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One of the most nerve-wracking exams is the IMO. It’ll always be intimidating, no matter what level you’re at. Despite this, Maths is one of those exams that we find particularly beneficial to study for because it consists of past papers following past papers, allowing you to establish a good routine and pattern.


Working out how much time to spend on each question is the first sum to face in your Maths exam or the IMO Exam for Class 7. It’s difficult to leave a question unfinished, but taking too long will lose you marks in other areas. It may be painful to move on, but remember that staying put is considerably more expensive in the IMO Exam for Class 7.

During an exam, our concentration and ability to focus on difficult issues deteriorate. With that in mind, there’s a lot to be said for mentally strategizing responses to the paper’s most difficult, mark-heavy questions while you’re reading. 

In the best-case scenario, you devise a strategy for answering a question and execute it as soon as writing time begins. Even if the solution isn’t immediately evident, familiarizing yourself with the more difficult questions will give you an advantage when it comes time to answer them. Before you write, think about the answer. Before you begin writing, take a minute to consider the best approach to solving a problem.

It may sound obvious, but if you think about your approach thoroughly rather than jumping right into writing it, you’ll be more likely to identify flaws. Spending a little time at the beginning of your query to be sure you know where you’re headed will help you avoid getting lost along the road.

It’s also a good idea to make a concise dot-point description of the strategy you’re going to pursue. That way, if you get lost in your workout, you can always go back and remember what you were doing before. Nobody can be certain of every answer they’ve marked in their IMO Exam for Class 7. Highlight the questions about which you’re the most unsure, and if you have any extra time at the end of the exam, use it to go over them again and make sure you’ve delivered your best answer.

If that doesn’t fill up all of your IMO Exam for Class 7 time, another smart strategy is to double-check as many of your calculations as possible. Make an effort to connect arithmetic concepts to real-world issues. Because the subject might be somewhat abstract at times, looking for a practical application can help you change your mind and make it more engaging. Make a list of all formulae and an overview of significant chapters. This will come in handy if you plan on doing many revising sessions. It will assist you in going over the complete syllabus at once before the IMO Exam for Class 7.

The key is to revise on a daily basis. Mathematical skills cannot be acquired solely by reading and hearing. Make sure you practise questions from past years’ question papers on a regular basis. Invest two to four hours per day (on average) in the subject.

The brain is an incredibly complex and advanced organ capable of a wide range of functions. However, it, like everything else in the human body, wears out. When it does, it functions more slowly and creates more errors. When you’re taking an exam, especially if it’s a long one, your brain expends far more energy than when you’re watching TV or conversing with a buddy. On paper, there’s a pencil and a calculator.

It’s critical to save energy and avoid forcing your brain to work harder than it needs to. If you don’t, be prepared to make blunders after blunders.

Writing everything down is one of the most effective strategies to conserve mental energy during a math exam. It takes more effort and concentration to calculate a problem in your brain.


Never try to cram the steps needed in solving a mathematical issue into your head. This will have the opposite effect. It is preferable to concentrate on comprehending the logic. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress by studying unfamiliar chapters at the last minute. This isn’t the time to start memorising encyclopaedias.

Instead of studying irrelevant things, stick to the syllabus of the IMO Exam for Class 7. Be aware of any recent changes in the exam format or syllabus (if applicable) and adjust your preparation accordingly. To increase your satisfaction, don’t solve question papers from decades ago. Since then, the pattern and curriculum may have changed several times.

Sample papers or previous year papers like IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 7 2014 should never be used in place of textbooks. They basically practise exams that simulate the question paper and may not be useful unless they are supplemented with textbooks.

Do not attempt to revise everything in one sitting. Each day, consume a couple of chapters to allow your brain to re-register the principles.

Do not be alarmed or stressed. Rest well and approach the exam with a clear head. “This, too, shall pass,” as the saying goes.

Students should never rush through their exams in order to get out of the room. They always make irrational mistakes while doing so. It is not necessary to rush through the questions because there is plenty of time. Students must maintain their composure and attempt all of the possible questions.

Most students become anxious as the examination date approaches. Students must follow the necessary directions in order to conquer their fear. They must also be disciplined in their preparations from the beginning. They must not have any concerns about the teachings or concepts in order to improve their performance quality.

Even if the preparations are strained, a pupil must maintain the drive. Working part-time and putting in extra study time can demotivate a student. In order to avoid this, a student must be involved in other activities as well. Students must maintain their ambitions in order to succeed.

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