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Designhill: World’s Leading Creative Marketplace

Designhill: World’s Leading Creative Marketplace

Designhill was born in a period, where globalization and digital marketing were transitioning the way, entrepreneurship and businesses were functioning. Companies were looking for solutions that can help in transcending the conventional boundaries at affordable prices. Designhill aimed to suffice this revolutionary period, with its trove of high-quality solutions. Leveraging on digital technology, they crafted a marketplace, to empower business owners and creatives to monetize their talent, over the world.

Designhill is highly trusted by more than 1 million businesses including BBC, Deloitte, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Winzip etc. The e-marketplace has honed the skills of more than 165K artists and designers from over 180 countries and has served clients from more than 102 countries, with 99% satisfaction.


Designhill is the brainchild of two creative innovators Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal. Since childhood, Varun had a significant passion for graphics designing. Prior as a freelance designer, he faced several endeavors like lack of creative freedom, communication barriers, lack of opportunities and financial issues, as well. At the same time, Rahul was seeking unique & creative branding ideas/solutions for his family business.

It became an arduous task for Rahul to inculcate creative solutions, diverse expertise and variety of options – in a limited time frame and cost-effective price, all under one roof. These clusters of challenges stimulated a drive in both the innovators to integrate the talents of individual designers/artists and products of innovators, under one umbrella; This led to the inception of Designhill, in 2014.

Over the years, Designhill has grown from a crowdsourcing platform to a creative marketplace for individuals and foundations; seeking creative designing that creates a better brand identity like customized logos, website designs, brochure designs, mobile app designs, marketing collaterals and much more. Recalling the growth, Varun asserts, “When it comes to creative solutions, there is something for everyone at Designhill”.


Since its inception, the company has catered to more than 1 Million customers from 120 industries across 102 countries, offering 100+ design categories through multiple services. These include:

  • DESIGN CONTEST: It is a crowdsourcing service, that guides business owners through a stepwise procedure to get the perfect design for their logos, websites, brochures, etc. Owners need to fill out a brief of their business, following which they receive dozens of design concepts from creatives across the world. Clients enjoy the authority to choose any of the best designers and work with that particular designer until the creatives are finalized as per client’s satisfaction. Moreover, the client gets full ownership of the final design and the transaction will conclude only after the client’s approval.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES: This service enables a client to explore an array of customized designing services and discover the befitting one. Once the client makes a selection, a designer will get in touch and craft the exact design; Clients will have complete ownership of the final design and will make payment after 100% satisfaction.

  • AI LOGO MAKER: It is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning-powered tool that helps clients create their customized logos within minutes. Clients need to enter three specific details – Company’s name, industry and preferred colours for their brand; doing so, they’ll receive thousands of attractive logo designs to choose from. Till date, Designhill has satisfied 1 million + customers across 100+ industries. The logo maker boosts business and helps to create a complete brand identity.

  • PRINTSHOP BY DESIGNHILL: PrintShop by Designhill is a global creative print-on-demand marketplace which offers 50+ unique products ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, mugs to pillows, phone cases, posters, etc and millions of artworks suited for every mood, occasion and passion. There is something for everyone, be it a customer looking for creative products and artwork or an individual & brands looking for opening their own online merchandise store. It also empowers the artist around the globe to showcase their artwork on multiple products and sell to millions of customers online without having to worry about manufacturing, logistics and customer service.

  • DESIGNHILL STUDIO: It is a DIY graphic design tool, which empowers everyone across the world to unfold their creativity. Individuals can create stunning visuals (business collaterals, presentations, social media posts, banners, etc.), within minutes. With numerous ready to use design templates, individuals can create hassle-free visuals, tailored for any occasion and purpose.


Besides dazzling the world with a tech-powered platform, social attributions are a pivotal responsibility for Designhill. During the catastrophic Australian Bushfire in 2019, Designhill has aided the nation in reforestation approaches. Utilizing its e-marketplace ‘Printshop’, Designhill had launched ‘Help

Australia With Art’ – An initiative to generate monetary funds, for supporting Bushfire relief programs. On top of this, Designhill’s initiatives to empower vigilance amid the pandemic is its prized approach. These initiatives comprise:

  • A SURVIVAL MANUAL FOR STARTUP/BUSINESS/ENTREPRENEUR: With the advent of COVID-19 across the globe, business ventures like SMEs and MSMEs were profoundly affected. To help these establishments, Desgnhill has launched ‘Fight Corona Resource Hub’ – A collection of over 25 promising infographic guidelines. These articles cover topics like ‘6 Strategies Businesses Can Adapt To Stay Ahead Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak’, ‘Build a corona-proof business model’, etc.

  • VALUABLE RESOURCES CONCERNING GENERAL AWARENESS: The pandemic has created a period of melancholy, for every individual around the world. To help people stay on their foot, Designhill has published several infographic articles namely ‘Coronavirus Lockdown Survival Guide’, ‘How Long COVID-19 Can Stay On Different Surfaces’, etc. Also, they have an article named ‘Self-Isolating During Coronavirus Pandemic? Here’s your guide to success’, which shall teach you how to stay productive, healthy and spend time with family.

  • FREE LOGO FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS: In the wake of the pandemic, Designhill is offering affected entrepreneurs a free logo, to jump-start their economy in this calamity. Till date, Designhill has helped over 1210 businesses, with free logos, worth thousands of dollars, to kick start their entrepreneurial journey.

  • INITIATIVES FOR THE FREELANCING COMMUNITY (FREELANCER/DESIGNER/ARTIST): COVID-19 has resulted in a paradigm shift by stimulating the utilization of the digital platform. Independent artists and designers are stranded at home and are endeavouring, for employment opportunities to cope, with their financial stress. For this community, Designhill has published several incremental articles namely ‘How To Make Money From Home During The COVID-19 Crisis?’, ‘How Can Freelancers Handle Job Uncertainty During The COVID-19 Crisis?’, etc.

  • EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL EVENTS: Through e-meetings, Designhill has articulated stories of several innovators like Nasrin Jafri, Stephen Thomas, Mia Kolmodin, Matthew Mottola, and lots more on their website. These stories focus on creative strategies, customer experiences, technological aspects, marketing frameworks, etc. helping businesses re-innovate, with the spontaneous transition. They have also created a ‘videographic’ series on autonomous approaches by global leaders like Krista Whitley, Greg Shepard, Javier Hasse and 12 others to inspire the business community.

  • SUPPORTING SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESS: As mentioned before, the pandemic has made an adverse impact on the economy of small business ventures. Designhill committed 40% of its resources to battle the crisis by launching – A non-profit initiative to help small businesses. By enlisting on this online platform, any business can sell vouchers, coupons or deals to customers, for their products. Customers that are loyal to certain brands can help them by, buying these coupons and redeeming afterwards. The amount will benefit these firms in sustaining their business, retain their employees, etc.

  • EXCLUSIVE OFFERS AND RESOURCES: Designhill is availing internationally acclaimed tools presented by brands such as Fundera, TimeDoctor, BlueHost, RocketLawyer, and many more to revive businesses and save up to 70% by availing exclusive offers and discounts. They have also partnered with several global brands like Udemy, SkillShare, Vexels, etc. that are providing creative resources to upskill entrepreneurs.


For its formidable services, Designhill has been honoured with the “Creative Startup Of The Year 2019” award by Entrepreneur Magazine. The same journal also awarded the duo “Rising Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019”. They’re also enlisted in the prestigious “Entrepreneur India’s 35 Under 35 class of 2020”.

On the outlook, Designhill is foreseeing to grow as a key facilitator of enterprise-grade solutions, over the globe. Also, they’re aiming to become a full-fledged creative marketplace, having DIY to graphics designing to sourcing high-quality videos and content .


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