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Top Corporate Event Management Companies in Delhi

Top Corporate Event Management Companies in Delhi


Event management companies in Delhi are quickly reaching the pinnacle of their professional endeavors. And as business owners and entrepreneurs expand their event management businesses, they rely on these professionals for live event planning, production, guest services, and more.

This article has compiled a list of one-of-a-kind corporations to help you with your next big project or special event. Whether you need a corporate event planner or an entertainment planner for your office party, these companies will work hard to ensure your needs are met with remarkable results!

What are the Corporate Event Management Companies?

A corporate event management firm manages the execution of projects for significant events and clients. These companies have one or more managers who oversee the planning, development, execution, and logistics of the event. They have a team of professionals in various areas (marketing, public relations, legal, security, etc.) to ensure their plans are carried out correctly and efficiently.

From organizing the event to providing complete service and support to the guest, these companies must be able to do it all! Hiring the services provided by one of these companies ensures that your project is well planned out and executed with the utmost professionalism.

For example, a company may need to host an annual conference. Corporate event management companies are hired to ensure this conference runs smoothly and that all the guests and coordinators have a great time!

Best event management companies in Delhi

This section will list the 12 top event management companies you can use to meet your event planning needs. Though each of these companies is leading the industry, and they have been rated as the best event management companies in Delhi NCR:

01. Showmakerz:

Showmakerz, a highly skilled and innovative corporate event management companies in Delhi and the National Capital Region, was founded in 2006. Their best quality is their ability to provide the best services across Northern India. Their services are unmatched, and they have a fantastic team of talented employees who have worked in the field for many years.

This company’s primary focus is corporate events, and it excels at MICE and HR events, which is one of its selling points.   Ten years of experience and an internal production facility give us an edge over our competitors. They’ve also worked with numerous brands, and they frequently pick us for their upcoming projects.

SPECIALITY: Event Organisers, Corporate Events, and offers a wide range of unique and creative thematic Corporate Events

02. ArmaansEvent:

For years, Armaans Event Pvt. Ltd., also known as Armaans, has provided thematic events for corporate, governmental, and private use. Armaans is one of the best event management companies in the Delhi-National Capital Region.

With the main themes of conferences, workshops, weddings, etc., this event management company has been concentrating on producing unforgettable moments for its clients and partners. With a friendly and professional attitude, Armaan’s team is dedicated to offering the best services.

Their goal is to assist individuals, companies, and corporate clients in raising their game with events, from small parties and weddings to significant national conventions. They are indeed the top event management company in Delhi.

  • SPECIALITY: Corporate Event Organizers, party planners & wedding planners; they provide full service for any event

03. Innovative Ideaz & Events:

Since 2000, Innovative Ideaz& Events Pvt. Ltd. has offered elite Event management services in Delhi. They are one of the top event management companies in Delhi NCR, and the staff comprises highly qualified experts with years of experience.

corporate events company in delhi Working with various corporate clients, including those in the FMCG, financial services, and high-end manufacturing sectors both inside and outside of India, is Innovative Ideaz& Events Pvt Ltd. In charge of more than 1000 events worldwide, they have demonstrated their experience and expertise.

They are offering top-tier B2B and B2C clients end-to-end services for weddings, events, corporate meetings, social gatherings, and cultural occasions with a team of 100 highly skilled and trained employees. Numerous industry celebrities have benefited from their services.

  • SPECIALITY: Unique Event Organizers, Conference Organizers, Corporate Event Management Companies, and Corporate Event Planners for all types of events throughout India and Overseas as well.

04. Countrywide Events:

A pioneering best event management company in Delhi NCR, Countrywide Events Pvt. Ltd., has distinguished itself as a top pick for its clients for many years. The company is always prepared to make your event a success thanks to its well-trained staff of highly skilled professionals.

The staff at Countrywide Events Pvt. Ltd. will handle every detail, including the planning of the ceremony, the champagne reception, make-up artists, and decorators. The meticulous team at Countrywide Events will ensure that the theme you have chosen for your event is reflected in it.

  • SPECIALITY: For corporate events like seminars & conferences, Activations and Promotions, Social Events, Artist Management, MICE, Tour Management, and Sports events.

05. E Factor:

E-Factor, one of the Top event management companies in Delhi, was founded in 2000–2001 and is headquartered in Noida. The company serves corporate and governmental clients and specializes in marketing communications and integrated event management. They are a well-respected, top-tier event management company.

The team of E-Factor knows what it takes to make an event successful, and they ensure that they deliver nothing less! E-Factor has provided services like Corporate Event Management, Production & Entertainment, Brand Activation & Social Marketing, Media Campaigns & Events, Integrated communications, and more!

Their professional services are always customized to meet the requirements of the client. The company has an excellent reputation for creativity and quality in its work due to its amazing team!

  • SPECIALITY: Wedding, Corporate and Proprietary Events, Strategic Branding, Integrated Event Marketing, Conferences & Seminars

06. Lalvis International:

Lalvis International has worked hard to develop innovative ideas and put them into practice since its founding in 2005. The business is a renowned event management company that can amazingly carry out various events, including corporate events, weddings, social events, exhibitions, and many more unique events.

They use very original and creative methods to make the event plans of their clients come to life. By meeting all of its customers’ needs, Lalvis International aims to live up to its client’s expectations.

Due to the company’s teamwork, they have ensured that their services are very high quality and customized to their customers’ needs. With their professional and experienced team, it is no doubt that Lalvis is one of the Professional event managements in Delhi.

  • SPECIALITY: Corporate Event Organizers, Wedding Event Management, Exhibitions & Events Management, Branding & Creative Marketing Solutions

07. Vibes Entertainment:

As their name suggests, the Vibes Entertainment Group is all about providing best-in-class vibes and they are top-notch event planners in Delhi. The company’s main objective is to provide the best assistance and services for its clients looking for an event management company in Delhi. With this, they aim to ensure that each client’s event becomes memorable!

The Vibes Entertainment Group Vibes entertainment can spark and flavor your event. They were founded in 2009 and offer services such as wedding planning, corporate events, entertainment events, conceptual sets, social events, and event production.

They thoroughly review all services within the time frame, from venue selection to concept execution to catering arrangements and technical planning. The backbone of their company is a creative, hardworking, and dedicated team that is always ready to complete each task flawlessly.

  • SPECIALITY: Décor Expertise, RSVP & Invitation, Technical & Production Personnel for events, Entertainment & Choreography.

08. SL Entertainment & Events:

SL Entertainment & Events began as a sole proprietorship in 2004 with a vision to provide the best event management for all events. Today, the company has become a leader in the event and venue management industry, with its expertise in creating memorable events for its clients.

SL Entertainment & Events plan your events based on their purpose, like festivals, ceremonies, private or corporate parties, or conventions. Their events management services include a complete process. That is budgeting, event dates, and selecting and reserving the venue.

With more than 15 years in the business, they Provide Rocking Entertainment Solutions for all occasions, be it a Wedding, Corporate, Cocktail, Birthday Party, or Event. The SL Entertainment & Events team ensures the success of every event they look after.

  • SPECIALITY: Event Management, Event & Venue Management, Event Planning, Entertainment, and Planning

09. Creative INC:

Creative INC is a Professional event management company in New Delhi. Their main business has been event management and the creation of spectacular events, which are tailor-made according to the needs of their clients. The company believes in innovation and creativity, thus providing them with the best possible services.

Their offering also includes corporate events, wedding entertainment services, and more; for each client’s needs, Creative INC will ensure they are available 24/7 to cater to them anytime.

The creative INC team is highly experienced in getting the best possible ideas for their client’s event and implementing them through innovative techniques at the most competitive rates.

  • SPECIALITY: Event Management Services Company, Celebrity Hosts and Performers, Corporate Events Management Services, and more.

10. Pearl Imagica:

Pearl Imagica is a premium event management company in Delhi that offers high-end event planning, corporate events, and travel support services. With their strong event background, they aim to ensure that each client’s event is the best possible!

They are the proud owners of the best team of event planners and managers throughout India. Their expertise in business planning and corporate events management service makes them stand out from other companies within the same industry.

Pearl Imagica strives to be the most dependable and creative event company in the world, consistently delivering a high standard of quality and value for money to their customers. Work closely with customers to provide a service that sets new standards in event management, with the customer’s needs always at the forefront of their minds.

  • SPECIALITY: Corporate Event and Wedding Planning, Event Management, Event Promotion, Promotional Events Management, and more.

11. Aura Event Managers: 

Aura Event Managers, a reputable Event management companies for corporate events founded in 2007, has a solid commitment to meeting the needs and preferences of its clients. The company primarily aims to cooperate with clients to create the ideal environment.

They offer incredible decorations, a theme for the venue, lighting, catering, music, and much more. They handle all kinds of arrangements, whether in a traditional, modern, or classical setting, to make your day more memorable and unique. They constantly strive to turn routine events into extraordinary ones.

  • SPECIALITY: Event Management Company, Corporate Events Management Company in Delhi, Event Manager for Events, and more.

12. Tafcon Group:

Tafcon Group is a team of creative ideas and professionals passionate about making events better and more memorable. The company’s main objectives are to provide its clients with their requirements innovatively and stylishly to make it memorable for all who attend.

They offer various event management services, from announcements, reception, decor, entertainment & more. They aim to provide their clients with the best possible service in this industry. They also have a strong background in corporate events management which they have been successfully providing to clients for years.

  • SPECIALITY: Corporate Events, International Conferences, National Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches, Musical Entertainment, Fashion Shows, and Trade Shows.


In today’s time, the importance of event management companies cannot be denied. You must choose the best and most efficient event manager for your events to ensure their success and make them memorable for everyone. We have just listed some top 12 event management companies in Delhi. It’s up to you to research more and find out which company best suits your needs.

With so many options available nowadays, there are many options for planning your big day. Take time choosing the right people who can help you plan your special day without compromising on any aspect. You can go to where you can see upcoming events of Business Connect magazine in order to get a hand on experience of the same.

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