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Design Makers

Design Makers

Where creativity, innovation and integrity are the prerequisites

In a virtual interview session with the key officials of Design Makers — Megha Satish(Co-Founder & Creative Director) and Abdul Rahiman(Co-Founder & CEO), Business Connect discussed the start-up’s business portfolio, vision, mission and a lot more. So, let’s walk through this exclusive ‘read’ featuring the inspirational story of this 2-year-old venture.

Design Makers — a Bangalore based start-up began its entrepreneurial journey with a belief that ‘design is intelligence made visible’. The company’s goals are not just focused on creating designs for the brands, but also reflect the emotions expressed by them. It offers a range of wide problem-solving solutions where each design is unique that has been customized as per the client’s brand.

Their services include — brand identity, packaging, signage and wayfinding design, industrial design, and much more. While harnessing the power of innovation, imagination, and ingenuity, Design Makers allows effortless synchrony between ideation and problem-solving. Today, within a short period, this start-up has bagged multiple projects in 11 countries targeting 13 sectors. Highlighting their approach to end-to-end solutions to address the pain points for the clients,

Abdul explains,
“When we approach any design agency office, we are always treated as clients or a source to make money out of. Do they confuse us by saying jargon like Identity, Pantone, Grip?. The hustle-bustle, the glamour, the schedules make us feel alienated. The idea with Design Makers is to keep it simple. Talk to them as people, share their stories and experiences and translate them into the essence of brands they are building!”

Moreover, their “Discovery Session” is the core of their design process where they sit down with the leaders and get to know about their goals and visions, and how they wish to approach their target group.

“Having an analytical discussion like this creates moments where we are aligning their ideologies with our design thinking approach and work towards their success,” adds Megha.

Design Makers was ideated with the vision to carve an ecosystem for the makers(i.e. designers) or creatives to discover, learn, collaborate, innovate, and grow as a community to voice and promote their ideas as well as stories across the targeted channels. And the mission statement goes as — Designed by humans, for humans. Their mission was established on the fact that humans are the most creative beings who have immense potential to evolve this world into a better place.

Both the co-founders claim that earlier business was considered a scary term because of the innumerable risks related to money, problems, stress, and other issues. But ever since they entered this space, both the leaders have acknowledged the beauty of the entrepreneurial debut.

“Yes it does have its pros and cons but the challenge is what drives you to wake up each day and keep hustling,” states the duo.

To them, the most amazing transformation is witnessing the younger generation taking responsibilities and ownership in the direction of value generation driven by their passions while standing firm on their grounds. Both of them are fascinated by the disruptions across the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovations that are taking every industry by storm.

Megha and Abdul also assert the need for self-discipline to make any business a major success. Though business is a bumpy road to take, be it any age— self-motivated and enthusiastic attitude can help one build an empire even from scratch, they say. It is basically the experience we attain that helps majorly in building a successful business, affirms Abdul.

Beyond any doubt, R&D plays a vital role in the success of any company irrespective of its targeted industry. For making a difference in any area, R&D is crucial otherwise, the enterprises end up being outdated and stagnant and soon lose their identity. Acknowledging this fact, Design Makers is intensely focussed on its R&D processes to create seamless workflows establishing connectivity and team building within various departments.

“We work on activities that encourage creative and intuitive thinking for all departments and not just the design. We work very closely to understand the problems of the clients and implement creative problem-solving solutions that are researched and developed to solve problems that are unique to each business,” quotes Megha about their R&D procedures.

For a business to reach greater heights, insightful leadership is a must to have a factor. And this is absolutely true in the case of Design Makers. Both the leaders believe that there is a huge difference between being a boss and being a leader. Their leadership is typically focused on motivating the workforce via comfortable conversations, webinars, etc, and leading by example is their mantra to success. “As we both are from a design background, we evaluate first if it is possible to deliver in a certain style or timeframe. And when we are sure that it is possible, we set out a roadmap for others to follow,” revealed the phenomenal leaders.

Design Makers has always ensured its culture with an environment enriched with teaching, encouraging and empowering streak. To the management, every department is imperative for the holistic growth of the business. From handing over suitable information to the teammates to ensuring constructive feedbacks on every performance to sharing the real-time implementation of their work, the administration strives to develop a sense of ownership and pride within the employees. At Design Makers, curiosity is nurtured and promoted at every step as it leads to the formation of new ideas, development and growth.

“Providing a space where curious minds have the freedom to explore their ideas, develop and grow those concepts to fruition is the aim as we walk through the doors each morning,” says the Creative Director.

Additionally, the start-up also emphasizes the personality development of the employees and conducts several programs in this direction.

In just 2 years of its iconic journey, Design Makers has witnessed exponential growth and takes immense pride to get the opportunity to work with some great clients in the UAE, Switzerland, KSA, Germany, Australia, and more -for enterprises like Barakat, Kosher Arabia, Meggit, She Burgers, and many others. Its expanding reputation across the business community speaks in favour of its success.

In addition to it, the duo has also decided to handle some mega projects that are in pipeline at present. Their committed efforts towards better prospects are not only focused on expanding their horizons but also ensuring International recognition in the respective space. And for this, they are leaving no stone unturned to add substance to the design space.

Before signing off, both the leaders shared some useful tips for the aspiring entrepreneurs that can allow them to reach their goals

  • Always focus on living a disciplined life
  • Have a schedule and time-block your day.
  • Being productive during your work should be your priority.
  • Keep your assets organized.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary distractions while you work.
  • Always have a creative personal side project.
  • Keep yourself updated about your industry and competition.

“Read, watch and learn as much as the world can provide. Move away from your screens and pick up a book, magazine or newspaper – traditional media has a beautiful way of opening our minds to absorbing information.

Keep yourself updated in the business world and as Nicholas Sparks said “Inspiration can come from anywhere.”

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