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Blix Education Pvt. Ltd.

Blix Education Pvt. Ltd.

Empowering young minds by seamlessly blending learning and play

‘Where Real Learning Occurs’!

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving tech landscape, there is still a huge discrepancy between what the goal of the formal education system is and what the true secrets of success in the 21st century are. Blix Education Pvt. Ltd., an innovative learning solutions technology company, is transforming how kids approach learning and development.

Envisioned to “empower young minds while seamlessly blending learning and play”, Blix strives to provide inquisitive minds with an outlet by handing them the right tools for the right type of learning through game. By providing teachers and learners with the right tools to pose the questions that will lead to solutions to tomorrow’s children’s concerns, the company seek to revolutionize the area of education.

During their initial years, they developed toys that were sold through the toy distribution network. When the potential of Blix for education became evident, they created robotics kits with curriculums that educators could use to teach their students in schools, summer camps, workshops, etc. and provide immersive and experiential learning experiences.

Today, Blix is sold in toy stores all over India, and thousands of schools have labs set up where kids can use the Blix tools to learn about physics and science principles. The tools created especially for kids help them develop their critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity


Born and brought up in a business family, Abbas has been passionate about technology since childhood. After his B.Tech and MBA, he seamlessly integrated his knowledge into his father’s business. The aspiring tech leader invested years in creating engineering STEM toys for kids. While on his voyage, Abbas discovered how simple it is for young children to comprehend such engineering ideas, and he began producing numerous toy kits in that vein.

While the toys did quite well in retail, many educators began utilizing them to teach students about these ideas in the classroom. Even more, Abbas himself conducted numerous sessions in schools and authored some content. The effect was phenomenal. Blix was initially established as a division of Zephyr Toymakers Pvt. Ltd. It was eventually established as a separate firm in 2021 due to the highly distinct business natures and divergent visions of Blix and Zephyr.

The ambitious leader launched operations at Blix Education with one of the products he had created. He conducted several trainings for teachers and students at that time in schools and other institutions. The kids cherished it! At-present, more than 5000 schools are using Bilx products, more than a CEO, he’s a mentor, having empowered over 50,000 students through his dynamic initiatives. All of the main toy merchants, such as Hamleys, FirstCry and ToysRUS, carry their products.


Blix is exceptionally dedicated to research and development, and among all of its operational divisions, it has by far the largest R&D department. They have put together a solid team with the goal of producing items that are original, imaginative, and enjoyable. They would never be able to stand out and set themselves apart from the competition without research and development. Their line of work emphasizes creativity as the cornerstone of learning, thus they must master the art of standing out from the competition.

As stated by Abbas Gabajiwala, “In an ever-changing, dynamic world that we live in, where technology is moving faster than ever, we know the importance of catching up. Generational differences are increasing more quickly than ever, and today’s youth are the ones who will shape the world’s future. One cannot expand in any field without constantly refining and modifying our product offerings. It would be a disservice to the public if our education is not in step with where the world is headed in the future.”


Leadership, in my opinion, is a journey of growth for both yourself and the people that you lead. Being able to grow and learn while optimising your time and energy epitomises a great path to work. Leadership is accepting responsibility without placing blame on others and giving credit to others without being self-centered and eager to receive praise. Leaders inspire people to be more than what they give themselves credit for.


Capitalism makes everyone believe that the hustle life is what you need to be fulfilled. The leader strives to make the employees gain a better perspective on this. At Blix, they contend that focused effort, as opposed to spending endless hours in the office, can produce more results. In order to provide employees with enough time to pursue their interests and hobbies, spend time with their families, and be productive during their 8 hours of work, Blix has an 8-hour work schedule and a flexible work culture.


Milestones And Achievements That Symbolize Blix’s Success

Blix has achieved tremendous success in its quest to transform the way that students are taught and integrate play and learning. The following are some of the key highlights:

• Over 5,000 Schools and 11,00,000 students have learned about Science and Robotics through their products.
• Over 60,000 children and tens of thousands of teachers have spoken with Abbas personally about STEM and robotics.
• One of the few technology toys shipped from India to nations like Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, etc. is Blix merchandise.


Blix Education is heading towards revolutionizing the education industry. Their aim is to introduce Blix not just as a learning tool but as a subject in school where children come to their school’s Blix Labs once or twice a week and gain hands-on, experiential learning of concepts of STEM learning. One of their future goals is to ensure that every child can play with a Blix Kit, whether at home or in school. Blix Education aims to bring the school curriculum back and make learning about the real-world applications of contemporary machinery and software fun.


Nothing great is achieved without absolute determination and focus on the goal. There are always reasons and excuses why something is impossible, but there will be people who still achieve it purely because they believed they could change it and kept working on it even when circumstances felt hopeless. Every successful entrepreneur has to have this belief in their objectives.

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