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A promising manufacturer of high-efficiency Filtration – Separation – Purification Equipment’s, Process Cartridge Filters, Filter media and hardware

For this exclusive inside story, we sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the Founder of INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ TECHNO ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED– Deepak Warude who is steering the company as Technical Director. He is a graduate of Chemical Engineering & Post Graduate in Industrial Safety & Environmental Engineering with two decades of experience in the areas such as-Filtration, Separation, Purification and Process engineering.

As he walked us through his company profile, product portfolio, business values, USPs and a lot more, our team ended up forming this elegant ‘read’ as an inspirational story for our global readership. So, Deepak Warude began the conversation by conveying, “With a sheer emphasis on consistent quality in filtration for the successful functioning of clients’ applications, INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ has set high-quality products as its topmost priority.” While maintaining its in-house quality standards, the company has also been accredited with an international certificate- Quality in Business International Trade Council Accredited Schedule 42-B.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™, a start-up with an alignment with the keen understanding of Innovative Filtration and separation techno-commercial equipment, has set its foot in the market as one of the leading all types of Industrial Filter manufacturers. At present, the company proves its forte in conventional services such as elements supply, spare parts, technical assistance, and field services to the development of new technologies to improve reliability and performance of Filtration – Separation – Purification equipment.

With its Advanced Process Engineering laboratory and research facility, the organisation is capable of performing extensive filter development & evaluation programs to keep in line with its innovative streak. The venture maintains very close international collaboration with its material and component suppliers to be benefitted with the upgraded in filter media technology that the administration ensures to incorporate into their product development operations.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™’s tech-oriented zeal keeps them fulfilling the need of most demanding industrial applications where the Filter elements consists of a variety of materials— polyester, polypropylene, cotton, Teflon®, Nomex®, metals, micro-fiberglass, resin-bonded cellulose, PTFE, Cellulose, Sintered Stainless Steel Filters etc.

Apart from these, the company has also decided to provide critical solutions for fluid Separations and Filtration to make a difference for sectors like — Paint, Ink, Coating, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petro- Chemical, Polymers, Resins, Agrochemicals. Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Automobiles, Textile, Electronics, Biotech & Water Treatment, etc. Targeting all these industries, they are planning to offer customized solutions as per application to application of the clients.

So far, the company has diligently advanced in the economics of manufacturing over 40,000 filter elements, that are environment friendly. And we have enlisted those accordingly-

  • Gas Filter Elements (Pleated style, Depth style, and Coalescing)
  • Filter Vessel Internals (IF Rapid-LOK Element Sealing system)
  • Liquid Filter Elements (Pleated Style, Depth Style, Bag Style, Activated Carbon, Liquid/ Liquid Separation)
  • Air Filter Elements (Panel Style, Pre-Filters and Round Styles)
  • Metal Filters, Bag Filters & SS Filter Housing/Vessels
  • All types of Industrial & Pharmaceutical Grades Pleated & Depth Filters.
  • Membranes Systems for Solvents, Acidic & Alkaline Process Liquids & product recovery.
  • Membranes for Gas Removal.
  • All types of Bag Filters, High Flow Cartridge Filters & Filters Housing.
  • Resin Bonded Cartridge Filters, Zeta Plus Type Modular Depth Cartridge Filters, Zeta Type Modular Plus Activated Carbon Filters.
  • Ceramic Membranes system for Process Chemicals Filtrations, Oil removal, & Water & Waste Water Applications

The start-up comprises of an assembled history of techinnovations and achievements in the filtration industry ensured by its workforce. And with its new innings, the senior executives have set a goal to offer its clients exemplary advantages from filtration solutions that are continuously evolving as well as improving. On that note, Deepak Warude claims, “INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ not only makes better filters; we are constantly striving to make our filters better – incorporating the latest in filtration and separation technology.” And our company slogan is “Science & Technology Applied to Filtration – Separation – Purification.” The business values:

  • Focus on fulfilling the commitments while being reliable service provider.
  • Decisiveness, transparency, discernment, open door policy for different ideas and cultures.
  • Honest and transparent communications or interactions and learning from mistakes.
  • Holistic growth for the employees while being respectful, supportive and responsive employer.


  • Being in compliance with the law while adhering to high ethical standards.
  • Evaluation of the impact scale of the venture while critical decision-making process.
  • Focused on market value.
  • Process- centric approach designed to fuel global performance.

The company proposes its USP by offerings its Tri-DEP™ media that Deepak Warude explains to be their latest innovation to ameliorate performance depth style in polyester filtration. The apt and experienced workforce possesses decades of accumulated knowledge in OEM cartridges replacement. He asserts, “Our experienced staff can quickly replace over 40,000 OEM elements part numbers making us a one-source supplier for the client’s filtration/ separation needs.”

Moreover, what makes INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ stand apart in its market is its specialization in maintaining as well as enhancing the operational performance of the client’s business, irrespective of their product applications. Undeniably, the company has toiled day and night to add substance to the Filtration Industry and emerged out as a knowledge-based company with an industry-experienced leading staff of experts who are capable of delivering excellent filtration/separation solutions with variety to sync with the client’s specific maintenance and operating requirements. Given this, Deepak affirms, “No matter what filtration/separation equipment you use or when it was installed, our filtration service personnel provide complete, expert support to maintain the reliability and operating levels you expect.”

Additionally, what gives the company a competitive edge is its world-class testing services that it conducts leveraging advanced filtration diagnostic equipment to ensure proven filtration solutions to bring swiftness in performance over the complete lifecycle of its customers’ assets. Standardized filtration inventory and tailored solutions have heavily contributed in boosting their market image and gaining the trust of the customers.

And regarding their OEM Filtration & Separation Cartridge Replacement processes, Founder Director Deepak Warude unveiled some salient features such as-

  • Custom Product Stocking Program
  • Product Customization
  • Process Optimization
  • Consultation in Feed Study Prior to Product Release
  • Trouble Shooting Consultation
  • Element Dissection Analysis

Deepak Warude asserts that their commitment to enhanced client’s process operations can be proved by their unwavering focus on neoteric filtration technology. And for ensuring this, they have brought together an adept team of individuals (R&D team) who happen to be the seasoned filtration specialists with years of experience in formulating innovative and cost-effective solutions to address the complications. In regard with this, Deepak emphasizes that generating value for customers requires in-depth understanding in filtration media as well as filtration processes.

Hence, for the relevant product development, their R&D facility is enriched with extensive quality testing equipment to boost their products performance for setting benchmarks, without any consideration of the external environmental factors. For granting their end- customers/ clients with improved solutions that can allow them get a leading edge in the market, INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ strains every nerve via its R&D processes.

Founder Director & Managing Director of INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ Deepak Warude has fervently established this entrepreneurial venture with a commitment to always ensure positive contribution to the earth. As an ending note, he states, “We know well , we did not inherit this earth from our ancestors. We owe it to our future generation. We are committed to do our best to preserve it.”

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