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There is a popular saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” And it can’t be more convincing for entrepreneurs. Having your own business is satisfying, but the process from sowing the seeds to sprouting is no cakewalk. The day-to-day grind, unprecedented failures, naysayers, lack of focus on priorities, or unwillingness to ask for help are potential pitfalls that pull off many aspirants. But those with an unbridled focus, commitment, and sheer willpower turn hurdles into steppingstone and outshine themselves.

These fearless individuals walking this road less travelled can come from all walks of life and ethnicities. However, the best known comes from India. The country is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with individuals not only redefining business, but also safeguarding our borders and communities.

Entrepreneur, technologist, and Strategist Mr. Chandra Sekhar Eligarapu is a fine example of what we mean. He is the Co-Founder of Megatron IT Services, a company specializing in custom software development, web development, Internet/Intranet applications, product development, cyber security, and digital marketing services. He also works with closely with several state Govt. bodies on building necessary innovative solutions that can keep communities safe and their business functions secure.

Recently, we had an interesting conversation with Sekhar for our entrancing edition. As he recounted his climb from nothing, we found much food for thought. His intriguing background and strategic innovations and projects made him a sought-after leader in the tech- innovations ecosystem. Although his journey has been an overwhelming experience, he never stops trying to improve businesses and communities.


“Behind every successful business is a bold decision-maker.” This statement reflects the groundwork of Chandra’s journey to the present. Hailing from a humble family in Gudivada, a city in Andhra Pradesh, he has donned many hats over the years. Even though some were mistakes, they culminated in his learning. His mother was a homemaker and his father worked in a small private company managing movie theatres, but like many Indian parents, they had lofty aspirations for their son’s future. But even after being strict, they always respected their son’s decision to carve his own path. He did his schooling at Viswabharathi School, one of the region’s finest academic institutes. Later on, he completed his master’s in computer science from JNTU. His academic forte and the inherent freedom of choice have been the foundation of his career.

Hailing from a technical background, it drew Chandra to IT services. During college, he started freelancing with web-based projects like optimizing web pages and posting articles or blogs.

“I had friends settled abroad who provided me with these projects,”-says Chandra Sekhar. These projects were intriguing and were a quick source of income; hence, he welcomed more similar assignments. Eventually, he was handling projects for clients from London and the USA. These assignments also helped him connect with diversified business owners and entrepreneurs, which offered him an opportunity to join a US-based startup. The
period was a win-win because the projects not only provided Chandra with a reliable source of income but also helped him realize a long-held desire by assisting with the practical aspects of running a business.

After completing an wide spectrum of projects across multiple business domains, Chandra became well-versed in the technology arena. He built a strong expertise around Oracle database and applications with successful client relations, strategic partnerships. In 2014, he met a friend who eventually became his business partner, and together they took a tenuous step towards starting their own organization. Even though they possess different thought processes, their individuality culminates in combined expertise.

The following December, they laid the foundation of their enterprise, which was later was named as Megatron IT Services. From there to lead eight years in business, the Chandra had sailed through an ocean of setbacks and obstructions. However, with the trusted aid of people with varied expertise, things eventually took shape like a solved puzzle. Today, Chandra has 5 different firms with individual focuses. On the other hand, Megatron IT Services has completed 8 years in business working in business development, application architecture and analysis, and process improvement.

Chandra Sekhar began his entrepreneurial career with technology-driven products. Although the products are from various business domains, they were comparable to the Justdail and Sulekha. Later, they expanded their services to develop and execute political marketing strategies. Along the way, they developed strong influence and connections across various offline and online channels. But being a product firm, they required significant funding for prototyping new products in the testing phase. However, working on self-funded models,

Officials from the all the government departments gave high scores for the projects delivered, including police department. Even though they faced budgetary limitations, finishing this project was a success in and of itself. This enabled him to become a technology expert while also broadening his knowledge frontiers, allowing him to thrive in the hospitality, civil engineering, education, and other industries. He has pioneered several projects that show his capacity to address the unique needs of clients. It’s how he has become a sought-after Technical Strategist particularly for clients in the public sector.

Megatron IT Services has undoubtedly established a compelling presence in the development of digital concepts by this point. From dashboard design to SEO promotions, unique web portals to digital marketing, consultation, and the situation wasn’t really favorable. In fact, running the company for those 10 months was a uphill task. Given the circumstances, cost-cutting not only became necessary but also seemed only the option, so they replaced freelancers with fixed workers. With a refined approach, they also refocused on services related to IT projects.

“We started reaching out to people for projects, including old contacts from various industries,”-says Chandra Sekhar. The approach proved fruitful and helped to bounce back within a few months of struggle. That was the period Chandra got a real hold on learning about managing a company, including its operational management, people management, and others. He then realized that to run a company, a leader needs to make bold decisions, no matter how harsh, to stay afloat. Even though it was a trial by fire, Chandra’s confidence and unwavering determination to see his dream succeed kept his sails high.

In addition to keeping his business afloat, Chandra’s struggle with consistency and caught the attention of both the public and private sectors. He and his partner began taking part in government contracts and were successful in getting an IT project approved.

One of their most sought-after projects is case tracking systems for police departments. The other is a civil work monitoring system for a various division of the state government. It enables authorised officials to monitor the work being done by engineers or other related officials, which not only will saves  the time and money but also ensures that projects are finished on schedule and Was involved in a few of critical cyber security projects.

real-time tech support, the firm has established itself in all areas. It has extensive experience managing complicated projects with an emphasis on data security, commercial and databases, and software development. Each project is carried out with a highly scientific approach that begins with the analysis of the client’s requirements and moves on to strategic planning, finishing touches, and delivery. This allows for extensive customization, ensuring that all needs are met, and the product has a promising quality.

To date, Megatron IT Services has completed developing 40+ dashboards and 300+ portals. Each product is developed using pixel-perfect, responsive, and well-written codes, which allows easier modification. The products are adaptive and are compatible with any smart device. Their expertise and innovation has birthed many remarkable projects namely:

  • Case Monitoring System: It is a one-stop solution for capturing all Complanits data, case history, and other crime details. The platform makes sure that superior officials follow up constantly, and police stations that have been utilizing this tool have witnessed impressive case progress.
  • Digital Police Magazine: It’s the first ever police exclusive journal that features news honouring different officers’ endeavors and accomplishments, which will serve as inspiration for many other cops.
  • Credential Check: It’s a private gateway to monitor the conduct of the security and housekeeping workers. Labelled as “SCSC Credential Check,” the portal has between 250 and 300 top MNCs, each with non technical/housekeeping/security workers from various states. The portal can examine the data of 60,000 persons, making it the finest solution for such a large database.
  • Project on Safety and Security: This portal covers all types of state-level cybercrime complaints, including those involving child sexual abuse (CSAM), online child pornography, social media crimes, online financial fraud, hacking, cyber-trafficking, and other issues.
  • Project on Cyberbullying: An easy-to-access helpline launched in coordination with the state police to allow the general public to report bullying in any form, whether it occurs offline or online. Notably, using this portal, types of abuse, including those based on caste or religion, can be reported.

These projects span several states, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and the Chennai Commissionerate. While maintaining the security of many regions, the projects also show how a technology company can set a unique standard for the use of technology. These also indicate how the aspirations of an ordinary individual are driving extraordinary influence.

Innovation and talent are the core pillars of Megatron IT Services. What distinguishes them is their tenacity and concentration on completing jobs on time. According to Chandra Sekhar, “This encourages trust, another quality that makes clients pick us.” Even though they offer internal development opportunities, they never limits a person’s ability to further their career, even if that opportunity exists elsewhere. As a startup, they are rigorous in all of their decisions, including how and what resources to cultivate.

On the other hand, they refrain from increasing costs by overburdening projects and adding stress. Megatron IT Services has a pleasant atmosphere and makes sure that work doesn’t interfere with employees’ free time or personal lives. In the end, this guarantees overall growth and maintains the company’s employees’ gratitude, which has been a critical element of its progress.

The pandemic was a test of character for the business community, but it wasn’t a crisis for a company whose strength is in overcoming obstacles. In that light, Megatron IT Services found prospects to explore during the period. Chandra notes that there was a rapid rise in incidences of abuse trolling, domestic violence, false news dissemination, cybercrimes, and fraud during this time.

And this offered them the chance to become a viable problem solver. They developed bespoke solutions that helped in clarifying many cluttered facts. Also, their specific platforms were designed to give people access to assistance right at their fingertips, especially those who might not feel comfortable physically attending a police station.

Chandra has several feathers in his cap for providing innovations and technical support to both the public and private sectors. Many of his projects have received honours like the SKOCH Award and the Technology Sabha Award. Police Magazine has almost 20,000 visitors. Cyber awareness programme has 75k subscribers. There have been over 30K complaints made via WhatsApp pertaining to cyberbullying, which is one of the state govt. support project held during COVID-19. Among these feats, Chandra’s most notable one involves working with companies and people who have successfully scaled new business heights.

Chandra’s venture has a crucial vision for the future. They are putting quality resource creation and placement front and centre. “We are employing college students and giving them projects,” the leader explains. He continues, “If the students are interested in studying abroad after successfully completing their course, we can even help them get a placement.” Putting it simply, they are allowing them to be the best version of themselves by giving them the freedom to choose a career.

The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “The measure of a man is what he does with power.” This sentence, in our opinion, defines Chandra Sekhar’s odyssey. Although he came from humble beginnings, his parents allowed him
the choice to pick his career, which sparked a feeling of accountability. He still recounts this as a cornerstone and works with his clients on a similar understanding. It’s how he rose to become a revered Technology strategist to few IAS and IPS officers.

He is declaring unequivocally that every family needs someone who breaks the mould of mediocrity. He is 32 years old and single with focused mind and aim towards proving his mark and legacy to world of current generation. Unlike many of his peers of his age, he is working alone to win titles. He undoubtedly serves as an inspiration to many members of his generation because of how vibrant and self-driven he is.

“We wish him all the very success for the milestones he will surely achieve”

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