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The world we live in now is more dynamic than we did two years ago. Everything has drastically changed, from how people make a living to how businesses are operated. Although most limitations have been relaxed, it is extremely doubtful that life will ever return to “normal.” Businesses are actively updating their branding strategies to reflect the shifting consumer preferences. But without a strategic approach, this shift could grow tiresome. With every business aiming to establish long-term partnerships, the industry needs services that instantly engage with users. ClixzYou is a credible choice for targeted brand-building solutions.

Our magazine recently had the opportunity for an interview with the company’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Kartik Rastogi. The following account summarizes the discourse and what makes ClixzYou a prized branding partner in today’s market.

Kartik has always had a natural passion for turning dreams into reality, which eventually inspired him to take up photography. He founded ClixzYou in 2015 with 2 other people, creating Amity University’s first photography club. Even as alumni, they organized 35 events in the same year, drawing positive attention. New talents wanted to join the coup, and the team began auditions in Delhi NCR. “Be it DU, IP, or Amity, every college kid participated in the auditions, and more than 250 people participated. “90 people were chosen for services we offer presently,” says Kartik. Kartik and his team involved them since gratitude letters, internship opportunities, and experience boost a student’s career.

The first breakthrough happened in 2016, as CLixzYou became the photography partner for the Under 25 summit. The team started managing and producing events and promoting brands as well. In the same year, they got to cover TEDx Delhi and be its broadcasting head. More than 30 people worked on the project with their team. In the years that followed, they began working in film productions, and in 2020 they released their first music video, Tareyan Wala Aasmaan,” in honour of Women’s Day just before COVID-19 swept the nation. That same year, they also released their second song, “PIA,” which was also performed by Urvashi Kiran Sharma. The increasing number of projects helped in establishing their first office in Ghaziabad.

In the following two years, Kartik and his team transformed ClixzYou into a “One-Stop-Shop” to handle all branding requirements, including photoshoots, website design, graphic design, digital marketing, and more. With more than 15 staff and 25 freelancers working on diverse projects as of 2022, ClixzYou is one of the eminent brand-building firms. “We were as the line producer for a recent Bollywood movie that was shot in Delhi NCR this year,” says Kartik. Standing today, it can drive transformation across many industries. The firm has created a reputation over the past six years for giving voice to small-scale firms with innovative and affordable services. The firm has expanded to many more cities, including Dehradun, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

From eCommerce to technology providers, ClixzYou caters to all. It has even served corporate giants like DBMCI, eGurukul, and Pehchan. It provides services to distributors like Indofussion and retailers like Bsecart and Plaantghar as well. So, what gives ClixzYou the edge to serve companies of all sizes and shapes? It’s the innate desire to see brands unleash their full potential and achieve their goals.

According to Kartik, this is a fundamental value in everything they do, from capturing the most key moments to introducing novel ideas to the digital marketplace, shooting, and event management. Back in the early years of film production, Kartik had seen how the increasing production costs in India hurdled a small brand’s growth. That is the very reason, ClixzYou has customized packages to suit all types of clients. Being in the industry for nearly a decade, they have also entered the IT space and successfully created a low-cost eCommerce website and application for a travel company and are making it available in other states.

The company keeps up with the market, which enables it to diversify into other industries. Each solution is supported by thorough research, market analysis, and a customized execution methodology. Every step of the process, is governed by precise rules, regulations, and standards to ensure only the best results. These ingrained principles have aided them in building a strong clientele throughout the subcontinent.

Technology, data, and people are the three foundational elements of digital marketing. It’s crucial to realize though people can only develop in the correct setting. ClixzYou upholds the idea and has a harmonious, goal oriented culture. Placing people at the center of operations allows for more detailed issue solving, improved customer service, and overall transformation. The significant emphasis on people and clients also reduces internal
conflict and keeps everyone motivated to enhance the customer experience.

The team’s efforts are commemorated with various rewards. Kartik asserts,“We have everything to keep them inspired, from promotions to parties, raises to tours, incentive payments to awards.”

Everybody on board is allowed to voice their creativity and innovative ideas. Flexibility in working from home and in an office environment also encourages cooperation and enthusiasm.

The lion’s share of ClixzYou’s market exposure and durability comes from its adaptive business model. And this is well-exemplified in its progress during the COVID-19 outbreak. The period saw the rise of digital technologies, which propelled the e-Commerce space. As e-commerce businesses thrived, every other client wanted a welldesigned website for their brands. ClixzYou grabbed the opportunity and moved in as an affordable partner. Where most digital marketing firms outsource photo sessions, website design, and other services, ClixzYou handles things with its resources.

“The service we provide and the infrastructure we have under one roof isn’t available to all,” he explains. The distinction helps them walk their talk and offers them an edge over their peers.

ClixzYou’s constant strive to excel in quality has earned it many prestigious accolades. The firm is counted among the “Top 10 photography studios of Delhi NCR” and is the only company to introduce BOLLCO (Bollywood Coworking) in India, where people can have 12 hours of free studio space for shoots complimentary with a co working seat. This innovative model has attracted many investors, and they are now in the process of implementing it. Kartik hasn’t refrained from putting feathers on his cap. In 2018, he was awarded the “Under 20 Entrepreneurship Award” by Indore India Network.

The firm’s growth exemplifies enthusiasm and dedication to goals with an emphasis on exploration. However, the firm still has many plans in the pipeline, so this is not the end. Within the next five years, ClixzYou intends to establish its one-stop branding franchisees across the nation, focusing on outlying areas. According to Kartik, although there are startups and viable products in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, not everyone is aware of the branding opportunities. He wants to help them succeed and prosper.

Change is inevitable, and consistency—whether it be in people, environment, trends, or practices—fosters progress and promotes stability.

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