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DesignAnswers is a place where ideas help grow businesses and shape cultures, with audacious thinking and no holding back!

DesignAnswers’ cruise sailed out in 2016 as an out-of-the-box design firm to carve out new areas of designing while partnering with different scales of businesses to meet their marketing requirements. It is a strategic branding and design consultancy, extremely diligent about output. By leveraging purposeful creativity to solve every business problem, it speaks the language of both, brands and consumers.

DesignAnswers is a multi-disciplinary, independent Creative Agency, utilizing its influx of talented, creative, and determined designers to create, inspire and nurture the development of new ideas. Through its innovative design approach, DesignAnswers has consistently delivered the most intelligent, evocative, and visually stunning services. The company is recognized for its diverse work that encompasses a range of specialized practice areas of Advertising and Communications, Digital and Mainline, Creative and Media, Graphics and Brand Identity, Products and Packaging, Exhibitions and Installations, Websites and Digital Experiences, Sound and Motion, etc., with the core strengths, lie in Strategic Brand Management.

Today, the firm has impacted the industry, and the story that was started with a single office in Gurgaon has expanded its footprint across Indian and International markets. They believe in the power of ideas– a bunch of cohesive little ideas can be more effective, unusual, and interesting. Everything they do is built on the foundation of powerful ideas, whenever and wherever the customer meets the brand.


Praneeta Kumar Shringi
Her strong belief in the power of design to transform a simple idea through innovative design instigated her to establish this firm. Having done her Masters in Design Strategy and her 15+ years of work expertise pushed her to reach where she is today. In the leading role of Business Head, Praneeta is the front face of the organization, managing client relationships, strategic alliances, and the P&L of DesignAnswers. Her role is crucial in aligning marketing strategies with design, managing projects, and mentoring teams.

Hitesh Nigam
With the ability to come up with a myriad of ideas no matter what he is working on, Hitesh Nigam has a knack for conjuring fresh ideas with each project, guaranteeing different solutions to suit the highly diverse needs of our clients. His 18+ years of experience spans in the art and design industry. Designated as the Design Guru, Hitesh is a master of his crafts and is a highly sought-after creative mind and mentor not only for teams at DesignAnswers but also at various design universities.

“The key factor behind the inception of DesignAnswers lay in a mutual pain point that we shared with the client. The kind of campaigns we saw come out of many agencies was of two distinct kinds. It either seemed factory-produced, run-of-the-mill or it was far from the ground reality, that it seemed tailored made for award juries and had nothing to do with the consumer.

The best form of advertising can be achieved only when it is curated, customised, and truly the brand’s point of view. Surprisingly, there was a huge market for something as basic as that. And that’s when we decided to start our own agency which strives to do exactly that”, shared the leading lady.

DesignAnswers caters to a broad clientele from different sectors like Lifestyle, Real Estate, F&B, QSR, Aviation, Technology, OEM, Hospitality, Banking and Financial services, Auto and much more. To name a few, they service brands like American Express, Wingreens Farms, Bangalore International Airport, Taj Hotels, Dr. Reddy’s, HCL Technologies, Kimberly Clark amongst a host of startups At DesignAnswers, the mantra for a strong and long-term client relationship lies in their never quite attitude. They are always sensitive to deadlines, and some of the clients will vouch for their ability to tackle tight timelines with speed and agility. And never compromise on quality while they do that.

DesignAnswers was incorporated to break out of a mold. And that is something all DA employees are encouraged to do. There are no templates. There is no mandated protocol as long as work is being done and they have a sound professional culture in the office.

The firm follows two simple principles while identifying the talent:

  • Multi-skilled, or open to widen skill base: This is absolutely necessary in the present world where account management must have the ability to, if not ideate, evaluate creative concepts and likewise, creative folk must be empathetic to business needs.
  • The ability to say ‘Yes’ to everything: This isn’t to say that they don’t want a point of view. This sentiment stems from the need to have a more diligent workforce that stops at nothing to deliver the best possible outcome for every business problem. A hands-on team is a key ingredient in the recipe for success.

DesignAnswers is a one-stop solution for almost every single design, advertising, and marketing solution under one roof. Now this is done to ensure that when they own a campaign, they not only handle the creative element but also run media, on-ground and production for execution. And they do this, not by contracting with different group agencies, but in-house partners that enable a cross-functional engagement which is more cohesive for better client management.

In addition to that, the team at DesignAnswers is agile. Meaning they adapt easily to any business environment while also retaining a core that stands pillar to guide all practices. They can easily add skill sets and create customized teams for various client requirements. Infect, upskilling is an essential KRA for all DA employees, something they believe helps them achieve success.

As part of their continuing endeavour to further purposeful design as a practice in the industry, they have been pushing the cause of meaningful design and advertising with a purpose within the teams and clients.

It entails training sessions for the teams, and guest speakers to come and open up the minds of the people. This is important to bring new and innovative ideas to the table so that they can keep offering something new to the clients.

Amidst the slowdown of the private sector as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, DesignAnswers was fortunate to have excellent clients that gave them the best thing an agency can ask for. And that is a partnership. This entailed the client being a part of the creative journey and them on the other side, going beyond the agency role, thinking business instead of just advertising for their clients to achieve their defined success.

DesignAnswers has an exciting future ahead…
It has recently inaugurated a branch office in Bangalore as part of its expansion plans and to service its clients down south better. Presently, the firm aims to focus on offering client’s exceptional agency services as well as leverage the talent available in Bangalore, especially in the digital space.

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