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Pioneering Excellence in Oil and Fats Innovation, enriching Lives

The Oils and Fats sector is a cornerstone of the global food industry, encompassing a dynamic landscape that plays a pivotal role in shaping nutritional preferences and culinary experiences. Today, it stands at the crossroads of evolving consumer demands, regulatory shifts, and technological advancements.

The new age of health-conscious consumers who increasingly seek healthier and sustainable alternatives demand reduced trans fats, higher nutritional value, and cleaner ingredient labels. Simultaneously, the sector must grapple with stringent quality standards, environmental concerns, and geopolitical influences impacting the availability and pricing of raw materials. Amidst these challenges, successful navigation requires a strategic approach that aligns with the sector’s demands and opportunities.

In the face of this scenario, a leading player in the industry has been turning the tides to its while allowing its clients to cater to the needs of the consumer’s demands by manufacturing and supplying customized, highly energy efficient, Innovative, Turnkey Projects, plant and equipment for Oil extraction, pretreatment & refining, modification of oil & fat, value-added speciality products, oleo chemicals or waste products recoveries, Bio Diesel & Filters. Yes, it is none other than Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd., a globally recognized brand reckoned for its tech- innovations and futuristic outlook that is fuelled by its founder’s keen leadership. Mr Ishwar Sahai is the founder and Managing Director of the establishment and emphasizes customer-centricity and transparency.

Mr. Sahai emerges as a visionary luminary whose life journey is intricately interwoven with compassion, resilience, and a sheer commitment to social transformation. As a beacon of moral integrity and social responsibility, he delved into the entrepreneurial landscape in 1978 by establishing his very first brainchild i.e. Mectech. He is perceived as a guiding light to modern-day entrepreneurs who look up to him for inspiration and business wisdom.

We would say he is a catalyst for positive change, and a custodian of values, leaving an indelible mark on the social fabric of the nation. And we are confident this success narrative of Mr Sahai’s journey and his highly acclaimed establishment would give you a lot of motivation to pursue your endeavours while fuelling the entrepreneurial spirit in your hearts. Let’s dive in:


At the helm of Mectech stands a visionary who embodies the spirit of determination and innovation, Ishwar Sahai. Emerging from a modest background, his journey is a testament to the indomitable courage and pioneering zeal that propels him forward. Born into a lineage of honour and sacrifice, Ishwar Sahai’s father, late Sh. Raghunath Sahai was not only a revered freedom fighter but also an esteemed teacher.

Armed with a degree in chemical engineering, Mr. Sahai’s professional voyage commenced with a fervent commitment to revolutionizing extraction, refining, and hydrogenation/ vanaspati technology. His rich experience and entrepreneurship have been instrumental in reshaping industry norms and driving monumental transformations.

Guided by his visionary acumen, Mr. Sahai has cultivated a culture that nurtures both competence and integrity. The profound impact of his leadership is evident in the array of capable individuals within the company. Under his guidance flourishes a team comprising esteemed project engineers, process engineers, technologists, and a workforce driven by results. This assemblage of talents has consistently demonstrated remarkable operational efficiency, bolstered by a wealth of inhouse knowledge.

Central to Ishwar Sahai’s leadership is a comprehensive vision that reflects his commitment to global excellence. His vision encompasses the aspiration to establish a professionally managed multinational entity, recognized for its unwavering dedication to world-class standards, systems, and solutions across the process industries. This pursuit is underpinned by an unyielding pledge to achieve total customer satisfaction and elevate the values of all stakeholders. Through his visionary ethos, he champions the tenets of innovation, operational excellence, entrepreneurship, and the empowerment of his team.

Evident in his steadfast mission, Ishwar Sahai is resolute in his focus on providing solutions and services that resonate with cost-efficiency, sustainability, and superior quality. The core of his mission lies in the creation of value for all stakeholders, a promise upheld through the provision of robust technical support, enabling them to thrive. This philosophy is encapsulated in his belief that as his clients flourishes, so too does Mectech.

In the tapestry of leadership woven by Ishwar Sahai, one finds the threads of resilience, foresight, and an unwavering commitment to progress. His remarkable journey, rooted in a humble legacy and driven by a visionary spirit, continues to shape Mectech’s trajectory towards unrivalled success.


Mectech stands proudly as a preeminent figure among the premier manufacturers and suppliers of Oil Processing Plants in India and across the globe. With a specialization in crafting tailor-made plant and machinery, along with delivering turnkey solutions for the Oil and Fats Industry, Mectech has established a solid presence in 22+ countries in this field. The comprehensive spectrum of projects offered by them encompasses Solvent Extraction Plants, Oil Processing Plants, projects geared towards value addition, Bio Diesel & Filters, and Edible Oil Refinery Plants, both within India and overseas.

In its extensive 42+ year journey, Mectech has earned a distinguished reputation, revered as an unwaveringly reliable manufacturer and supplier of Plant & Machinery, a distinction extending not only across India but across international borders.

With the backing of four cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, and supported by a dedicated team of skilled engineers and experienced personnel, Mectech Process Engineers Pvt Ltd stands as a paragon of precision in producing and supplying projects compliant with ASME and CE Standards. Moreover, the company boasts the capacity to manufacture projects aligned with any world standard, tailored to the specific requirements of individual countries.

Mectech’s global outreach spans 20+ countries and continues to expand each year. It has swiftly ascended to a prominent position as a coveted technology provider and ranks among the top Oil Refinery Plant manufacturers. This ascendancy is attributed to Mectech’s consistent drive for technological innovation, resulting in a tangible reduction in production costs and a notable increase in the productivity and profitability of its esteemed clientele.

Presently, Mectech holds the distinction of being a premier Refinery Plant manufacturer, making its mark not only in India but also on an international scale. With its comprehensive offerings, Mectech serves as a one-stop-shop for the Oil & Fats Industry, catering to a diverse range of requirements both domestically and overseas.


When it comes to standing out in the industry, Mr Sahai elucidated that Mectech has many USPs that are documented below:

• Mectech has positioned itself as a market leader, dominating the Indian sector and continually expanding its global footprint year after year. The company’s prowess is evident as it delivers projects to an array of international destinations, including South East Asia, SAARC, the Middle East, Africa, the CIS region, Europe, and Latin America.

• The institution’s operational efficacy is fortified by a robust infrastructure and a dedicated team of skilled professionals. Four stateof-the-art manufacturing facilities house modern machinery, enabling the precise production of projects while adhering to stringent quality standards. The company’s steadfast commitment to maintaining control over every aspect is showcased by its refusal to outsource production to third-party fabricators, even extending to the in-house manufacturing of spares.

• Quality is a guiding principle for Mectech, reflected in its rigorous adherence to stringent quality norms during the manufacturing process. Embracing a Zero Tolerance policy, the company ensures that each step of fabrication is meticulously checked by an inhouse quality team. Furthermore, Mectech welcomes customer inspection, underscoring its transparency and commitment to excellence. The manufacturing facilities hold certifications that include ASME “U” Stamping, PED approval, National Board “R” stamping, ISO 9001:2015, and Halal Certifications. Additionally, Mectech possesses the capacity to provide CE Marking on a case-bycase basis, aligned with specific client demands.

• Mectech’s technological prowess serves as a cornerstone of its competitive edge. Bolstered by innovative solutions, the company offers a suite of benefits to clients, including heightened productivity, reduced production costs, and the assurance of quality output in line with provided guarantees. This technological advantage thrives on the minimal need for human intervention, ensuring streamlined and efficient operations across the board.


Mectech embodies a steadfast commitment to innovation, firmly rooted in its belief that the evolving landscape of market dynamics invariably reshapes the industrial requisites of its esteemed clientele. In recognition of this dynamic interplay, the company remains dedicated to bestowing a resolute competitive advantage upon its customers. To achieve this, they ardently advocate the need for a continuous process of introspection, innovation, and technological enhancement.

At the heart of Mectech’s innovative ethos lies a constant focus on technology. The leadership at the establishment is driven by the pursuit of furnishing its customers with projects that are imbued with advanced and cutting-edge technologies. This distinctive approach serves as the cornerstone of its innovation strategy, guiding it to consistently re-evaluate and refine the solutions being offered by them.

Our ceaseless dedication to technological innovation is grounded in a profound purpose: to deliver projects that epitomize the zenith of modern advancements. These advancements are meticulously designed to deliver a multifaceted range of benefits to our customers. From amplifying cost-efficiency in production processes and catapulting productivity to new heights, to infusing the concept of value addition and augmenting the quality of product output, every facet of our technological innovation is orchestrated to act as a catalyst for maximizing the profitability of our valued clientele, claims Mr Sahai.”


Mectech has initiated the operational commencement of its Biodiesel Processing Plant/Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant, where the production of biodiesel entails the introduction of a methyl/ethyl group to the aliphatic chains present in vegetable oils or animal fats. This chemical transformation imbues these substances with characteristics akin to conventional diesel fuel. The process involves the controlled chemical interaction of lipids such as vegetable oil, fatty acids, animal fat, and used cooking oil, with alcohol (Methyl/Ethyl), yielding fatty acid esters.

The range of methodologies includes: Jatropha biodiesel plant, Karanja biodiesel plant, Mahua biodiesel plant, Enzymatic biodiesel, Continuous stirred tank reactor Biodiesel, and a Multi feedstock B100 Biofuel Plant. As a distinguished provider of biodiesel manufacturing solutions, Mectech’s facility is adept at producing Bio-diesel that adheres to rigorous standards, including EU (EN 14214) and BIS 15607:2005. The resulting biodiesel boasts an exceedingly low sulphur content, contributing to the mitigation of air pollution. Renowned as a premier biodiesel manufacturing plant supplier and manufacturer, Mectech’s offerings surpass industry benchmarks concerning ash and moisture content, total contaminations, and carbon residue indicators.

Within the biodiesel manufacturing plant in India, blends encompassing biodiesel and traditional hydrocarbon-based diesel are the prevailing output, widely distributed for utilization within the retail diesel fuel market. A prevailing global practice employs the “B” factor to denote the biodiesel composition in any fuel blend produced within a Multifeedstock B100 Biofuel Plant:

• 100% biodiesel is designated as B100
• 20% biodiesel and 80% Petro diesel constitute B20
• 5% biodiesel, 95% Petro diesel is classified as B5
• 2% biodiesel, 98% Petro diesel is termed B2

Mectech’s BIODIESEL PROCESSING PLANT/BIODIESEL MANUFACTURING PLANT stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions while adhering to the highest industry standards.


Mr. Sahai’s guiding principle underscores the reciprocity inherent in benevolence—a belief that resonates with the adage, “The hands that give are the hands that receive.” Rooted in philanthropy, he draws upon his own experiences of adversity during his formative years to champion the transformative potential of free education in reshaping society.

Mectech draws unwavering inspiration from the profound legacy etched by Late Shri Raghunath Sahai, a venerable freedom fighter whose association with luminaries like late Sardar Bhagat Singh, Jaigopal, and Shukhdev during his tenure at DAV College Lahore underscores his deep-rooted commitment to the nation’s cause. In a defining choice, he declined a prestigious job offer from the British government as Tehsildar in Punjab’s Ambala district, choosing instead to dedicate his life to the noble pursuit of education.

As a visionary ahead of his time, he recognized that the true battle lay beyond Independence—a struggle to uplift millions with not just basic necessities, but also the bedrock of strong moral values that would propel the nation forward, echoing the sentiment of “saare jahan sey achha.”

In reverential tribute to his enduring dedication to societal upliftment, Mectech diligently manages SHRI RAGHUNATH SAHAI CHARITABLE TRUST for nearly two decades, exemplifying its commitment through substantial annual contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The trust has, over the years, touched the lives of countless underprivileged children, infusing their futures with hope and instilling the core values that hold the potential to transform our nation for the better.


Looking ahead a decade, Mr. Sahai’s visionary perspective entails a future where the individuals who have steadfastly contributed to the company’s journey for extended periods will experience significant personal and professional growth. A landscape is envisioned where their dedication is rewarded with a host of substantial benefits, aligning harmoniously with the overarching expansion of the organization.

Furthermore, Mr. Sahai’s aspirations extend towards the transformation of Mectech into a formidable entity with an enormous financial footprint. He envisions the company’s valuation reaching the milestone of 1000 Crores INR in the forthcoming years—a vision that emerges organically given the trajectory of Mectech’s notable advancement. This vision not only reflects the company’s immense potential but also the strategic path charted to navigate through its growth journey.


“Enduring success thrives on unwavering consistency and the virtue of patience. The path to prosperity is a steady journey, not a fleeting sprint. Learn to discern the opportune moment for a leap of faith, guided by a visionary insight that enables you to seize golden opportunities. Remember, the pursuit of wealth alone is shortsighted. Instead, chase the pursuit of success, and wealth will follow naturally. A true measure of character is revealed by kindness towards others, irrespective of social status—an embodiment of your authentic persona.”

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