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CRMIT Solutions: Pivoting the “new Normal”

While the measures to contain  COVID-19 have been taken from a public health perspective, they have crippled most businesses and presented all of us with the greatest challenge in history. During this time one of the biggest things that we all have been banging about is “the new normal” and what does it really mean for real-life entrepreneurs? It is easy to talk about the new normal or being adaptable during a crisis but for many of us, it is about how to sustain & substantiate this theory and utilize it for your growing business or least maintain it.

One principle that remains stronger as always is that of customer-centricity. We place customers at the core of all that we do. We have to push ourselves beyond limits to make customer experiences even more meaningful. We asked ourselves, how can we pivot this and what can we implement to stay ahead. The most anxious one for many was ‘The transition from home back to the workplace”. Employees globally, are reasonably satisfied with their organizations’ response to the COVID-19 crisis.

At CRMIT, our employees and customers always remain our top priority. In an ongoing effort to help our customers and prospects through this unprecedented time, CRMIT Solutions has launched the ‘CRMIT COVID19 Resource Center’, a set of free solutions designed to help our customers respond effectively to their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our first pivot towards this “new normal” started with re-purposing the CallADoc app with a WHO-approved self-screening chatbot. CallADoc app was originally designed and developed to enable the best of medical practices to those outside the urban comforts, by extending access to an effective prediagnosis tool.

The new CallADoc offered self-screening to those who suspected to have coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been in close contact with someone who has it. The CallADoc was known to be ahead of the curve even before Aarogya setu was announced and made available.

The second pivot was for the healthcare industry, which was pretty slow in embracing the digital age. With the lack of government regulations and the way we see healthcare (more as a service than a business), there has been relatively less pressure on the healthcare industry to go digital. COVID-19 has changed everything.

We rapidly put a taskforce to decided to start top-down unlike many others in this space and bring the best of the CRM platform to the healthcare providers. Our pivot was to herald a comprehensive healthcare experience with virtual healthcare management, telehealth, and digital health solutions. We delivered HealthCare360 – a healthcare experience platform.

The third pivot was to get our employees and our customer’s employees, return-to-workplaces, as COVID-19 restrictions start to ease globally. Each business has its own unique set of challenges – from reimagining hotdesking and meeting spaces to restarting bricks-and-mortar factories and retail locations. That’s when we started with our drawing boards to develop “ActNow” a no-cost Salesforce plug-in.

The ActNow solution is aimed at helping consumers ensure the health and safety of their employees at the workplace, help them return to back to work safely, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The ActNow plug-in is 100% native to Salesforce which is the #1 Cloud CRM platform and also leverages the safety guidelines of CallADoc self-screening chatbot.

“ Our principle that remains stronger as always is that of customer-centricity.we place the customer at the core of all that we do”

Another critical initiative in this uncertain environment was to start blurring the line between the tech field and the healthcare field. This largely included the automation of health and human service functions that previously required human work. This includes health and human service delivery in troubled environments and remote locations, consumer outreach, care coordination, triage and treatment services with our FieldForcePro application (listed on Salesforce Appexchange as a 100% native Salesforce app)

Granted, we still know comparatively little about the COVID-19 virus and its long-term implications. But what’s clear is that it has already fundamentally changed the way people around the world think and act. Use these times wisely to set short-term goals, review them regularly, and work hard to achieve them. Our mantra – Empathy and Sensitivity will help businesses and employees tide over coronavirus.

Having received many encouraging notes from our customers over the last few weeks, we thank all of them they mean a great deal to us during rthis trying time.

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