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Bridging the gap between business and productivity…

Co-founded by two brothers, Deepak Kedia and Narayan Kedia, and backed by angel investors BizzSetu is looking to address the issues in various business operations. Deepak refuses to call himself a CEO, instead designating himself as Chief Facilitator, he sat down for a virtual meet with us. He walked us through different aspects of his business venture and shared his in-depth knowledge of the business world.

A comprehensive SaaS-based platform bridging various transacting parties across normal business activities on a common platform, BizzSetu is making a mark in the business community. As the name implies, Bizz means Business, and Setu means Bridge, which defines its overall purpose.

A traditional business activity has two fundamental parties involved in the process- buyers and sellers. Playing the role of mediators, many brokers/agents in the middle are said to be the actors who display products, order placement, dispatch, billing, and then payment. Presently, all of the above-mentioned activities are done viam conventional modes such as telephones, emails, fax, paper, courier, etc., causing loss of information, miscommunication, and eventually hampering productivity.

BizzSetu has been conceptualized to ensure that such activities can be performed on a common platform thereby streamlining the entire process without any change to the existing business model. The founders of BizzSetu combined their three decades of extensive experience while adopting the tech upgrades happening across the business landscape to establish BizzSetu.

The founders’ father runs a small business in Kanpur. Back in 2019, they observed his immense struggle with paperwork while performing the business on a daily basis. This was the light bulb moment for them as they recognized the pain point where they could deliver an integrated tech-based solution. The inclusion of technology to help the business community became their motive.

After performing intense research across the Indian business fraternity, they realized there was a lot of resistance in terms of changing people’s perception of adopting tech-based solutions for this major problem reducing overall productivity. But by challenging. their business practices and proving their claim of solving the problems, the founders were able to get ahead with this journey.

The core values that drive the leadership team of BizzSetu into creating excellence are integrity, employee centricity, and a down-to-earth attitude. As they are on the path of digitizing the manufacturing ecosystem in India via their impeccable solution, the founders are unleashing the true potential of the people associated with them. “We recognize people for their worth and the value they bring to the table.

We try to put a price on the profile/our pocket, rather than how much the candidate was making in the previous organization. We are looking at candidates from pan India. We hire people based on their values of commitment. We stand for creating diversity i.e. gender and religious diversity. So far, the experience of onboarding people has been transparent- building an open culture and leading to a solid foundation of team building. For each of our candidates, we have a story to share. We are very proud and happy to have them on board” defined the founders.

Team BizzSetu is always looking to keep up with the latest digital trends; while using all the newest technologies they wish to be smart and upskill. They wish to deliver excellence to their customers by any means. Each team member is supposed to perform a self-appraisal. Every now and then Deepak sits with them, making them question themselves. Here, they are not bound to report to the leadership team but need to participate in self assessment. The culture nurtures the belief of making mistakes and learning from them to evolve into better versions of themselves. After all, those who work are the ones who make mistakes.

Growth follows when one learns from one’s mistakes and improves those with better spirits. Here, the CTC is actually paid to the employees and is not padded up. People outside Mumbai are provided with shared accommodation near to the office and the cost is not deducted from the salary. In case, any employee gets married, the management itself provides the concerned person with a pay raise to adjust to the new way of life for him or her.

Emphasizing work-life balance, the administration of BizzSetu values the families of their team members a lot and they never mix boundaries. The team believes in the power of unity and goes out of their way to support any family or personal issues. Most surprisingly, they have a “NO” LEAVE Policy. It does not mean that people cannot take leave, it means that the Management keeps no track of the taken leaves. In this regard, Deepak asserts, “Generally companies have 15/30 days leaves, and any day after that is unpaid leave. But then, these organizations don’t hesitate to ask the team to work on holidays? This is hypocrisy.”

The administration also implies putting an immense focus on entertainment to keep the employees’ minds fresh. The key personnel personally makes it a point to occasionally lighten the mood and crack jokes with the team. “We have had a couple of small parties, get-togethers for the team. On weekends, after work, we party in the office. Occasionally pizza parties etc. take place,” he affirmed, Deepak concluded the session by saying “To be an employer, you need to think like an employee first.”

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