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Redefining the EV market with outstanding offerings…

Our editorial team sat down for an exclusive coffee-table conversation with the Founder, CEO and CFO of e-Ashwa- a pioneering and one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly electric vehicles in India. We happened to recognize the company for its specially curated wide range of battery operated electric vehicles (two-wheelers and three-wheelers) catering to B2B and B2C segments. Cozy, sustainable, cost-efficient and comfortable- this is how they define their exclusive products. Hence, we couldn’t help but feature them in this edition, compiling our list of phenomenal and insightful organizations. Let’s dive into the whole story!

The core motivation
It all started five years back when the founding team of e- Ashwa realized the strategic role Electric Vehicles are about to play in the growth of the manufacturing era of the country. They recognized the potential of the EV market to contribute to cost-cutting in terms of foreign currency reserves along with making the environment clean and green. Hence, they concluded to induce a manufacturing revolution that could alter the current environmental situation dressed up as e-Ashwa.

With its inception, e-Ashwa happened to usher in a new-age phenomenon where decentralized manufacturing allowed it to make its way into the industry. Here, it has marked its presence by signing up 52 Assembly units and 3 Import Hubs out of which 26 Assembly lines are majorly operational that provides e-Ashwa an Assembling capacity of 60,000 vehicles in a month that is far more than the capacity of many industry giants today. The setting up of a unique concept of low investment high potential small exclusive outlets with comprehensive branding and marketing themes across Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, made it stand out in the crowd.

Role of Innovation and R & D significance
e-Ashwa acknowledges the crucial role of innovation and R&D in their exponential growth. As per the leader, to maintain the dominance in the market both these aspects play an instrumental role. “We have a full-fledged R & D centre of our own wherein a team of more than 14 technically qualified and experienced resources are deployed and probably, we are the only company in the EV segment that spends nearly 10% of its profits on the R & D activities. Moreover, innovation is said to be the backbone of any organization that either wishes to mark its presence in the market or wants to maintain its presence.

e-Ashwa understands it to the fullest and has been following this principle at every stage and level. In the current era, innovation doesn’t simply mean innovation in the product, the notation has been widened now to include innovation in the complete offering.” Undoubtedly, despite no collaboration with the ‘bigwigs’ of the industry, e-Ashwa has emerged to be one of the dominant players here.

What impact has it created so far?
The focal point of the company has been to generate impact in the mass segment where the prominent determining factor is the scale that is directly proportional to maintaining the leadership position or dominance. With its largest production capacity, the largest range of products and the largest Dealer and Distributor network excluding its  Pan India presence, all these denote the importance of scale as adopted by e-Ashwa.

When it comes to inspiring the community with diversity with inclusion, what could be a better example than having all the five shareholders and directors with professional qualification backgrounds from the varied stream. The management team includes Chartered Accountants, Engineers, MBA in different streams and express and possess different viewpoints- citing sheer inclusivity that has been inspiring their peers too.

Work Culture
Behind every successful business venture stands a positive work culture. At e-Ashwa, each member of the management team is backed by a job experience of 20+ years while being associated with various large Indian and Multinational organizations. Flexibility, transparency and optimism are essential components of e-Ashwa’s work culture.

Unveiling more aspects of the company’s culture, the leader conveys, “Despite being a 100% Indian organization, all the processes and systems deployed in e- Ashwa are at par with the world’s best practices.  Lead from the front and present self as an example is the uniform trait displayed by all the management team members- this is the motivation strategy of team e-Ashwa.”

 Notches on the belt
No doubt, e-Ashwa has created a gargantuan impact across the EV industry by providing reliable products that effectively meet the quality parameter. For this, they have been recognized with several awards and accolades. A few of the worthy mentions are as follows-

  • Received Top 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry- 2021 by CEO Insights Magazine
  • Bestowed with Delhi Ratna Award – Bharat Manch
  • Awarded Gems of India Award – Bharat Manch
  • Identified as India’s Greatest Leaders 2021 – Asia One
  • Considered India’s Greatest Brands 2021 – Asia One
  • Fastest Growing company of the year from GOI MSME Minister of State Shri. Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma

Future outlooks
After marking its substantial presence in low-speed Electric 3 Wheelers and 2 Wheelers, the company is considerate about the fact that the future is in high speed. Therefore, it is about to make a big launch in the high speed vertical of the industry by the end of July 2022. Many industry experts and mavens are eagerly awaiting this launch by e-Ashwa and the team is quite positive to deliver excellent solutions in this direction too.

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