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DE-CIX India

DE-CIX India


During the epidemic, the function of the Internet Exchange grew crucial since the majority of India’s employees worked from home. The Internet became vital for smooth communication, and traffic and data demand skyrocketed. Internet Service Providers were able to accommodate this surge in demand only because of the Internet Exchange. And when you talk about Internet Exchange, DE-CIX India tops the charts.

DE-CIX India is powered by DE-CIX, the operator of the World’s largest Internet Exchange in Frankfurt (Germany), with 11 terabits per second of data throughput. DE-CIX India is a Data Centre and Carrier Neutral Internet Exchange with a nationwide licence and the only legally Compliant Service Provider in India.DE-CIX India operates four Internet Exchanges in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Internet Exchanges are critical for a growing country like India, which has the world’s second-largest population yet has poor landline Internet penetration. As more consumers want Fast, Reliable, and Consistent Internet connections at home to satisfy their leisure, business, and educational demands across many devices, offering high-quality connectivity is vital, and Internet Exchanges play a crucial role in this.

DE-CIX India connects a large number of Networks, SMEs, and Enterprises in all major metropolitan areas, allowing Indian networks to keep Internet Traffic Local.

Due to the Unavoidable circumstances, India was placed under a rigorous nationwide lockdown. Because of the inability to move freely, individuals were compelled to rely on the Internet for the functioning of business, education, and leisure. As a result of the increased data consumption, there was a significant surge in internet traffic, resulting in the problem of bandwidth inefficiency. This unexpected increase in consumption has provided a significant challenge for the Indian telecom sector.

“Those who consider the long-term effects of their actions are more likely to be successful leaders”.

Sudhir Kunder – Country Director at DE-CIX India, steers “In these difficult times, the least we could have done was ensure that your internet speed was not limited, and for these reasons, we worked to the best of our abilities to build World Class Interconnection Infrastructure that includes four exchanges and fifteen data centres. We created a Single Interconnection Access Point that allowed for Internet and Cloud exchange, and as a result, we were able to connect 480+ networks both locally and internationally. “

Good companies can be found all over the place. Whenever they promise to complete a task, they deliver exactly what they promised. They respond to questions when a customer calls. They provide solutions to problems that arise. They’re perfect in every way. The best companies are proactive. With their customers, they are able to respond to their concerns. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, they offer solutions upfront. There are numerous reasons why DE-CIX India is recognised as a great company throughout the country.

In four years, DE-CIX India has grown into the country’s Largest Internet Exchange, focusing on providing Premium Interconnection Services and operating a wide range of Carrier and Data-Center Neutral Exchange, as well as interconnecting a large number of ISPs, CDNs, OTT players, DNS root servers, National and International Telecom networks, and Social Media Networks in all major markets.

The best leaders are familiar with a variety of leadership styles and can switch between them as needed. Sudhir has always been drawn to positions of leadership because he has great ideas and a desire to put them into action. For the past 27 years, he has worked in a variety of industries, including.

“As the operator of the World’s Largest Interconnection Platform, we are responsible for maintaining our customers’ faith in the Internet. We undertake a lot of market research and surveys and publish them for the ecosystem’s consumption. With the help of numerous research and surveys, we are constantly working to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry”.

telecommunications, FMCG, Retail, and Information Technology. He formerly held top positions in business, operations, marketing, and sales at Sify Technologies, Tata Communications, and Bharti Airtel. Sudhir graduated from KC College with a Master’s Degree in Management. Furthermore, he has taken leadership training and certifications from IIM Ahmedabad and Tata Management Training Center and has a Black Belt Six Sigma course to his name.

Situational Leadership is one of the essential aspects that have organically emerged in his leadership style, in which he plays the roles of an innovator and/or an activator depending on the scenario.

“I feel that people are the most important element, and I respond accordingly. This has improved my capacity to work with team members and stakeholders, as well as make difficult decisions”

Having accomplished so much in his life, his perspective on workplace success is that leaders must use their clear sense of purpose and commitment to motivate and influence the people around them. It necessitates leaders shifting their emphasis away from themselves and onto the people they serve.

DE-CIX India has received several distinctions for the efficiency and speed that it brings to the world of the internet. Here’s a glimpse of its accomplishments:

  •  DE-CIX India is the Largest Internet Exchange, with 480+ Connected Networks including 45+ CDNs from India and SAARC countries.
  • DE-CIX Mumbai became the Largest Internet Exchange in the AsiaPacific Region amongst 153 IXs in 29 countries
  • DE-CIX was honored as Best Internet Exchange Operator
  • DE-CIX India is India’s first Internet Exchange to implement IRRDB filtering
  • DE-CIX India has the highest uptime, setting a global standard
  • DE-CIX Mumbai was named one of Capacity Media’s Top 10 Players Contributing to the Digital India Vision’s Goal of Transforming India into a Digitally Empowered Society.
  • DE-CIX India announces access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect
  • Zoho Corporation Joined DE-CIX India
  • Global Achievers Award 2021 “The Fastest Growing Interconnection Platform”
  • The Global Hues awarded “DE-CIX India – Brand of The Year 2021” in the Internet Exchange Category.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the goal of Digital India as a critical initiative to transform India and bridge the digital divide after he was elected in 2014. This larger narrative was intended to be supplemented by other initiatives such as Start-up India and Skill India. Digital India is not only empowering people, but it is also creating jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship, according to actual data. Providing an uninterrupted internet connection, DE-CIX India is an important pillar in the construction of a digitally strong nation.

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