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A utopian ideal simplifying the logistics operations

This inside story features a leader who focuses on creating a system that promotes social as well as economic equality, sustainability and well-being by revolutionizing the logistics space. As we got a chance to sit and converse with one such leader to be featured in this exclusive women- centric issue, our mind was carried away with the informative insights shared by her in line with the business objective and her futuristic vision.

We present to you the incredible success story of Swati Mittal who is the CEO of BigShip which is an AI driven shipping aggregator that simplifies logistics with ease technology and best customer support. With her reflective leadership, she has spectacularly enabled businesses to streamline their logistics operations across a range of areas, including B2C, B2B, D2C, and cross-border.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and partnering with trusted carriers, her team at BigShip delivers top-notch services to clients in India, covering over 29,000 pin codes.

Meet the leading face of BigShip

Swati Mittal is a growth-oriented and careerminded professional who brings over decadeWWs of diverse experience to her role at BigShip. With a background in e-commerce spanning multiple industries, including shoe designing, handicrafts, and logistics, she is responsible for charting the organization’s success path.

As a leader of various teams, including operations and digital media, Swati is driving BigShip’s global recognition efforts. She holds an MBA from Cardiff University, where she was a scholarship recipient, as well as an engineering degree.

Her previous work experience at Tesco Supply Chain in the UK has given her valuable exposure to risk management in the supply chain on an international level. Additionally, during her engineering days, she worked with embedded systems at Intel India

Company overview

Being a pioneer in the B2B segment, BigShip has been catering services to commercial and non-commercial shipments in 150 countries worldwide. Their initiative to bring B2B carriers on the tech platform was quite revolutionary as well as commendable. The motive isSimplifying logistics with simplified software. Today, it has been delivering its outstanding Cross Border shipments that is perceived as a challenging class of logistics for a layman.

Bigship provides an insurance and logistics safe approach to prevent people’s shipments from any potential loss or damage. Bigship was founded with a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service and uniting selected carriers from across India on a single platform. At Bigship, they embrace change and understand that it is the only constant. That’s why they have a team of over 50 experts who continuously study the market and identify solutions that are best suited to changing needs.

Their goal is to create a sustainable business model that delivers value to the customers and adapts to evolving market conditions. Bigship began with the idea of e-commerce shipments. Their service orientation was the ultimate goal as they could understand that clients face major losses on return shipmentsthis gap needed to be monitored with smallest TATs possible.

They made sure of a 2 hour turnaround time for the client replies, thus making the supply chains much faster and more responsive. Their seamless non delivery reports helped the clients decrease their returns and thus increase in their overall business. Simplified logistics with end to end transparency is the business philosophy that drives their actions to business excellence.

The USPs

Bigship has rapidly emerged as a shining star in the logistics aggregation sector, making a remarkable impact in the Indian logistics industry in a short amount of time. In the financial year 2021-22, BigShip Logistics achieved an impressive 10x revenue growth and expanded its team size by 4x, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Not just one but several factors set Bigship apart from its competitors-

• Serving varied classes of business owner

It all started with e-commerce shipments, but soon, the market presented opportunities for larger shipments. As with any business, the key is to learn from the market and adapt accordingly. After mastering the intricacies of aggregation, they quickly expanded into big and multiple shipments, becoming pioneers in the industry.

• Minimising Channel of Distribution

As manufacturers seek to maximize profit margins, they are increasingly adopting a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, which involves shorter supply chains, smaller inventories, and fastermoving products. To achieve this, manufacturers are shifting from a traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) approach to shipping multi-boxes directly to retailers, bypassing traditional distributor chains.

This shift has highlighted the need for more efficient and organized business-to-business (B2B) logistics, as manufacturers look to streamline their operations and control costs through pre-pay credit cycles.

• Safe logistics with the value added service of Insurance Coverage

In the past, logistics posed a significant challenge for businesses due to limited insurance coverage. While shipments had a set claim amount, it was not always possible to ensure full coverage for the entire shipment. This issue was especially problematic for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) who often lacked access to insurance service providers, leaving them vulnerable to inventory loss even when shipping through organized channels.

Moreover, some carriers, particularly in the B2B space, do not provide insurance coverage or claims, further exacerbating the risks associated with supply chain management. Recognizing these gaps, BigShip has taken steps to address these challenges and ensure that its clients can ship their goods with confidence and peace of mind.

• Technology being a changemaker

The pivotal role of technology cannot be overstated, as it enables real-time tracking, online order booking and fulfillment, rate calculation, data management, bulk order processing, and courier priority setting. With the incorporation of advanced technology, the company has been able to rapidly expand its customer base, boasting over 10,000 satisfied clients.

The Trailblazer’s insights into ‘shentrepreneurship’

Today’s women are eager to establish their own reputations and work tirelessly to become respected business leaders in their own right. They are challenging traditional stereotypes, inspiring and motivating others to follow in their footsteps. Self-made women are now leading the way in a wide range of industries, proving that they are just as capable as men, if not more so, and setting the bar high for both genders.

As per Swati’s convictions, she states that women’s intrinsic multitasking abilities enable them to excel at initiating, organizing, and operating business enterprises. As more women aspire to become leaders, they contribute to significant business and economic growth by creating employment opportunities. This, in turn, not only inspires women in general to become vocal about their needs and wants but also motivates them to lead by example.

“Despite women’s increasing success and achievements, societal expectations often demand that women take on the primary responsibility of caring for their homes and children. This can lead to women feeling hesitant to take risks or pursue opportunities outside their comfort zone in order to maintain stability and minimize potential conflicts,” enunciated Swati.

Notable honors

Swati as well as Bigship have been recognized by various news and university authorities. Here are the few worthy mentions-

• The CEO has been recognized by Entrepreneur Cafe TV, for 6th Annual Global Convention 2021
• She had also been selected as Guest Speaker by AMITY University Gurgaon College of Commerce and Finance about consumer behavior in the era of digital world.
• Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre,IIT Kanpur elected Swati Mittal for the webinar organized by AIIDECoE on AI in Logistics & Supply Chain. She enlightened everyone with Artificial Intelligence changing the face of the logistics & supply chain and the opportunities that lie ahead.

A radical future ahead

The dynamic leader has been straining every nerve to progress towards the growth with high optimism and thoughtful strategies. She happened to assemble a team of 50+ accomplished professionals and achieved a remarkable 10X growth in the year 2021. Currently serving 10,000+ satisfied clients, the team aims to double this figure and expand globally through cross-border services and franchise networks. For the upcoming years, their focus is on enhancing shipping services, increasing operations, revenue, sellers, and service quality across the globe.

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