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Empowering Businesses in their Digital Transformation, Business Scales is a Frontrunner in Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

One of the renowned tech firms engraving its growth story on the global landscape, Business Scales empowers businesses to transform digitally by integrating business automation techniques into world-class cloudbased applications that speed up business growth. With its bedrock laid on its core values and driven by passionate business leader Shreyas Savant, Business Scales made its advent in the corporate world in 2016.

Owing to its diversified and impactful portfolio targeting different industries, Business Scales has emerged as a pioneer in software solutions, enabling established businesses to go online and automate their conventional processes and new businesses to build their product and scale up.

A Glance at the Leaders of the Company

D I R E C T O R | C A L I F O R N I A, U N I T E S S T A T E S
Oversees Sales And Projects In The Country. Her Areas Of Expertise Include Networking And Engaging With People In Senior Management At Corporations

D I R E C T O R | Q U E B E C, C A N A D A
Looks After Our Branch Office Established In Canada Is A Prior Entrepreneur And Has Years Of Experience In The Real Estate Industry

P A R T N E R | M A N I L A, P H I L I P P I N E S
Responsible For Business In The Eastern Part Of The World. His Office Is Situated In The Philippines And He Is Responsible For Acquiring Clients In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, And Asian Countries

The primary services offered by Business Scales include designing custom business applications on Zoho. For those who are unaware of what Zoho is, it is a unique and powerful suite of software to run an entire business. After gaining a detailed understanding of the company, the team recommends the appropriate Zoho apps for clients.

The in-house team of Zohocertified developers designs and develops an integrated system of Zoho apps with a rich UI and UX for an organisation that can be accessed from one single login to facilitate the seamless flow of data within different departments of the organization. If a company is already using Zoho or is new to Zoho, Business Scales can be a partner in tailoring Zoho apps to their needs. Business Scales may be an essential resource for such firms since they can learn from their team, how other comparable organizations around the world manage their operations and have successfully grown their businesses significantly.

Over the years, Business Scales has gained a firm position as a software development house with the successful delivery of 500+ projects across 20 nations and has emerged as one of the most talented and trustworthy software development companies in the world. They have worked with clients across various industries like Health Care, hotels, trading enterprises, shipping, textile, transport, automobile, agriculture, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and various other industries.


While working for his last startup, Shreyas got an idea to launch a business that would use the current technology to scale and grow other businesses more quickly. He began “Moon-Lighting” and began working as a freelancer on several projects.

Later, when he saw the potential, he began building a team that is capable of cooperating. He gradually realized that there was a sizable demand, not just in India but also in Western nations. This recognition served as the driving force behind his decision to establish Business Scales.


Business Scales offers comprehensive solutions that can address all of the key facets of business needs. The following are the main distinguishing characteristics:

• They create custom apps suited to a company’s needs roughly ten times faster using Zoho as a low-code SAAS platform.
• Despite having complete access to the client data as a developer, they never share, sell, or use it for marketing or advertising purposes. Period.
• The business model at Business Scales is straightforward: they provide outstanding technology that significantly aids companies in expanding more quickly and profitably.
• They collaborate closely with the clients to meet their milestones in a timely manner.


Business Scales has a team strength of 15 experienced members that helps them deliver optimum-quality software products. The leadership team works to foster a pleasant, healthy work atmosphere that promotes effective communication amongst employees at all levels.


In the year 2016, Business Scales was launched as a sole business with two founders. Just one month later, in September 2017, the company received recognition as a ZOHO Creator Certified Solution Partner. It was certified as a Zoho Trainer in March 2018 and permitted by Zoho to start a training centre and offer training. Business Scales was promoted to a Zoho Advance Partner in January 2020 after becoming an Authorized Partner in March 2019.

Despite the COVID impact, the company was recognised with the title of “Zoho Prime Players 2020. Another significant achievement was the 2021 Zoho Creator ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing Award the company received for the ERP solutions they developed over several years for one of their US-based customers, Gantom Lighting and Controls.

Together with Michelle Carrelli, they established a brand-new partnership company named “Zoharc, the Zoho Architects,” in 2020. Following this, in 2022, Business Scales partnered with Sally Zhuang to establish a business in California, USA, that would provide Zoho products under the Business Scales brand.


Since its inception, Business Scales has achieved an organic average growth of over 100% every year for the first 3 years. It is still growing at a very decent rate without any external funding and with zero debt. After having a strong presence in India, Canada, the United States, and the Philippines, the company further plans to set up offices in all of the main nations.


The visionary, Shreyas Savant, shared a few words of wisdom by quoting, “Entrepreneurship can be a challenging but rewarding journey! By staying motivated, and never giving up on your dreams, you can achieve success and make a positive impact in the world. You may realise your full potential and accomplish great things by defining specific goals, overcoming obstacles, and looking for supportive people. So, let us embrace motivation as a way of life and never give up on our dreams.”

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