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An Incredible Legal Tech Brand Delivering Custom-Built, Tech-Enabled Solutions to Drive Growth Through Technological Transformation

As Business Connect introduces its brand-new edition, highlighting some inspiring stories that have created waves of change and introduced innovative solutions, our team has ensured special coverage on the outstanding story of a leading legal and justice tech firm that enhances accessibility and empowers participants with cutting edge technological solutions and custom-made platforms, BIGFORMULA Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The journey of this incredible firm begins in 2019 under the dynamic leadership of Anu TS, CEO of BIGFORMULA Solutions, which back then developed small and medium-sized employee performance management solutions for agencies involved in dispute resolution. That experience taught the team the complexities of handling paper-based operations, particularly within the legal industry.

Today, BIGFORMULA Solutions strives to develop specialised, technologically advanced products for the legal sector in this fastpaced age of technology and the Internet, where personalisation and delivery are the buzzwords. Their aim is to operate within the legal system digitally, to improve accessibility within the international legal and judicial systems, and to empower their participants through the deployment of cutting-edge, custom digital solutions.

“In India, the adages surrounding law, or the legal system have never been one motivate or inspire anyone facing a legal issue. Regardless of whether you win or lose, legal processes used to be famously exhausting and used to drag on for a long time. We understood from early on that technological solutions could potentially transform this scenario and make it so that legal processes are no longer exhausting and better yet, they can be completed from anywhere in the world.

We aim to become a justice technology company that leads the transition into a more comprehensive, sustainable, equitable, and transparent legal system one where justice is universally accessible, and the opportunities are endless”, asserted Anu.

Dynamic Leadership: Steering through Success

CEO and co-founder of BIGFORMULA Solutions, Anu TS is an accomplished, goal-oriented, and compelling leader with an ability to comprehend society’s fundamental flaws, particularly those related to law and justice. She has various short-term certifications in leadership and technology and a bachelor’s degree in business from a prestigious university in southern India.

“After years of extensive experience in sales and marketing of technology products and services, not to mention a healthy and avid interest in art and culture, I have found my place with BIGFORMULA Solutions. As its co-founder and CEO, I have had the opportunity to build something unique in its being and its value”, the inspiring lady shared.

What Makes BIGFORMULA Solutions Stay Ahead of the Curve?

BIGFORMULA Solutions specialises in creating customised, tailor-made digital solutions that serve the varied needs and requirements of the legal industry. With a team of young, like-minded, tech-savvy professionals, they pave the way for a more digital and intelligent future. They are experts in figuring out new and innovative methods to ensure that the digital future they envision is credible, inclusive, and equitable for everyone.

Another significant USP of BIGFORMULA Solutions is their capacity to find the right balance between providing users with simple and easy-to-use platforms when seeking dispute resolutions and at the same time preserving the integrity and efficiency of the agency providing the resolution. BIGFORMULA Solutions’ strengths lie in its inventive approach to collaboration.

From developing bespoke platforms and web and mobile applications that render high-quality user experiences and interfaces to consulting and assisting in a company’s holistic digital transformation to providing solutions for digital marketing, every step of the way, they incorporate feedback from customers and other industry experts. As a result, current and potential customers are starting to see the benefits of the strategy.

Overcoming the Hurdles Along the Way

As mentioned earlier, there is still some resistance within the legal industry to the use of technology in legal and judicial processes. There are several myths and rumours that claim that technological solutions will make lawyers or court officials obsolete. They are misleading, of course, but they also make it more challenging for the team to persuade those who are afraid of losing their jobs that technology will make their jobs even more efficient — that it will not only evolve their capabilities but also broaden their scope, reach, and profitability.

Lack of funding for the industry would be the next biggest problem. Unlike most other industries, there aren’t many private funders currently looking to invest in and promote digital transformation within the legal industry. BIGFORMULA Solutions is making progress despite these obstacles. They have had the chance to learn from the procedures of numerous people working in the field through frequent and intelligent interactions with them, as well as to work together with them to identify solutions that will be beneficial for everyone concerned.

The Significance of R&D and Technology Behind the Company’s Growth

The entire journey of BIGFORMULA has been one of intensive research and learning. It serves as the foundation for all their endeavours and has helped them get to where they are now, having evolved from being performance management system experts to a top legal and justice tech company capable of offering comprehensive, data-driven solutions that address the various processes in the legal sector.

There is no denying that the future is going to be technologically driven. To keep up with the pace, firms, and industries across all sectors—including the legal sector—will need to undergo digital transformation. “At BIGFORMULA Solutions, we believe that we can play a crucial role as courts embark on this innovation”, said the visionary leader.

Noteworthy Milestones or Accolades on the Way

BIGFORMULA’s journey so far has been full of learning, excitement, and joy. With every new person joining the BIGFORMULA family, they have managed to find a whole new way to make their collective dream a reality. “Every day we learn something new about ourselves, our capabilities, the industry and its practitioners and the technology to which we are inexplicably tied to. So, it is a little difficult to pinpoint to one specific moment in this journey and call it a noteworthy milestone”, said Anu. “But if I had to, then I would point to the time we expanded our offices in Kochi and to the time we opened our office in Dubai”, she further added.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

In the past 10 to 15 years there has been a significant change in how technology is perceived. It has made its way into every sphere of our lives. This is a time of rapid technological change. This issue is not unrelated to the legal sector. It might be argued that the industry in India has embraced technological advances more slowly than in other countries.

But the next phase of the digital revolution is well underway. Of course, the pandemic was a major catalyst for this. When courts were unable to work normally, they had to change their routine procedures and adopt technologically-aided alternatives to continue operating electronically. Concepts like cloud storage and virtual hearing were employed more frequently.

A Glance at the Future Prospects

The team is actively working to develop the next generation of digital dispute resolution systems that will be incorporated with emerging technologies like Distributed Ledger Technology and Artificial Intelligence. By eliminating unnecessary copies of data, enhancing security for the sensitive and controversial nature of the work, and augmenting the overall processes and procedures with sophisticated and intelligent support, these solutions will boost the efficiency of the legal sector.

The ultimate goal at BIGFORMULA Solutions is to provide the right access and the right solutions to the industry and help all parties involved make the right decisions that are data-driven, transparent, and equitable to all.

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