and how we can enrich the lives of our users through superior services. Our competitive edge lies in our mission to improve millions of lives through our exceptional services – a philosophy that cannot be replicated.”

No doubt, this dedication and perseverance by the leadership team has allowed the Group to bag SKOCH AWARD not just once but twice. Additionally, the Chairman of the company has become undisputed winner of DELHI GAURAV AWARD AND NATIONAL GAURAV AWARD.

The USPs Of ATD Money

In reference to the Unique Selling Points (USPs) that set ATD MONEY apart in the financial landscape, the following pointers could prove to be significant:

• 3,30,000+ Instant Loans: With a robust track record of disbursing over 3,30,000 instant loans, ATD MONEY’s experience and expertise shine through.
• No Credit History Required: Overcome the barriers of credit history as ATD MONEY extends loans without the need for credit history assessment. Experience financial flexibility.
• Zero Prepayment Charges: Embrace financial freedom with no prepayment charges, allowing you to settle your loan ahead of schedule without additional costs.
• Very low interest rates: Benefit from highly competitive interest rates that lighten your financial burden while providing a cost-effective borrowing solution.
• Credit Points Redemption: Unlock extra advantages by redeeming your earned credit points from charges paid on approved loan amounts availed, enhancing your borrowing experience.
• Rapid Loan Approval: Witness the efficiency of ATD MONEY’s services as loans are approved and disbursed within a mere 30 minutes, ensuring quick access to funds.
• Seamless App Transactions: Simplify your borrowing experience with an innovative approach – apply for a personal loan through the app and repay directly via the same platform.
• Interest-Free Loan Opportunity: Experience the exclusivity of ATD MONEY as the only app that offers discounts on purchases from Myshopbazzar equivalent to the interest paid on your loan, essentially rendering your loan interestfree.
• Supporting Small Retail Sectors: Empower small retail sectors with a unique opportunity to avail loans, fostering growth and prosperity in these essential business segments.
• In a nutshell, ATD MONEY’s comprehensive range of USPs showcases its determined promise to provide accessible, convenient, and innovative financial solutions tailored to its client’s needs.

The leadership philosophy

Rooted in a profound promise to transformative financial solutions, FCA(Dr.)Manoranjan embodies a philosophy of ethical empowerment and customer-centricity. His core values as a leader resonate with transparency, integrity, and reliability, evident in his venture’s meticulous adherence to regulatory standards and the prioritization of customer privacy. His steadfast dedication to simplifying the loan approval process and providing top-tier customer service underscores his belief in genuine, meaningful impact.

This philosophy is marked by a strong sense of responsibility towards society, exemplified through the company’s dedication to providing regulated loans, ensuring that no one is exploited by exorbitant interest rates. Needless to mention, he is a beacon of remarkable leadership that exemplifies values of fairness, respect, and genuine care for common people’s financial well-being.

Under Dr. Manoranjan’s leadership, the future directions of the company will align with the following principles: a focus on innovation and product development, expansion and growth, embracing digital transformation, a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, the implementation of customer-centric strategies, investment in talent acquisition and development, and the pursuit of strategic partnerships and collaborations. Spectacular!!

Entrepreneurial wisdom shared by the MD

“For all aspiring entrepreneurs, I want to say that whatever you do in your life or business, be honest with your business and your people. Never ever try to forget humanity. Because after all, for whom you are going to do business, this is true that you want to make money with your business activity but do not forget your professional ethics or business ethics just to make money. Always ask yourself that with your business how you are going to serve your society.

We must understand the difference between Growth and Success. Growth can be achieved by anyone in terms of money but success can be achieved only if you add Humanity, spirituality, and honesty to the growth. At the very last of the discussion, I would like to convey to all my young entrepreneurs that never ever ignore or try to forget your roots because your experiments with your life will always help you to create a better picture of your business idea and philosophy.

Always keep the mankind your first priority in your business activity. Always try to learn from your mistakes and always keep one thing in your mind no one is perfect, everyone is perfect, and doing great because he always tries to learn from his mistakes. Always make mistakes but do not stop just because you will fail or get lost. Actually silly mistakes in business are only enough to make you a good businessman.”

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