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Beginners Tips to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness 

Beginners Tips to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness 

The section on General Awareness is a complex and unpredictable part that you will need to attend in an IBPS Clerk Exam. The exam tests the applicant’s knowledge and awareness regarding national and international current affairs.

The key to scoring well in the IBPS Clerk Exam is to have a sound knowledge and understanding of all the happenings around you. As General Awareness requires you to be constantly in touch with the news, preparing it at the last minute is not a good idea. It is crucial to know time management and learn to narrow your focus down to efficient planned preparation. These few tips to prepare for the General Awareness for the IBPS Clerk Exam will surely help you.

Why should you prepare well for General Awareness?

1) It is included in the Mains exam of the IBPS Clerk Exam.

2) It is highly scoring if you are well prepared.

3) It does not involve calculations like mathematics and reasoning, and direct answers will fetch you marks.

What are the components of General Awareness?

The components include:

1) Static General Knowledge (this GK does not change with time)

2) Current Affairs

3) Banking Awareness

4) Financial Awareness

5) General Knowledge

What are a few tips to prepare for General Awareness for the IBPS Clerk Exam?

During these competitive exams, time serves as a crucial factor. You will require to solve as many questions as possible in a limited time frame and with accuracy. So your success rate will depend on these two factors: time and accuracy. You will be able to tackle both easily only if you are well-prepared and have enough practice. These tips will be your guide to start preparing for your examination.

1) The internet will be your best guide

The internet will help you find out news regarding every topic. When it comes to finding information, notes, and articles, the best platform to go to is the internet. It will have news on world economics, current affairs, business deals, and political news. You can filter out the relevant information and articles that you want to read in detail.

2) Commit to watching and reading news daily:

The best way to master General Awareness is to commit yourself to the news. Read the newspaper regularly, and watch national news channels. This habit will help you grasp the happenings around you in a better way, improve your current affairs, and help you understand the intricacies of each news. Devote 45 minutes daily to the newspaper and make sure you stick to this habit.

3) Invest in weekly and monthly magazines and periodicals:

These monthly magazines narrow down the crucial current affairs and events that have taken place. Going through these would be a good revision for you. You might also get to know about new happenings that you did not study about from these magazines. These magazines will help you enhance your already acquired knowledge.

4) Keep the curiosity in you alive while studying: 

Never stop questioning and digging for answers. Do in-depth research of the news that interest you. Research further on the doubts that arise while studying for General Awareness for IBPS Clerk Exam. From thousands of information, you need to choose only the ones you feel are vital for your preparation. Dig and filter most of the news to get to the relevant ones.

5) Solve previous year’s Question Papers:

You will get an idea about how the exam board sets questions in the paper. You will also get to know some of the static general knowledge that you did not study earlier. Practising these question papers will make you exam-ready for the IBPS clerk examination.

6) Make your own notes:

Understand the crux of every piece of news and make your notes out of it. This habit will help you to retain news pieces better. These notes will come in handy when you revise later.

7) Take many mock tests before sitting for the main exam:

Mock tests help to evaluate how well you have prepared. Ensure that you sit for these exams after preparation to know where you need to improve. You will learn time management when you sit for these mock tests. The more mock tests you give, the more practice you will get for the examination.

Take IBPS clerk free mock tests and evaluate yourself and how good your General Awareness preparation is. You will see if your preparation for the exam is reflecting in the answer scripts or not.

8) Prioritise your strengths:

Find out the areas that you find interesting. When you study these areas that interest you, there are high chances of you being able to make these areas your strengths. Focus on enhancing the news pieces you are confident with first, and then move on to the rest. This focused study plan will help you score better.

9) Identify your weaknesses:

Although focusing on strengths is important, you should not neglect your weak areas. You might have a better grasp over static GK but falter when it comes to economic and financial awareness. You must identify these weaknesses so that you can work on them. You can do this by sitting for as many mock tests as possible. These mock tests will help you to detect where your weak points and mistakes lie. Then, you can sit and amend them to take your preparation to the next level.

10) Allot time for studying, practicing, and revising:

Spare time in your daily routine for revision and practice. Go through everything you have completed studying and ensure you allot time to the already learned concepts. This way, you will keep them in your memory and retain them in detail. Right before the IBPS Clerk exam, make sure to revise everything including your notes.

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