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Security as a service has been a priority since the dawn of human civilization. We have implemented it for the safekeeping of people, structures, as well as valuables. With time, there have been significant positive developments, but private security is still essential for protecting a nation’s institutions, critical infrastructure systems, and enabling business continuity during critical times. Developing countries like India have always relied on private security to protect businesses and resources, conduct investigations, perform pre-employment screening, and many other functions.

Since the global pandemic, the need for security has increased manifold. Security personnel are now considered “critical workers” for many purposes, including safety and security. Threats have increased in the industry, making proactive security services necessary. Cherubim Security Force is an acknowledged firm for end-to-end services. With cutting-edge innovations and passionate employees, the firm gives clients the “eyes of protection.”

Cherubim offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to each client’s particular requirements. A structured risk management strategy should be in place as part of the culture of any company. They do this to manage and diminish any detrimental incidents while continuing to work effectively and in compliance with the law. Cherubim upholds moral standards and ideals to guarantee that the clients’ varied needs are met, along with security reconnaissance. It offers a uniform delivery level across all aspects of security, including physical security, electronic surveillance, housekeeping, FMS, security audits and planning, bodyguards, and lifeguards. The firm is steadily expanding its footprint across the country.

The company works with a diverse range of clients, including industrial, residential complexes, hospitality, and shopping malls. Its experience and excellence complement its team of well-trained professionals that uphold the highest standards for business practices professionally and ethically. They promote the ideals of trust, honesty, and integrity and serve a wide range of leading brands throughout the subcontinent.

The emergence of “New India” has led to the evolution of numerous reformative policies, shocking PSAs (Private Security Agency). The hailstorm that swept over this decade, leaving some swirls in its path, such as demonetization, COVID-19, and others, is driving PSAs towards digital platforms for statutory compliance as well as managing the entire gamut of running a company.

While benefits eventually materialize as cash flows are streamlined and regulatory provisions receive the proper inspection, making operations more time-bound, there is undoubtedly a growing level of competition. For PSAs to be effective and thrive, they must adhere to the rapidly evolving digitalization, innovations in access control, and client behavior.

Cherubim is acknowledged for walking its talk. It promises to deal openly and honestly with customers, staff, the government, and other stakeholders, upholding the moral philosophies and ideas of its forefathers. They emphasize continuous innovation to stay abreast of technological advancements while adhering to statutory compliances.

There is a saying, “There is only a thin line between safety and security.” A place’s security depends on who is watching over it. A security professional must ensure that residents are at ease so that they can concentrate on critical tasks. For that, they must go through rigorous training and have the necessary tools. This makes them effective, retain leadership qualities, be more interactive, informed on incident response and be confident in every situation. As a PSA, training its people has been an integral investment for Cherubim.

They adhere to the 5D principle (Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend) to train their personnel. To rigorously sharpen their axes, each member undergoes training as per the PSAR Act 2005, with special emphasis on access control, firefighting, first-aid, IR, attitude and soft skills, etc. Training specific to their deployments is also carried out. Cherubim’s training program is extensive and includes Generic/Post Duty Training, Bomb Threat Training, Access Control Training, Emergency Crisis Training, Fire Fighters Training, Evacuation Drill, Traffic Management Training, Financial Instrument Transfer Training, and more. The firm strives to excel in its commitments; it keeps its resources up to the mark.

Cherubim was established in 2012 and is moving toward sustainable prospects under the tutelage of Lt. Col. P. J. Joseph (M.D.). Due to the episodic market hurdles, navigating this trip over the past 10 years has surely been a trial by fire. But soldiers are renowned for never giving up, no matter what. Under Col. Joseph, Cherubim has grown throughout the subcontinent, and the company has won major awards. In fact, Corporate Vision has recently listed Cherubim as one of the illustrious victors of its Security Awards 2022.

They were awarded the “Best Manned Security Solutions Provider – India” title in recognition of their effective performance in the private security industry. As we know, the true essence of leadership lies in constantly surpassing limits. Cherubim is also striving to attain new heights. They have the required resources and practices, and although the future remains unknown, they will surely have a fruitful future. We wish them all the best for the milestones they will achieve.

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