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Spreading The Need of Human and Societal Upliftment Worldwide

Leaders have always demonstrated a unique ability to bring about change in a variety of situations. This is especially true of NGO leaders. Charity endeavours require an innovative enthusiasm, the ability to think beyond the bottom line, and a commitment to the development of society. The key individual, be it CEO, Chairman or Managing Director (MD), are the embodiment of what their company stands for. Their self awareness and outlook help them identify what needs to be changed to be future-ready. The focus and approach of NGOs have dramatically shifted over time.

Until the early 90s, social ethics–a demand to change society on multiple grounds was a strong and voluntary concern. In other words, the focus was to reform social ills, not provide welfare or social services or charity. However, the changing socio-economic structure has changed their motivation, and most of them are now only a means of self-employment. Either they start with a social issue that the government doesn’t address, or they respond to financial shortages as social entrepreneurs. While this does not make them erroneous in principle, it takes them away from a comprehensive vision of societal improvement.

Even among this transformed community of NGOs, however, there are leaders proudly carrying the torch of societal improvement, and one of them is Mr. SASIKUMAR KRISHNASAMY (Founder) MR VINCE THOMAS AYITHAMATTAM(Chairman). Through his NGO, Ayngaran Foundation, is adhering to people’s development while reforming sections of the society that can help in the country’s development.

Contributing to society and people’s development was a childhood dream of Mr. Sasikumar Krishnasamy. But it didn’t come easy for him. At the age of 5, he and his family moved into the greenery of Coimbatore, where he completed his tertiary education. Afterwards, he started out in the corporate sector and in 2011, entered the jewellery sector. Moving on, he worked in multiple trust foundations, social service trust, etc., further fuelling his passion and experience in social contribution work.

His philanthropic passion finally saw light when he founded Ayngaran Foundation in 2020. Although it was a period of chaos and distress, it didn’t stop the passionpreneur. He registered the corporation on Sep’ 20 and paved the way for a transformative and societally beneficial journey.

The charity drew a number of business heavyweights, and it was here that he met Mr. Vince Thomas Ayithamattam (Chairman). He has a thorough comprehension of philanthropy, if not more. Through Ayngaran,  Mr. Vince expresses his gratitude to the society that has helped him rise to prominence. At the outset of its establishment, he met several like-minded individuals who shared his vision for a perfect society and desired beneficial reforms.

He and his partner, Mr. Krishnasamy, formed a team of individuals having the same passion and put Ayngaran on the path to become a well-known NGO in India. The foundation focuses on laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle through meditation, education, research, and more. Along with India, Ayngaran has a huge foothold in UK & USA


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa
Unlike other NGOs that focus on a specific topic and dedicate a significant amount of resources to it, Ayngaran takes a holistic approach to society. Established in the holy and calm hamlet of Palani, the foundation dedicates its efforts and resources to the fulfilment of God’s plan for humanity.

In a broad sense, it aids people in self healing through meditation campaigns and spiritual principles practice, encourages children’s growth through educational activities, and supports a better farming future through innovation-driven practices. It also strives to inspire people to care for society and participate in related activities. Ayngaran is also working to develop efficient herbal treatments for common disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension, as well as improving living standards. It also engages and launches poverty-alleviating projects, particularly in developing countries.

Ayngaran works with retreat centres and worldwide organizations to educate people about spirituality and religious education. It collaborates with public schools, college and university meditation centres, and mindfulness camps to integrate cognition into education, training educators, psychologists, social workers, and parents in over 60 countries and affecting over a million youth worldwide.

It also collaborates with Juvenile Detention Centers in California, Colorado, Oregon, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Missouri to assist inmates in curbing behaviour violations, reducing cognitive deterioration, and increasing the resiliency of both convicts and prison staff. Ayngaran’s activities and initiatives keep it on track to fulfil its purpose of promoting meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative prayer. It has successfully conducted several blood donation drives in India, and it even has meditation centres where people are nurtured and led on a spiritual path. Its activities are based on in-depth R&D, which allows it to develop value-added projects that can help ensure a stable and interconnected global society.

Innovativeness demands R&D, be it in business or societal upliftment. Although the modern world is more affected by plastic and ready-made items, technology, and other factors, the route to a healthy lifestyle always takes us to nature. Developing countries, such as India, recognize this and have a populace that is continuously looking for sustainable products, procedures, and approaches. Ayngaran leverages R&D to develop new techniques of improving living standards at a very affordable cost.

Its focus is diversified across multiple disciplines: Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, Education & Poverty, Energy, Sustainable Development, Quality of seed, Organic Farming, Medicinal & Herbal Plants, etc. Ayngaran believes: A perfect work requires perfect planning. Each of its projects includes R&D, which helps in evaluating needs, the efficacy of the project, and associated resources. The in-house analysis also encompasses project impact on the audience’s and organization’s health. Many of its impactful projects were majorly focused around:

Education for underprivileged children and a positive direction to the youth

  •  Helping agriculture sector (farmers) to adopt sustainability and socio-economic development
  • Healthcare services to build healthy and fit communities
  • Distribution of apparel and school uniforms to the needy
  • Resolving environmental issues and participate in plantation programs
  • Save drinking water and further spreading awareness on water recycling
  • To encourage people to choose Ayurveda for its low cost but high efficiency


“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for common good is the greatest creed.”

While Ayngaran has accomplished multiple holistic projects, its magnum opus is the Veda Bodhivanam. Under this project, Ayngaran plans to build meditation centres centers, where people would be trained on Hinduism and meditation for cognitive growth. The project also provides further possibilities, such as Dana (donations), which will be utilised in project development (development of meditation centres, volunteer work during retreats and in construction, taking part in retreats, using skills in web page development, architecture, construction).

The project is available to people all over the world. Volunteers will assist participants with visas, lodging, and other requirements. The initiative will have end-to-end transparency, ensuring that donors are investing in something worthwhile. People can donate anonymously or in person, and their names will be included to a special list at the end of this project.

Ayngaran also plans to allow people to contribute to the purchase of cows and cow feed. The ‘Ayngaran Goshala’ will be established under Veda Bodhivanam, allowing donors to add a valuable incursion to their family. Donors can join up for a one-time or recurring donation. They can adopt a cow and provide it with the necessary care through this endeavour. Donors will also have the option of choosing the name of their cattle.

As previously mentioned, Ayngaran Foundation is well-known for its philanthropic work in the western geographies. Ayngaran Life Sciences Foundation is a sister concern of Ayngaran Foundation that spreads its work in the USA. In addition to the foundation’s mission statement, the subsidiary emphasizes children’s welfare and development.

It creates donation campaigns for underprivileged children’s healthcare needs, poverty alleviation and Education so that they have a bright future. The foundation’s efforts also have a tremendous impact across the UK. It has aided people on their spiritual journeys, educated children, reformed agriculture, and inspired  people to work for human upliftment.

Ayngaran Foundation is more than an NGO – it’s a mission. And every mission requires people who are energetic, driven and loyal to the cause. Ayngaran has a very motivated team of volunteers who is the backbone of all its projects. And to ensure the backbone remains strong, it keeps them engaged, happy and enthusiastic. It believes volunteer engagement initiatives should not be limited to a single stage of the volunteer lifecycle, but rather should be ongoing.

Laying the foundation for a volunteer engagement plan begins the moment the volunteer walks through the door and starts working in collaboration and acceptance. Adding to this, Mr. Sasikumar Krishnasamy and Vince Thomas Ayithmattam highlights that the foundation never lets the volunteers’ motivations down. Assigning volunteers to projects that match their interests keeps the volunteers engaged and coming back.

Formed amid chaos, Ayngaran Foundation has made a prominent presence amongst global charity foundations. Its initiatives in poverty eradication, meditation & spirituality and R&D in human upliftment are resounding. Its activities have given many disabled people, widows, and underprivileged children a new direction in life. Recently, it provided welfare in a charity program in Pollachi, which was highly applauded.

But, Ayngaran Foundation is yet to reach the skyline. While it has added many feathers in its cap, it has still to make enormous waves. There are still impediments and concerns in human upliftment, and Ayngaran Foundation aims to set a benchmark in addressing them.

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