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Inspiring Diverse Dreams of Migration With Customized Services

The desire to migrate, be it for studies, work, business, or others, should never be taken lightly. Crossing borders implies embracing change. It offers you the chance to discover new prospects and to become a better version of yourself while learning about a new culture. However, without the right help, cross-border migration can be complicated and costly. The complexity and typical practices can stifle ambitions for growth. Furthermore, since the pandemic, unexpected intricacies in global mobility have appeared, making it harder to migrate to your desired destinations.

Despite the struggles, aspirants shouldn’t give up on their goals. Such ambitious people deserve a reliable consultant to help them realize their migration dreams. In this area, Aussizz Group is providing exceptional value and carving out a niche for itself. The company is fulfilling the dreams of aspirants with customized offerings and pursuing excellence in migration, education, and coaching.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Aussizz Group specializes in catering to holistic relocation experiences. It understands diverse client requirements and offers complete support, from migrating visa risks to enabling individuals to seek permanent residency in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada through a consulting approach.

On the other hand, it offers several professionally curated services that further strengthen the backbone of its client experience; these include PTE & IELTS coaching and testing, NAATI CCL coaching, professional year program enrolment, and overseas health insurance as well. By continuously driving excellence, the company has established 25 offices worldwide. It has over 450 employees globally, including 35 registered migration agents, 60 plus QEAC-certified experts, and others who ensure a bespoke experience.

With its diverse portfolio and dedicated people, Aussizz Group has formed a trusted preference in the migrant community. Its sustainable business model and strong values allow it to cater to the multilingual needs of its clients.

Concrete values and a penchant for innovation are the two growth drivers of Aussizz Group. At its core, the company is people-centric, be it employees or clients, and they are entirely accountable for their content. The company stands on the values of integrity, ownership, will to excel, teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. These values keep the teams on a learning curve that helps in diversifying the offering portfolio. It also helps them treat clients with empathy in an environment where the services aren’t transactional.

“To help people and take on difficult cases to make a real difference in our community really matters to us”-Mr. Dharmendra Patel Founder & Managing Director

The emotional involvement in functions helps in pushing the boundaries of customer experience. Aussizz Group is also well-inclined to technology and advancements. It developed and has been using a proprietary CRM platform since 2012— an age when others resorted to excel and manual databases. The company is also one of the early adopters of digital marketing. It was the first of the few to use Facebook Live upon its release.

The innate adaptability enables it to think strategically while aligning with different contexts and challenges. The team constantly monitors and experiments on trends to synchronize with advancements. This is how Aussizz Group functions like a well-oiled machine. Its bespoke offerings, core values, and strategic innovations give it an edge over peers.

Australia is in one of the student favorite destinations in the world. The country isn’t only known for its scenic experiences and outdoor activities but also boasts eight of the top 100 universities that offer over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions. It also has 7 of the best student cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Gold Coast. With Aussizz Group, students get access to these without any hassle. The company is a notable representative of many of its universities and keeps students informed about scholarships.

Simultaneously, they can help students find the right courses that suit their learning abilities and career aspirations. So, its clients recommend its exceptional support for people willing to study, work or settle in Australia. To date, it has served thousands of clients who have left a five-star rating and positive reviews.

To uphold its principle of constant innovation, Aussizz Group deliberately invests in R&D practices. This helps to customize solutions tailored to specific requirements and markets. “Our existing line of products has had a rich history of targeting all the overlapping fields that exist in the Edu-Migration space,” says Mr. Patel. It is, in fact, one of the finest examples of its in-house R&D, which helps it excel at benchmarks. Since the beginning, the company had an outstanding core team who now lead and mentor the current generation. They have constantly emphasized the importance of R&D to strengthen the company’s analytical forte.

The experimental approach had an integral role in their expansion too. Mr. Patel explains, “We experimented with opening an office in the suburb of Melbourne and a second in the city. They bore rich fruits, and now we have 7  branches in the city alone.” Its way of working is an inspiration to its peers. Aussizz Group has become synonymous with trust and is an industrial leader, constantly putting up benchmarks.

“Power is never the goal of true leadership; empowerment is.” Without effective leadership, a company’s innovations and resources go unused. Mr. Patel has always espoused the ideas of empowerment and setting an example for others. In 2005, Mr. Patel was pursuing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.

During this time, he witnessed first-hand the struggles faced by international students. And credible migration services barely existed back then. He realized the pain points and saw an  opportunity to make a difference. This planted the idea of Aussizz Group in his mind. Even though he didn’t come from a business background, his commitment to purpose and steadily building his way through milestones helped his company thrive.

He firmly believes in inspiring those around him to achieve the collective success that results in meaningful fulfilment. “I like to gamble on people who have excellent work ethics and are eager to develop into model professionals,” he adds. He likes driving a visionary mindset that his people can realize and imbibe positively. After all, skills can be taught, but it’s tough to mould a person with values. His leadership style goes hand-in-hand with his internal values of bravery, curiosity, openness to trying new things, and drive to succeed.

The purpose of Aussizz Group was to bring about a significant shift, and while it has yielded a bounty of results, its survival ability has been the hallmark of its journey. Back in 2009, the industry was suffering, which further toughened the scenario for Mr. Patel. “I remember quite vividly having to struggle managing a business and surviving.

I had made a decision that if I had to, I would drive a cab on the weekend to make ends meet. Fortunately, the situation didn’t get that bad” he added with a smile. Even though they were devoted to thriving and expanding, it was tiring, and going beyond borders was a tough decision.

However, difficult times produce strong leaders, and this is what made Mr. Patel become a vital change agent who improved the lives of people throughout the migrant communities. With a solid base, he and his team are focusing on expanding their reach and exploring different countries. They want to keep investing in people and technology while diversifying their portfolio for a sustainable and more all-encompassing service.

“Have a core value system that motivates you to achieve, and look for people who share your values. History reveals that a number of companies have experienced great success before failing. But building your success on sustainable values can help in creating a strong legacy.

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