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NO doubt eating is the most pleasuring thing we enjoy-but some personas make our food experience beyond limits and we call them chefs. A good chef adds taste to the food, but a great chef makes the food magical via his or her art and experience. Gone are the days when cooking was considered an art limited to females only. At present, we are surrounded by multiple male chefs who are redefining the definition of cooking and even overcrossing the females in the same.

Although, the team of Business Connect has a marvelous history of featuring a wide range of inspiring leasers in its portfolio this one is different and interesting at the same time. Here, our team has put their best efforts to bring a story of taste and experience to the table via sharing the journey of Chef Bishwajit Haldar. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with him in which he shared numerous unknown and interesting facts about his entrepreneurial journey so far that we are keen to spill here. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value in the lives of our global readership and will surely inspire the upcoming leaders.

Narrating his story himself, Bishwajit asserts, “India as a nation has always considered it to be given that a lady should know her way around the kitchen. However, now the time has changed as many men around the world are working hard to rule the kitchen. Born in Delhi, home town Kolkata, I became passionate about cooking by watching my mother preparing family meals, and by the age of 14, I became the ‘right handy sous-chef ’ of my family kitchen. I always try to use fresh as well as locally sourced ingredients in my dishes and I think my cooking style has been influenced by my mother.

Talking about my initial phase, I pursued culinary arts from the Himalayan Institute of Hotel Management in the year 1999. I got my first job in the Oberai from Stars Hotel as a chef, and after that, I traveled through ‘Gustro’ french restaurant, Abu Dhabi national hotel as Head chef, the lake view palm restaurant ( New-Zealand ) as a culinary chef-and, at last, landed to India.

“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook must bring the soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller.

After gaining 20 years of experience and expertise of service in chef role and working hard in my life, I opened my own bakery ‘de bread factory’ & chef sack kitchen, but due to some financial conditions, I had to shut down the business. And finally, I’m here doing my food consultancy & opened many café, restaurants & bar.

Having a specialization in world cuisine & gastronomy molecular foods and participated in Amul chef of the years 2008, Chef Bishwajit is playing a very crucial and big role in Houz Café as co-operate chef. The cuisine of this restaurant is very different from other brands and doing its best to compete and cross other giant brands of the same industry.

Revealing the business ethics and values, the team says, “Our originality & creativity is focused in our hard work and satisfying our client’s expectations. In addition, chef Haldar’s excellent managing skills & menu designing along with awesome recipes altogether help to establish our name in this industry.”

A culinary maestro, Chef Bishwajit Haldar is a man with a plan. He is a chef at Chef –de-culinary & food consultant of the Houz café bar, which has a very interesting menu and makes a brand to houz café bar along with making it successful and premium.

“I am very happy to teach my skill to those unemployed candidates who don’t have money for the best education. I teach them with my all talents and skills, then arrange the best to join them in the food industry my dream is to become an actual favorite chef who helps all unemployed people with dreams for the hotel industry and to give a job to every passionate cook. I am very hard working and creating recipes with my skills.

My knowledge is to build the ingredients and make the unique and simple recipe that clicks in the market. I make very unique sauces and make an excellent menu which succeeds in the market and restaurants. I thank god that today I am a very talented and passionate chef for God‘s grace.”

Chef Bishwajit and his team have a robust perception that the prominent reason for their business excellence is their client’s satisfaction. They listen to their clients and communicate efficiently and effectively. Also, Bishwajit makes sure that the team pays attention to the client’s needs and wants along with demonstrating honesty, unbiased opinions about the issues, and fixing them to make better efficient work. Moreover, the team always makes sure to create efficient & effective menu design & recipes under the supervision of its leader.

Some of the restaurants and cafes created and established by Chef Bishwajit and team are:

  • Houz Café & Bar in Gurugram.
  • Café Oz-In Delhi & Amritser.
  • Stone oven la pizza.
  • Meezzah in Pan India.
  • Sparsa Café in Gurugram.
  • Café Red in Delhi.
  • Nashta.Com in Gurugram.
  • Mirch-Masala in Rajouri Garden.
  • Deck Kitchen in Gurugram.
  • B “Ten” Café in Gurugram.
  • Pizzo ‘O’ Bello in south delhi.
  • Chaos in Gurugram.
  • Chef Sack Kitchen in Gurugram.
  • De Bread Factory in Gurugram.
  • Pura Stays Resorts in Manali, H.P.
  • Friendly Beans in Manali, H.P.
  • Brews N Bagel in Gurugram.
  • Chopstick Gully in Gurugram.
  • The Banana Leaf in Hyderabad.
  • Abu –dhabi luxury Hotel, UAE.
  • The lake view palm restaurant in Newzealand.

Explaining more of his venture, Bishwajit asserts, “Our main objective is the kitchen setups as the kitchen is the backbone of all successful restaurants, so we establish the best kitchen in small areas & so perfectly design it so that all the operations in the kitchen can run efficiently with professional guidance. Also, we generally focus on authentic food, which is our strength in this competitive food industry. Our customer overwhelmed with our special authentic dishes-and the main strength of our company is we provide our client all the services in an understandable budget which is also convenient to them, and they get satisfied.”

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