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Designmate : Providing a Promising Future

E-learning is the future of education right now. Designmate is one of the best e-learning solution providers,grasping the future with both hands.

Designmate is an innovative e-learning firm based in India, which has been engaged in creating 3D animated content for K12 Science and Mathematics curriculum for over a decade and half now. Backed by 25+ years of experience in animation and graphics, the company has brought alive around 4700+ Math and Science topics in 3D animated video version under the product name ‘’. The software caters to various national as well as international curriculums. Eureka has its global footprint over thirty countries in the world and over fifteen thousand schools.

Eureka! has the distinction of being the largest 3D K12 school curriculum library with more than 4000 topics under its cover which sum up to over 300 hours of 3D animated content. These include various interesting learning objects like animated video, Interactive simulations, Virtual Labs, quizzes, key-terms, images, etc.

A strong workforce of 300 employees makes them one of the world’s biggest and oldest organizations, developing 3D educational content. Eureka acts as a visual teaching-learning resource both for a teacher as well as a student. Under the flagship product Eureka, Designmate has developed the following products:

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is being used in classrooms to enhance student learning and engagement. VR has transformed the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world — real or imaginary — and allows users to interact with it. VR engages the learner better and makes learning more dynamic.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Designmate has created an AR app for books where conceptual images can be mapped with the interactive models/activity and videos. The app initializes the augmentation when the image in the book is scanned by the camera of the device. The 3D model gets augmented on top of the textbook, where the user can interact and have real-time experience.


Under ‘ Mono’, each topic comes with a set of multiple learning resources as one single package. These resources consist of 3D animated videos, 3D simulations, 3D interactive, quiz, images, text, web-links, glossary, and key-terms, etc. There is also a series of lab experiments which can be performed in real time virtual labs.

3D Stereo

‘ 3D Stereo’ explains several topics using 3DS animated video, simulation and are interactive. The students can rotate the models 360 degrees as well as zoom in and zoom out at will. Thus the learning is acquired through action.


‘ apps’ offer an exciting and engaging platform to students for understanding complex concepts of Science and Mathematics on their hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. These are available on ‘App store’, ‘Google Play’ and ‘Windows store’.

Learning Management System

‘ LMS’ software is an integrated learning platform that offers a combination of usability and personalized learning experience anytime, anywhere. It includes features like Dashboard, Analytics, Content list, Mindmap, Playlist, and many more.

Classroom Management System

‘ CMS’ software offers multiple ways for a teacher to bridge the gap between computer screen and those of the students while integrating relevant technology into everyday instruction. This unique software allows teachers to multitask and interact with them screen-to-screen as a group or one-on-one. It helps teachers to supervise students’ activity in real time, providing individual help as and when required.

Vision and Goals

Over the past few decades, the methodology of imparting education has undergone a substantial overhaul not only globally but across India as well. The realization that the conventional mode of teaching-learning was unable to meet the challenges of a fast developing world compelled the educators and planners to rethink the strategy whereby education could do the greatest good to the greatest number.

Designmate realized that the changing times were a golden opportunity to offer learners something new and exciting, something that would discourage rote learning and really live up to the principle of ‘learning by doing.’ If education has to really serve its purpose, it must rope in the latest tools of technology as its reach then will be far wider than what is today. Taking tiny but steady steps in its initial days in 2002, Designmate has reached a place where it is now fully equipped to incorporate the latest technology in making a world-class educational product.

Designmate’s vision was to make the company unique not simply by making a world-class product but also by employing people who were differently abled and were in dire need of getting employment. Our idea was to empower this weaker section of society by offering them the job opportunities and instilling in them a sense of self-worth and confidence. After overcoming numerous challenges, at present their differently abled workforce is capable of using advanced technologies as AR, VR and IOS with minimal support.

Achievements and Awards

The philanthropist organization of Designmate has been recognized for its valuable contribution to the society and its excellence in providing e-learning solutions, and has received many awards:

  • Best suppliers on 3D stereo based edtech content (with largest repository) across the globe
  • Recognition for Best iPad App of the Year 2018 which speaks for the Quality of Content
  • National Award for Best Employer in India (2006, 2013)
  • State Award for Best Employer, Gujrat (2006, 2010)
  • Best e-Learning Content, e-India (2011)
  • Bluedart Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Award (2013)
  • IDA Award for Excellence in Digital Content and Software in Education (2013)
  • National Award for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities (2006)
  • World Summit Award (2007)

Future Plans and Focus

The immersive experience in real-world dimensions (3rd dimension approach in all their content), and the possibility to include every kind of content, from electron-cloud to showing the galaxies is the company’s unique proposition. The approach of content is application-oriented and caters to the concepts in detail. Also, the interactivity in the content promotes active learning amongst students.

The company’s focus on offering employment to the differently-abled is most significant. It provides an equal opportunity to these people to lead a meaningful life without compromising their self-respect and dignity as normal human beings. With a workforce of barely 70 handicapped employees in 2006, the company now has 200+ such employees on its rolls which is 70% of the total workforce of the company.

The prime focus of the company so far has been e-learning, but they intend to explore other pertinent areas as well. Conducting educational workshops, especially for teachers, in incorporating technology in classroom teaching is one area that has attracted the attention of Designmate.

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