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“The era of digital transformation in the logistics space has enabled the system to go seamless, hassle-free, quicker and easier connectivity between businesses with enhanced delivery and visibility. In the road transportation sector also, there has been some massive development in innovative technology and data insights which are helping companies to provide customer experience, customised solutions, transparency, better delivery and response times,” asserts the founder of Bigtruck Technologies-Khurshid Alam, in a freewheeling conversation with our team.

Incepted in 2017, Bigtruck Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has revamped the process in supply chain and logistics industry with its innovative technologies. Since technology touched this space, greater transparency and faster efficiency and processes are evident here sophistically. And in the same direction, Bigtruck brought in tons of benefits with its best-in-class products and services.

Today, Bigtruck has stretched its reach all over the country where it is operational in all major cities in South India. Harnessing the power of its enhanced technology and efficiency, Bigtruck is gradually reaching out to every corner of India intending to create a huge network of partners in all big and small cities to have a far-reaching impact on its esteemed clientele. “Our single most goal is to create one technology and one platform solution for all cargo owners, transporters and truck owners which is seamless, hassle-free and user friendly,” affirmed the Founder.

In terms of urban logistics, Bigtruck has been in sync with its dynamism where it delivered innovative solutions for the delivery, collection or inventory management. As logistics has been influencing the evolution of modern cities, the company has strained every nerve to disrupt the overall supply chain ecosystem with its innovative and value-added solutions. Its contribution to transport and delivering of goods in a much better way has been acknowledged and applauded by many media and publications too.

Now, addressing the future of urban logistics, Khurshid Alam opined that it will be heavily dominated by connected, shared, autonomous solutions. And deeply embedded in these trends will be emerging technologies such as IoT, Big Data, predictive analytics, cloud computing, crowdsourcing platforms and connected devices.

Bigtruck is on an unwavering mission to make freight service painless for Shippers, Truckers, Brokers, and Drivers. They well recognize the fact that the logistics industry is heavily fragmented, unorganized and complicated. It took them an in-depth research and industry understanding to identify and address the pain points in this industry. The teams were extensively sensitive to not over complicate the processes while digitizing them.

“We have focussed on the actual end-users who only work with a platform if it is seamless, hassle-free and easy to use. At Bigtruck, we knew we will be tested in the beginning but we overcame this with our customer relationship ‘Ninja team’ which stays close and engaged to every customer,” explained the luminary.

Bigtruck has become a trend-setter by ensuring the ‘trust-factor’ in the trucking & logistics space. Their comprehension to utilize the power of data to bringing in transparency in their offered platform which is laced with unbiased pricing, and user friendly aspects, is well- understood by their end- consumers. With its exemplary offerings, the company strives to educate the stakeholders on how significant it is to earn the trust of our customers that will grant them with considerable revenue.

The covid-19 scenario showed us that logistics is the lifeline of any country as the transportation of essentials and medical supplies was the need of the hour amid the reigning chaos. Across all the industries, the logistics services were in heavy demand— be it pharma, FMCG, agriculture and e-commerce. But, there were several impediments to the process for which several service providers understood the need to transform their operations to bridge the gap between high demand and customer expectations.

This is where, Bigtruck technology and solutions pitched in to meet the imperative need of in-transit visibility. “We didn’t only bring in a platform that talked about usage of Digital technologies but we also built a platform which was like a all- inclusive eco system that connected all stakeholders through cloud,” revealed the tycoon.

All of their tech-solution eradicated unwanted delays, keeping up with the rising demand of their on-time deliveries. Optimizing delivery management, taking into consideration factors like distance between delivery points, vehicle capacity, load placement, customer preferences, etc, have been the salient features of Bigtuck’s technology product.

“At a time where over a million citizens of our country were losing their jobs to the COVID-19 crisis, it was becoming imperative that we gathered our collective strength to mitigate the impact it has on their sustenance. Bigtruck, in a small way, has been able to improve the livelihood of our underprivileged brothers & sisters, who bear the brunt of the crisis. We kept on supporting our employees and their family to reinforce the fact that, We Are In This Together,”

claims Khurshid Alam, acknowledging the unfortunate scenario induced by the unprecedented pandemic.

Bigtruck has become a single-window solution that adds customer centric value to all of its products and services. For them, customer service is the central pillar for the transformation of the logistics industry. The company is adamant to respond as per the customer’s needs and ensure their growth in a dynamic global economy. For this, they came up with two extraordinary offerings like-

  • Bigtruck Connect App – A unique product for truck owners, transporters, and brokers across India to join the network of Bigtruck Verified Truck Partners. Here, they can easily search and find more loads for the trucks with the help of easy to use and swift mobile application.
  • Bigtruck Master App – This dynamic product is focussed on shippers allowing them to perform online truck booking for all kind of fleet booking requirements in India. They are provided Full Truckload transportation services with varied types of trucks available with hassle-free, simple to use, and user friendly process of booking trucks.

Bigtruck platform takes pride to offer cargo owners and fleet owners a more consistent, data-driven experience. ‘Post -Bid -Book -Track and it’s done’. The clients can plan routes, share the truck type, book the truck, get loads, track the shipment and much more. For intra-city operations, they ensure best availability of trucks, optimized pricing, goods safety, delivery on TAT, tracking, E-pod, E- payments, etc.

And for live tracking of the fleet, they offer three efficient ways like Trackme, Connectme and Offline Tracking. With their one-of-a-kind product portfolio, Bigtruck has bestowed the industry with future-ready technologies to deal with the day-to-day struggles in the respective space.

Bigtruck aspires to have keen drivers in our country who can opt for — ‘truck driving by choice and not by compulsion’. This is when they will consider the fact that technology has revamped their lives in true sense. With the help of data and digital transformation, the whole process could be transformed to become transparent and efficacious, as per Khurshid Alam. By the mid of 2022, big data product is about to be a trendsetter in the industry and will revolutionize the whole logistics ecosystem in the most unimaginative manner. Here, Bigtruck will also put strenuous effort to add substance in best possible manner.

At Bigtruck business, Despite the global pandemic we are happy that we are connected & doing business, as usual, with the help of technology-enabled products & services. And this Pandemic gave Bigtruck an opportunity to serve aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bigtruck has successfully created an opportunity for aspiring microentrepreneurs. This product is branded as “bigpreneurship” Bigtruck aims to improve the socio-economic upliftment of the transporting and logistics community. Our objective is to enable every stakeholder to maximise their output, earnings and revenue by making use of the technology for optimum use of resources and tools for their advantage and this will be possible only when we have multiple aspiring entrepreneurs coming together to maximise the number of transactions. “bigpreneurship” Is going to scale Bigtruck exponentially across India & eventually globally. TVP is an omni channel business model of Bigtruck.

We, at bigtruck, remain committed to being your partner in all aspects, to be there when you need us, provide you with leading-edge technology, offer innovative approaches to work as a partner & team, unrivalled flexibility and everything else needed to ensure success, now and in the future.

My Circle is (SaaS) that aims to optimize your entire transportation and logistics network that is operating All Over India (Zone-wise, Region-wise, Branch-wise). With our My Circle we are not only going to provide you competitive transportation rates, but also a wider network and marketplace for you to choose the most cost-effective rate. You will be able to have an end-to-end visibility and get the shipment delivered from Origin to Destination without having to bear excessive costs, in a timely and very transparent manner.

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