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DSAT– Where Technology unites Transport, Logistics and Ecommerce

COVID -19 and growing trade tensions have made revamping supply chains a more imperative priority for many organizations. In response to Covid -19 operations spent months tracking material shipments manually, trying to map Tier 2, Tier 3 suppliers and shifting production to new locations. These actions do not fix the cracks in the foundation of supply chains and might only blunt the impact of disturbance. The pandemic has pushed technology supply chains to their limit.

For the last 30 years technology firms have wrung out supply chain costs and trimmed as much as possible by disaggregating the various steps of the supply chain, concentrating each step with a limited number of companies and geographies to improve economies of scale by reducing inventory across the journey. This has made technology supply chains extremely efficient in normal economic climate however when disaster strikes they break down. The geographical concentration of production has created single points of failure i.e. dependency on China for motherboards, electronics manufacturing services, on US for semiconductor equipments, CPU, graphic cards.

In order to stay competitive globally and remain on the cutting edge of a complex business world, more companies are incorporating technology into their supply chain systems today. Technology solutions will play a vital role in increasing speed of delivery.

DSAT is a technology company with strong consulting knowledge in logistics domain, provides enterprise solutions for the supply chain markets with a team of professionals across the globe to deliver exclusive solutions for global organizations. DSAT was incorporated to be the key to unlocking supply chain problems with customized solutions.

Our vision at DSAT is to be a leader in providing direction for logistics organizations in building and enhancing the efficiency of the operations through technological solutions/products.


  • Shape tomorrow’s trailblazers in supply chain
  • Be the destination for supply chain software solutions
  • Positively impact supply chain


  • Yusen Logistics
  • DHL
  • Praxair
  • Toll Logistics
  • NYK Auto Logistics(NALT)
  • RCI Logistics

D-SAT started its journey in 2004 as an IT service provider with customized solutions for corporates in Thailand. The first milestone for DSAT was with TUV Nord as first customer where certification management solution was developed and implemented in 9 countries in East Asia, Thailand being epicenter.

Thai government contracts like National Single Widow (customs department), Ministry of commerce and Health ministry were signed. Partnered with various logistics software companies like Four Soft, Kewill, IPacs and later became Oracle gold partners and implemented their software in Thai region.

Developed friendly efficient software solutions for Yusen Logistics, DHL, , Praxair, Toll Logistics. In 2011 signed with NYK Auto Logistics (NALT), which is a part of NYK Group in Thailand, one of the world’s leading logistics investor, developer, and operator.NALT deals in transportation of finished cars. Through NALT our services were expanded to Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Suzuki and Mazda by implementing DSAT’s TMS.

In 2015 DHL choose our FMS for maintenance of their fleet. They have 2400 vehicles out of which 1600 are owned and 800 are subcontracted. Every day approx. 30 or more vehicles are going for preventive maintenance. FMS also handles material handling equipment like warehouse forklift, cranes and others.

In early 2016 DSAT signed contract with Yusen Logistics PTE LTD. They are one of the leading in logistics world catering its services since February 28, 1955. Yusen is indulged into multiple activities for which they needed “one-stop solution” in order to provide “one-stop service” to increasing customer base. DSAT’s TMS software was implemented along with FMS and Milestone to provide seamless solution. The solutions are for 15 countries. DSAT has successfully finished implementation in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India in progress.

In 2016 we also got our major account i.e. Praxair (Thailand) co., ltd. a leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of a wide range of industrial gases, established in 1972, with over 45 years of experience. DSAT implemented TMS to address their business needs GPS/GPRS tracking, Remote Telemetry Units, HR Application, Fuel Vendor Application, Distribution Scheduler. Launch of DSAT MENA Operations (Middle East and North Africa) was scheduled for April 2020 with headquarters at Dubai, UAE. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, the launch has been postponed to Jan 2021.

DSAT offers solutions to Indian companies with a dedicated sales & marketing team now based in India, though we had our offshore development center (ODC) over a decade in Chennai, India which is one of the hubs of India’s Supply Chain/IT. DSAT launched Cloud-Based last-mile delivery, on-demand delivery services and Driver mobile App. Within 3 months of Indian operations DSAT signed a new contract and gone Live for RCI logistics and rolling out of Yusen Logistics India is in progress.

RCI LOGISTICS is an India based logistics company for more than 2 decades, well proficient in its work line. RCI provides one stop solutions for all logistics needs which vary from domestic container movement, ODC (Over-Dimension Cargo) movement, transportation in normal FTL, LCV to warehousing, value-added service, last-mile delivery and many more.

RCI requirements included automation in last-mile delivery like trip status update, trip assignment update, trip acceptance, ePOD update, integrate drivers expense calculation in their centralized control system to keep track of whole delivery.


  • Effective trip planning and control
  • Convenient monitoring via dashboard
  • Driver expense management making it one-stop Logistics solution
  • Live updates of delivery milestones
  • Live Track and Trace of Events and Proof of Delivery

DSAT currently implementing Transport Management System for Yusen Logistics Pvt., LTD (India) for their Transport, Logistics and Distribution.

Since 2016 DSAT had been rolling out Transport Management System (Xpressway) coupled with Last Mile Delivery solution (Milestone) for Yusen Group and it had gone Live and in operation in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines. Now the roll out for big regions like India and Malaysia is in progress. India roll out is expected to finish by end of 2020 and will be live by early Jan 2021.


  • Order Management
  • SLA Management
  • Trip Planning and Load Optimisation
  • Shuttle/Line Haul/ Delivery Run
  • Milestone and Event Tracking
  • Billing & Allowances
  • Customer and Sub Contract Management
  • Driver and Truck Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Fleet Maintenance, Spare parts, Tyre and Inventory
  • Driver License, Insurance, Road Tax


  • General Cargo
  • National wide Distribution
  • E-Commerce
  • Milk Run for Automotive
  • Container Haulage Import / Export

DSAT Global with headquarters at Dubai work is underway. DSAT Global are negotiating with few venture partners for Investment to Carry their operations globally in 6 Continents.


  • Omni Channel Fulfilment
  • On-Demand Delivery Apps
  • One Road (Cross Border)
  • Off-Road (Salvage Car)
  • AOTO Mobile (TBD)
  • Bay Planner (Dock Scheduling)

DSAT with the array of product portfolio to suite your business needs creates

  • Value in the supply chain through constant reinvention
  • Weave intelligent capabilities in the ecosystem to build a differentiated data asset
  • Resilience in tech supply chain by building the attributes of agile network structure, digital and secure
  • ops, real-time validity and practical analytics
  • Builds automation which is the critical asset that can strengthen businesses and give strategic advance.

Building a business takes years and solid foundation is imperative. Journey of DSAT started in Thailand in 2004 by two professionals from South India. Allisha Cassali, a business professional and investor along with Nirmal Kumar Jayaraj (Nicky) a tech-savvy executive and logistics consultant with nearly 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in directing distribution, transportation and warehouse, container yard, vehicle yard activities for a company or manufacturer.

Nicky is a solution architect who is a logistics software consultant with over 12 software products and IP owner of these logistics products which are being licensed in the global market. He has worked with top companies in US, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Spain, South Korea, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other APAC regions and also has exposure to a IoT, ASRS and Blockchain. Industries covered: 3rd party logistics & SCM, Modern trade business Automotive and auto parts, Retail Chain, FMCG, Chemicals and Industrial gases, Petrochemical, Sugar, Food, Education, Construction materials and certification.

As economies around the world step back from the financial brink and begin adjusting to a new normal, companies face a different set of supply chain challenges than they did at the height of downturn- among them are rising pressure from global competition, consumer expectations and increasing complex patterns of customer demand. DSAT is prepared to meet those challenges of the companies by providing innovative software solutions as we step into 2021 and beyond.­


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