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CBSE is the most acclaimed implemented education curriculum in India. And not just govt. Schools, it’s implemented in several Govt. regulated schools for their wholesome standards. CHATE Public School is one laudable name in the assembly following the CBSE pattern. Born in the digital age, Its foundation is built on student-centred, inquiry-based pedagogy with a commitment to creativity and collaboration.

CHATE Public School positions itself in a unique position by offering an immersive learning experience to ensure the holistic development of every child. It provides well-designed activities that give academics and extracurricular activities equal weight. CPS nurtures a child’s true potential, preparing a path that helps in achieving dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, IPS, IAS, etc. It is well-infrastructured and has an ideal environment that underpins teaching, learning and grasping.

The school’s curriculum also connects students to several fine arts and athletics clubs. This gives access to various training and learning opportunities, such as job shadowing, worksite visits, and visits from guest speakers, alumni success stories and a lot more that can upscale their career.

The School was founded by Hon. Prof. Fulchand Chate Sir in 2016. He is passionate about creating meritorious children and grow them mentally and physically through educational programs. The exact purpose helped him envision a school – dynamic & joyful, that’ll inspire students to be evergreen learners. Under his guidance, CPS has grown into a fun-filling, engaging and convenient campus. The academic and teaching excellence testifies to the founder’s vision of systematic education, which includes activity-based curriculum, commitment and dedication of teachers, parental participation, and students’ hard work. Together these make CPS privileged for success stories and a Symbol of Merit.

Education and competition are closely related and together nurture inquisitiveness in children. While it’s highly debated, but it’s important for children to have the intellect and intelligence to grow and sustain in this age. CPS focuses on building tomorrow’s leaders. It envisions an enthusiastic generation of inventive, dynamic, socialized and disciplined leaders, creating the path for others. Its curriculum is meant to relieve stress in kids while maintaining high academic standards.

Moreover, CHATE has designed ten innovative clubs (Sports Club, Eco Club, Literary Club, Aryabhatta Club, G.K. Club, Heritage Club, IT Club, Dance Club, Art Club, and Einstein Club) to maintain students’ enthusiasm. These club activities kept the students engaged amid the pandemic. It underpinned collaborative learning and highlighted the value of other’s viewpoints.

This helped in building a community of similar mindset, empowering teamwork to reach sensible goals. It also encourages students to make meaningful friendships with people from different origins and cultures, which is crucial during adolescence. Thus, at a young age, students build a leadership mindset. Thanks to the club activities, they are able to discover products and leadership opportunities beyond the classroom. This boosts their level of confidence and their sense of independence.

As previously said, CPS focuses on a child’s holistic development, which covers a wide variety of factors. It’s important to keep nurturing these factors to ensure a positive atmosphere in the school. Let’s understand them in a broad sense:

  • Create meaningful parent involvement: CPS maintains complete transparency with students’ parents to avoid any misunderstandings. It has a feedback platform for parents – to express their opinions on curriculum and activities, as well as concerns about their children’s education. Instead of prevalent parent-teacher meetings, it organizes workshops to keep parents involved in the process. Even more, parents get invited to event committees and school fundraisers. The participatory method fosters cooperation between parents and the school, as well as a favourable impact on their child.
  •  Celebrate personal achievement and good behaviour: The schoolcelebrates every “Good job” done by individuals. This instils a sense of being valued and portrays a positive culture of the school. Teachers are tasked to set goals for the number of compliments each week to highlight the good deeds of individual students.
  • Establish norms that build values: It’s not just what they should or shouldn’t, but also why is also important. This is why CHATE Public School positions itself in a unique position by offering an immersive learning experience to ensure the holistic development of every child. ensures its rules and regulations are clear to students. While there isn’t a rule for every possible situation, it follows norms that focus on building positive values in a class.
  • Set consistent discipline: CPS also has strong disciplinary practices. Instead of putting an iron grip on students’ faults, it assigns a specific disciplinary duty that educates the wrongdoing. This unique approach helps in encouraging a positive school culture.
  • Model behaviours of the management: CPS has a list of characteristics and values that it looks for in kids and teachers. But the process starts with the management. They strive to be an example of the behaviour they expect from others.
  • Engage students in ways that benefit them: Beyond the secular curriculum, CPS focuses on strengthening its students for their future after graduation. To do so, they follow the social-emotional learning (SEL) model. Teachers are encouraged to conduct activities that empower empathy, reliability, respect, concern, and a sense of humour.
  • Celebrating rituals and traditions: CPS punctuates time for fun, just like study. Celebrations like ‘The school day’ and ‘School year and others, builds the morale in children.
  • Maintain the physical environment of school: Surrounding environment and tangible factors have a huge impact on a school’s culture. It enables mobility, flexible arrangement and has a positive influence on a student’s behaviour. Knowing these, CPS maintains an alluring decorum (light, temperature, air quality, room colour, etc.) of its surroundings, ensuring the focus is on sessions. Introducing technology for supplement learning also imparts a positive impact on students.

Just like every other school, CHATE Public School faced monumental challenges with the COVID-19. Offline schooling shifted to online schooling overnight, and teachers needed training for this. CPS maintained its vigilance and adhered to the requirements accordingly.

It laid an upgradation program for teachers and encouraged innovation in classes to improve the learning process. Even the founder and the others on the board went on to research and brainstorm new ideas and methods to make the teaching process more comprehensive. “We want our students to be proud of their school and take part in various aspects of their development,” Prof. Fulchand Chate Sir.

The process helped in conducting freewheeling sessions throughout the lockdown. Those who couldn’t attend classes were shared teaching videos and notes. They even went on to celebrate festivals online, attaching science with culture and rituals.

Besides students, CPS prioritizes the development of the brains that aligns children with the school’s vision. To help teachers improve their skills and craft, It pairs individual teachers with a mentor from day 1. As such, teachers become cognizant of policies and rules and how to use tech in class. “Supporting new teachers in this way helps to promote a consistent atmosphere,” Said, Principal Mrs. Mikita V. Kale. Working closely with teachers also helps in understanding what they feel about their work. CPS also heeds their feedback, hear out concerns, and get suggestions for improvement.

CHATE Public School has established a strong reputation in Pune in just a few years, thanks to its dedication and skill. With innovation-based learning, outdoor learning, sport and community gatherings, etc., it has built a stimulating environment acclaimed by parents and allows students to explore opportunities.

In the broad sense of prospects, the School targets to be the #1 Rank in India, in terms of:

  • Cultural diversity & volunteerism within the community.
  • Partnering with International Schools to explore more cultures
  • Enhance before and after school program (Foreign language and social/emotional development) to develop the “whole child”
  • Virtual Learning methodologies
  • Student Internships to build a proactive background for them
  • Partnership with local Universities to acquire and install academic programs and technology in class.

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